What do you feed your pets?

hmmmmmmmm. well. Samantha Jane-Joanie Boney-Sammy Wammy-Joanathon-Becky (all one dog...a myriad of names depending upon what she feels like answering to that day) is 16. She is a shepard-wolf mix and is, uhhhhhh, hmmmm, well, spoiled as all hell. She has a variety of different pouches and cans that I warm in the microwave and she turns her snout up at. It is just far easier to make her a plate of whatever we are having for dinner. If I, horror of horrors, do not cook, I generally get a guilt complex and make her bacon and eggs, an omelette, grilled ham and know, typical dog fare. She gets a puppy cup from Dairy Queen when we go and looks completely dejected if someone forgets her. There isnt much she wont eat...she isnt a fan of carrots or mushrooms, but loves banana crunch muffins and salad with bleu cheese viniagrette. She will munch a few kibbles from something called Purina Little Bites, which I am fairly certain is for pups but when you are 16, you eat whatever the piss you please.


Do You Have A Dream Kitchen?

Hmmmmm. Alright. I need a solid two thousand square feet. Heated quarry stone floor. Solid granite counters. LARGE island with its own prep sink/disposer, small fridge, pull out fridge drawers, wine cooler and and built in knife block. Double wall ovens (as in 4 total). 6 burner Viking with enough BTU's to melt the surface of the Earth. A hood that can suck a watermelon through a garden hose. Walk in pantry, one side dedicated solely to equipment and small appliances. Cast sink with overhead pot fillers. Double dishwashers. Baking station that includes a Hobart Professional stand mixer (on the floor) and a chilled marble top for rolling pastry and doughs. A large Arctic Air freezer necessary. The upright freezer can hang out in the pantry out of the way with the ice machine. Ummmm, lemme see....oh! Just for kicks, an ice cream maker, blast chiller and a salamander. Ive thought about it a time or two... :)

Food to feed a sore body

Try aquahydrate water. Google it. Amazing stuff. Did the 7 day challenge and seriously felt better than I normally would after an intense set of 4 20 hour days.

Have an abundance of marshmallow cream...

Too many tomatoes!

Slow roast them in the oven with garlic, olive oil, Basil and salt and pepper. Make sure to line your sheet pans. Slow and steady wins the race on this one. Bag them and shove in the freezer for sandwiches, antipasta, snacking, bruscetta, pretty much anytime you need a tomato this winter.

Missing chick salad ingredient?

Scratch the cream. Add scallion and Greek yogurt.

White cake

Dude. She said the cheap bakeries. Buy a bottle of some baking essence from king Arthur flour. It will get you the flavor you are looking for.

I get that jumping into all that sifting, creaming, $25 vanilla seems like logic, but sometimes, less is more. I certainly have never sifted a bloody thing in my life and I sell so many cupcakes and cinnies I can't keep up.


I have no idea how to post a pic, but someone around this joint must be friends with me on facebook and have seen my popover pics in my food porn album.

Get the popover pans. Grease them HEAVILY with melted butter. Crank your oven to 400 degrees for AT LEAST 30 minutes before you are going to bake them.

2 cups of WHOLE milk (cold)
6 eggs (cold)
beat the hell out of til nice and foamy
add a good pinch of salt and
2 cups of flour
beat til combined and then drizzle in
1/2 stick of melted, room temp butter

set aside for 30 minutes.

fill the pans 2/3 full. You will have just enough batter for 12 popovers. Slide them in the oven, one on the up rack, one on the pan slightly left, one pan slightly right. WALK AWAY. Dont peek. Dont open it. Dont sniff by it for AT LEAST 20 minutes. Then look through the door. They may be popped but that doesnt mean they are done. Let them go longer. The reason that most popovers sink is because the centers arent done and they collapse after the heat stops.

Im generally rarely wrong. True story. Ask around.

Serious Eater Twitter user names

@ChelleShocked01...I post frequently, but 100% of the time it is in regards to New Kids On The Block. Dont hate.

A waaaay past date can of black winter truffle breakings. Help!

You said the jar is sealed? As in never has the seal been broken and death filled air hit the contents? If that is the case and the jar/can/whatever containment unit is housing the truffles is not puffy, bloated, seeping anything and does not foam anything when you pop the lid, Id say the hell with it and give it a whirl.

Realistically, one taste and you will know if they have hit shit, so to speak. And ANYWAY, who the hell uses a whole jar/can/whatever containment unit is housing the truffles all at one time anyway?

Is Taste Purely Subjective?

This is no secret to ANYONE on these boards. I hate, in no particular order: eggs, pumpkin, seafood, mushrooms, olives, pasta, feta cheese when bastardized with watermelon and named a "salad", walnuts and rosemary. Does this make my taste subjective? No. The first 6 are textural problems for me. The feta explains itself, walnuts taste like dirt and rosemary tastes like a pine tree smells. Gross.

This is also no secret...TK could cook me any meal he wanted and include any of the above ingredients and I would tell him, just as I would tell you or anyone else to eff off. Disinterested. I know what I like. I know what I dont like. I know that I held a very successful tasting event on Monday evening and I know that 2 of my team are smokers and they were banned from smoking the entire day of the event. Get a patch...pill...gum, just dont you dare smoke and then come near my food.

Doesnt make me "subjective" it makes me confident.


@ allot and mollykate... thanks. you wont be sorry. I generally make a double batch making sure to use whole milk, generous salt and pepper as well as a smidge of nutmeg. Off the heat I add in a few handfuls of good aged romano, give it a wisk and call it good. I let it cool for a good 15 minutes before I assemble the layers so it doesnt overcook the pasta.

@ ChefRobert...dude, Im not sure who you think you are dealing with, exactly. You can add "chef" to the beginning of any name you want and that doesnt make them one. You most certainly DO NOT need ricotta for a lasagna and bechamel is most certainly NOT better suited just for mac n cheese. (Uhhhh, any facebookers out there want to re-itterate this comment by my foodie pics on my catering/personal chef page??? I believe there are quite a few photos to substantiate my comment). THAT being said, the texture of bechamel is far more appealing than that of ricotta. You can make ricotta in 10 minutes but why in the hell would you want to? Its wet. Its gross. Its generally flavorless. Bechamel makes a delightfully creamy addition between the layers and when ladled on the final noodles as the topping, browns and gets that oh so cheesy deliciousness that everyone loves.

Also, while I enjoy TK very much, there are no onions in sauce. EVER. Can I get an amen from the dagos and waps in the room? We are straight off the boat, baby.

Bechamel rules. Onions and ricotta do not. Period.

p.s. @ Joyyyy...yes. it is, only we prefer to be Varsity...never the JV.


1 word, people. Bechamel. Its the worlds answer to disgusting watery, grainy ass ricotta. I make a shitload of lasagna all of the damn time. Period. You will never catch gross ricotta nor cottage cheese (WTF???) in my lasagna and I can safely say it works. I know this because of the hundreds and hundreds of repeat orders I get for it every month.

B E C H A M E L.

Making dog food

Well, my dog does not have digestive issues, she is just a real spoiled bitch. I purchase food, open it, put it in her dish, microwave it, stir it, place it in front of her and she sniffs it and walks away. This is my life. Around day 2.5 of her hunger strike and my impending bankruptcy regarding the multitude of food purchases for her to disregard, one of 3 things happen.

1. I make her scrambled eggs and toast to mix in one of the disregarded cans of food and she eats it with happiness.

2. I make her a plate of whatever we are having for dinner and she eats it with happiness.

3. I do the most logical of the 3 and go to the store, buy a package of hearts/livers/gizzards and cook them low with chicken broth, carrots, celery, garlic, parsley and whatever other random broth veggie I have laying around. I add whole wheat couscous at the end and mix a cup full of this muck over a bowl of puppy chow (she is 14...she likes it, whatever) and she eats it with happiness.

Moral of the story? Im a fucking chump when it comes to this silly bitch dog and she knows it.

turkey breast...woulda, coulda, shoulda???

Tossed the turkey. Bought a fresh. Roasting as I type!

Food and Culture

Some things, for lack of a better way to say it, just shouldnt be fucked with. Tradition is best. There are absolutely people that want to take things to the next level, deconstruct something, give it a fresh twist. Thats all bullshit. People like to add a bunch of crap to traditional things so they feel like they have actually accomplished something instead of dicking it up.

There are masters of the old school and will remain the masters. No matter how much cumin, sriracha, wasabi or any other "new and unique" thing someone adds, it doesnt change the fact that a classic will bust the balls of any new age hack job there is.

Tell your Dad to hold on tight, make a shitload of mole and watch as the youngsters always circle back to the old schoolers. HOWEVER, Rick Bayless aint no joke. I would jump at the chance to eat his food.


@ Jerzee tomato....agreed. Spot on. Thats how my entire family makes/eats them and I will be the first to tell you that my maiden name ends in "ovsky".

I adore Black Pepper: but is it healthy?

Okay, I'll bite. Are you actually being serious? I have never, ever, EVER in my entire cooking life heard that there are reasons not to use black pepper other than if I sniff too fast I sneeze.

Love pepper, in any form.
There is no myth/non-myth.
Id REALLY love to see something in print.

900 bajillion chefs/cooks/casual cooks/caterers/michelin starred restaurants/classically trained/home ec class taking 13 year olds/beer drinking frat guys with a pizza and a pepper grinder cant be wrong.


Well, since there is anarchy happening on Facebook about meatballs and the bastardization of them, here it is...

ground beef
ground veal
ground pork (1lb of each)
good romano cheese (and a crapload of it)
1 egg, beaten
4 cloves of fresh garlic, microplaned
chopped fresh parsley
salt and pepper

There are no vegetables in meatballs. There are no soup mixes in meatballs. There is no bread/oatmeal/rice/flour/wet bread/elmers glue/spackle in meatballs. Mix it all LIGHTLY. Brown them LIGHTLY. Drop them in BOILING HOT sauce and DO NOT touch them for a half an hour or so before you stir and they wont break apart, hence not needing all those gross fillers.

Will N1H1 flu scare change your dining out habits?

probably just continue to do crazy things like washing my hands, avoiding icky people or things as a whole, using clorox clean up on any inanimate object within 500 yards and not inhabiting restaurants that 1. have Board of Health write ups 2. are subpar in the way the restaurants cleanliness and waitstaff presents themselves.

Get a flu shot just for kicks.

What's Up With All These One Word Answer Postings?

@simon...bravo. Beautifully, albeit painfully put for some. I rarely head over here anymore unless one of the old schoolers posts something of importance (like this thread) on facebook.

Its the same as those annoying **WAY** or **NO WAY** questions (sorry, Pmac) can choose to comment or not. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to answer. Dont like the content? Go somewhere else. Most of us did. Facebook is where its at.

FYI: You wont EVER find me posting under anything but ChelleyD01 on ANY site that I go to. Mostly because 1. I generally dont give a shit what people say/think about me. 2. I actually look forward to someone challenging me. 3. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

What Will Brian Boitano Make?

uhhhhh, search box at the top of the page. Its kinda like a wonder bra for the food world.

I love you, simon. Lets get married and run away together since everyone hates us anyway!

Critic-Turned-Cook Steels Herself for Canning Season with Canning Across America

Jesus people...dont be so dramatic. The photo is OBVIOUSLY for the showing of the jar and the tongs. You can clearly see that the pot is not tall enough to have enough water to cover the lids without overflowing even before the boil. It looks like a regular old Calphalon stock pot...barely holds the 4 quart jars let alone boiling water. Who even processes 4 quart jars? No drama, its just a pic and if some ass really did boil like that, I pity the fool to clean the mess of the ceiling.

Help me try and help my 18 year old son and G2

The HFCS is not going to kill the kid. He is an athlete and I assure you, there are far worse things he could be putting into his body than some G2. It gives him what he needs to replenish and realistically, PRO athletes drink original and G2 all day, every day, so it cant be all that awful. Give the kid a steak and a salad and it will round it all out.

I need help!!!!

@ carol...have you ever tried steaming? It takes awhile, but it makes a great result.

Easter 2010 Menus???

Hey guys...

Im starting to plan my Easter Dinner Menu and would like to stray away from the ham and sweet potato or turkey and stuffing ordeal. What are ya'll cooking this Easter???

turkey breast...woulda, coulda, shoulda???

I purchased a frozen turkey breast the other day because I just felt like some turkey. (thank you very f'n much Jerzee Tomato). ANYWAY, I left my house at 630 am today and at 7am I send my father an email that says "take the turkey out of the freezer and put it in the kitchen sink filled with COLD water and swap it out every half hour to an hour or so. DONT put it in the sun or any weird shit like that". That is the exact email.

I get home 15 hours later and I touch said turkey. Hmmmmmm, a little too thawed to be cold water bathed. I say to him...did you put that turkey in the kitchen sink? His response? No. The bathtub. I said, the bathtub filled with cold water? No. Warm. (which probably means hot). I lost a fucking grip on reality. He thinks its no big deal.

Think it would kill him if I cooked it and fed it to him anyway?

Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs....Easter Nirvana?

Recently, it has come to my attention that several Serious Eaters have never consumed a Reeses Peanut Butter Egg. (Izatryit, in particular...the horror, Im aware. Someone light a candle for her tomorrow). In any case, several people have followed suit in their CLAIM to never have consumed the Easter time pat of deliciousness. I will be honest, I don't believe one of them except for Iz who doesnt turn her oven on. I believe, with my bullshit meter on high, that some proclaimed foodies are closet egg eaters and just dont want to own up. Im on my 900th egg of the season and enjoying every blissful moment of it! Please, I implore you, spend .50 at any mini-mart, grocery store, gas station in the universe and shove that thing in like your going to the chair!

So my SE pals, I bring you this....the Reese Peanut Butter Egg...Easter staple or wtf is a Reese Peanut Butter Egg?

Recipe Request: Dense Banana Cake

Hi we all know, I suck at baking. Hate it. However, I am desiring banana cake. My pal Kim used to make them for me but alas, she is roughly 3k miles away and doesnt know what she did with the recipe she used.

It was a dense thing, very banana-y and was awesome out of the refridgerator (Ive got a thing for cold cake). She thinks there may have been sour cream or buttermilk as well as like 4-5 bananas. She smeared it with cream cheese frosting and left me alone in my glory with a fork and a glass of milk.

Any ideas?

Help with Biscuits and Thickening a 'Gravy'

So, my great grandmother used to make what she called "creamed chicken and biscuits" when we were little (she was born in 1907 and died in 2004) and it was amazing. She only made it in the winter when it was cold enough for the stewed chicken to go in the garage overnight for the fat to harden. My bestest has been harping on me to re-create the dish, and, so far, I have made what I believe will be a good stock, based upon what I remember from my childhood "helping."

I used:

6 bone-in breasts
some backs and necks
coupla quarts of water
8 garlic cloves
2 whole onions
8 carrots
8 ribs of celery
kosher salt and whole peppercorns

Simmered for a few hours (barely a bubble breaking the surface) and I have it out in the garage (-22 degrees!) now. After I de-bone and shred the chicken, strain the stock, give the dog the vegetables, I am at a loss as to how to thicken it. I dont remember what she did, all I remember is the chicken was shredded finely and ladled over hot buttered biscuits with a glorious creamy gravy.

Ideas to thicken?

Anyone else ever eaten and/or made something like this?

And lastly, I SUCK at baking. Anyone have some really easy hopefully drop type biscuits out there? I have buttermilk!

I know this was a long post and I'm sure I'm going to get yipped at by the mod-dogs, but it was a little walk down memory lane for me...hopefully someone else will walk too!

Loose Tea Question: Help!

So I have acquired two bags of loose tea from my fave chain, PF Changs. (Get over yourself, I like the lettuce wraps and the spicy chicken.) For the love of Jobe, please do not ask how I got them, but I just do and I love me some Changs Iced Tea.

Question of the day: How the heck do I brew the stuff since it's loose? I don't have a handy dandy little pre-pack bag to drop in the cup! I do have a tea strainer.

If this at all helps, the bags are a healthy 1 cup each, are a black tea with lots of orangy/red feathery looking pieces in them. The cello bag reads "China Mist Passion Fruit Use By: 9/15/09"

That's it, my friends! Teach me, Oh Masters of Loose Tea!

World Spice Market Spices

So, I placed an order with World Spice Market and while their pricing and invoice policy is very, very fair, I wasnt impressed with the shipping. ($9.00!). Anyway, I did get some things that I have never used before, just because I either 1. havent had access to them or 2. had access but didnt want to pay an astronomical amount of money for them.

Does anyone have any comments about World Spice Market?

I got:

ground ginger (no advice needed!)
alderwood smoked salt (sounds yummy!)
Aleppo Pepper, crushed
Cumin (smells like a good taco, I think)
Lemon Crystal (dont know, dont care, love lemon!)
Smoked Paprika
Whole Black Lemon from India (WTF do I do with these?)
Sichuan Peppercorns
Tomato Flakes
Cajun Blackening
Za'tar (israeli)

Any ideas for all this good stuff? Any recs?

Any Tea Drinkers?

My new obsession is tea. I am finding that I am more of an herbal flavored type tea drinker (yes, I know herbals are not really "tea") and while I am not over the moon enough to drop huge amounts of money on really good teas just yet, I'm wondering if any of you SE'ers are into teas and can give me some recs? So far, I am very into:

Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion
Celestial Seasonings Blueberry
Celestial Seasonings Ginger Vanilla Chai
Twinings Peppermint
Twinings English Breakfast
Trader Joe's Black with Mango
Trader Joe's Black with Blackberry
PF Chang's Passion Fruit (don't ask because I won't tell)
Teavana Blueberry Bliss loose tea
Good ol' Luzianne for iced tea

I have come to find that I pretty much hate Tazo teas. I can't pinpoint why, but I just do. I'm also not huge into green teas.


whats on your menu for the weekend?

Its snowing like all getout...of course in NE Ohio, but whatever...Im going to toss on my boots and scarf shortly, hop into my Ram 2500 and bah-ha my way to the grocery store to lay in a few things for the snowbound weekend.

Whatcha guys cooking?

can I get a headache from bacon?

I know this sounds straight crazy, but whenever I make a beautiful bacon, scrambled egg and buttery hot toast breakfast on the weekends, I always get a dull headache afterwards.

I know Ive heard about nitrates in bacon and whatnot and I know that a bottle or three of red gives me a headache...could the same be true for bacon?

I do buy my bacon from my butcher who smokes it himself. I will be heartbroken if I have to digress from my bacon consumption!!!!

Who wants to wok and roll?

HA!!! Okay, so I have this weird obsession with asian flavor lately and I know that I have come across many peanut noodle dishes in my time but now, of course, can't find one I want to make. Anyone have any ideas for me?

Here's what I gots in the kitchen...

soba noodles
sesame oil
sesame seeds
rice wine vinegar
hot chili oil
peanut butter
red bell pepper
green onion
chicken tenders

make me something yummy!!!!!

you know you were hungry when _____ tasted amazing!

So, I have been over the turkey thing since 8pm last Thursday night. I have shopped my ass off since 4am Friday morning, up to and including 6 hours of it tonight.

My blood sugar has dropped to far beyond safe levels in the last 5 days because I refused to leave my place in line. That being said, I scarfed a Wendys Double Stack (no onion, add lettuce and tomato) in 13 seconds flat and it was AMAZING! 4 hours later, I came home and whipped out some sharp NY cheddar, an almost too ripe pear, whole grain bread, butter and some cranberry compote. I thought I invented electricity!

Anyone else out there eat something so unusual for you but tasted so great because you were just that hungry????

idiot proof caramel recipe

Morning kids...

Anyone have a pretty fail safe method for making caramels? I have heavy pots, thermometer, sugar, water, heavy cream, butter and vanilla as well as some beautiful hawaiian red salt.

Im looking for a nice, chewy caramel, not so much a sauce!


SSSooooo....what did you REALLY eat last night???

Me? Uhhhh, well, went to a little italian place and had a bowl of wedding and a cobb salad, minus the wretched eggs in a fresh baked bread bowl, while watching the beginnings of the electorals trickle in. Went home and had a God awful cup of Tazo Passion tea. (ICK! ICK! ICK!)

What I really wanted was some banana ice cream. Such is life!

Give it up...what did you really have during that nail biter of an Election?

let's start the week off right!

so, its Sunday afternoon, 445pm. It is a brisk October day...chilly, leaves blowing, dampness lingering in the air. I have a pyrex full of swiss steak, caramelized onions and braised carrots simmering in the oven and a loaf of challah rising. Im sitting here, watching HORRIBLE Lifetime movies and drinking a steamy cup of cinnamon macadamia nut coffee, contemplating the upcoming week of dinners, minus Halloween. (That will be Reese Cups, 100 Grand bars and as many banana tootsie rolls as I can consume in one night WITHOUT hitting a diabetic coma.)

So, my fellow SE-ers, whatcha cookin' up for the last beautiful week of October?

totally on the fly, half assed junk food creations...

So, with all intensive purposes, I really was going to make caramel corn from scratch for my Sunday night Desperate Housewives/Brothers and Sisters veg out.

Weeeelllllll.....10 minutes to 9 creeped up and I just didn't feel like it so I rummaged through the cabinets and lo and behold was a package of Act II Caramel Corn for the microwave. (pop corn, dump in bowl, lay caramel sheet over, micro 1 minute, mix, dry out, eat) left over from my nieces summer here with us.

Ehhh, what the hell? I made it and sprinkled it with sea salt while the caramel was still hot. OH. MY. GOD. I will be purchasing another box of Act II in the future!

Whatcha got, SE'ers????

Okay canners, preservers, picklers, jammers....Let's hear it!

So, this is my second year of canning. I have mastered jam making with hot water bathing. I have also cracked out a few wine jellys, also with a BWB. Today, my farmers market is advertising Red Haven Peaches, corn, banana peppers, blueberries and raspberries.

Here it goes...

~I am going to blanch and freeze corn. No brainer.
~I want to make a nice peach jam. Any sweet ideas or just follow the pectin box?
~Who does banana peppers with garlic, oregano and a vinegar/oil mix? Do you bath them or do the old school of hot jar, hot pack, hot oil, hope to seal?
~What the eff does pickling salt really do? Last year I soaked the peppers in pickling salt and water overnight before we packed them. Does this preserve the texture? They still have a little bite to them and arent a soggy oily mess.
~Apple and pumpkin butters are around the corner. Does the apple have enough acid on its own to be BWB'd after jarring without needing to buy a pressure canner? How about the pumpkin? I don't think pumpkin is very acidic at all...any ideas for that?

I hate the canning websites. Alot of readable words, but I like the straight talk from my SE'ers that have knowledge and skill.

Thanks in advance and enjoy this beautiful weekend!!!

the infamous puffy taco!

yeah, I watched the puffy taco throw down for the 99th time yesterday and this time, Jake watched with me. He is in love with the puffy taco.

Let me make it clear that I have no intentions of hunting down masa to make fresh tortillas. However, I have a nice fresh pack of flour tortillas from Target. Yeah, I said it. TARGET. I love me some Archer Farms.

What's the shot I can drop one of these into some hot oil and get anywhere near the puffy taco effect? Plane tickets to Texas are expensive!

a menagerie of questions!

1. Im doing a baby shower this weekend and have to do 12 dozen cupcakes. Mom would like a banana cupcake and I would like to do a slice of fresh banana on the top of each caramel frosted delight. Anyone ever bruleed a banana slice? Will they hold up on the cakes if I do them first thing in the morning?

2. lemon balm. We have scads of the stuff. Anyone do anything exciting with it?

3. I am looking for a hot pepper recipe that has banana peppers, garlic, oregano, oil and vinegar. You soak the peppers overnight in pickling salt and water, rinse, pack in jars, heat the oil/vinegar mix and pour over. They are not water bathed. Any ideas?

4. I feel like a super garlicky/lemon grilled chicken and a good greek salad. Ideas?

roped into a baby me!

I got roped into having a baby shower. The original hostess decided it was too much work. Whatev. Its 10 people on Sunday. 95 degrees. Blech. We all know I do NOT do well in heat and humidity so some afternoon backyard tea is OUT. I called the remaining girls and asked them all to bring something and I will provide the main. Previous hostess was going with sloppy joes. HUH? I havent a clue why in the sam hell she would ever consider that but..... Here's what I got..

Chicken salad croissants
Pulled pork sandwiches with spicy pickles I just put up.
macaroni salad
veggie pizza
some hot corn bacon dip stuff
fruit tray/dip
veggie tray/dip
a pepperoni something or other appetizer
punch/pink lemonade

No theme technically except pink. I need a nice fine shredded tangy slaw to go with the pulled pork. Any ideas out there? I DO NOT want to turn my oven on, so if it isnt cold, it ain't happening. What am I missing?

This girl is a hot mess and quite frankly rude. However, since I am attempting to be a nice girl and pick up the slack 36 hours before the party, here we go.

Thanks bunches in advance!

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