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Chef you have one and if so, what would you recommend?

HTTP:// this is what we use in the industry now because the quality and affordability.

How do chefs peel garlic?

We generally buy garlic peeled. When we do have to peel it we use the side of a knife to smash it gently. Peeling Black Garlic is done by hand no knife and no smashing.

Recipe Software

Chef Tech...but of course it does more than standardize your recipe format and categorize them within umpteen categories. It also does a great job resizing your recipes...costing them out to give you a estimate of how much it would cost if your cooking for a party large or small....and more. The most trusted and used program among professional chefs.

Am I chasing the holy grail? Baguettes at home.

aw yes....It may be your use of instant yeast. I always use fresh yeast.... are you proofing your dough??? Are you using a spray bottle to spray the inside of your hot oven to create steam?...this helps with crust development. Are you kneading the dough by hand or with a mixer???

Help finding good, cheap knives!

Forschner/Victorinox, Henckel, Chicago Cutlery, and Farbarwear all have reasonably cheap knives available online

Cutco Knives- Tried them? Looking for Feedback.

Yes I have tried them several times. Don't like them at all...heres why...
-Too light: I like more weight in a knife than they have
- Handle to small: I have large hands and these handles don't work for me
- Blade is thin: Uncomfortable for a pinch grip
- Stamped blade: Not fully forged
- No bolster: no real thick or sturdy part to the blades to hack through bones

Slice's L.A. & Southern California Pizza Map

Very disappointed that "Original Pizza" in Newport Beach, CA is not listed on the map! They still make all their dough fresh all day long. Baking it in a deck oven with corn meal on the crust. The crust turn out so crispy and wonderful. All the ingredients are fresh daily as well!...oh ya...forgot to mention that every pizza is hand tossed to order! The staff is friendly and helpful. They only take cash though and the only parking around is metered parking so be prepared. The owner himself is there often. And they have pizza by the slice for can make it a combo for lunch as well with a slice of pizza, a drink and a side salad.

cooktop smoker

You can make your own cook top smoker and save a little least I think you will save some money...

Cook top smokers are great for Salmon, Pork Belly, and all kinds of vegetables!

great steakhouses-do sides make the place?

I think the steak should be the star...but the amazing sides in combination with the steak is what makes it for me! Gotta have the staple sides and do them REALLY well...and some creative sides are a HUGE PLUS!!!

@agoodcooker - Ditto...Ruth's Chris is great!!!

...Anyone ever eat at Morton's??? What are your thoughts about that place?

Queso Dip

5 lbs Velveeta Cheese
2 qrts Milk
½ - #10 can Diced Tomatoes in Juice
1 ea Red Bell Pepper, Diced
1 ea Green Bell Pepper, Diced
2 ea Jalapenos, Seeded & Diced
½ cup Dried Chopped Onion
¼ cup 50/50 Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Tabasco Sauce
2 cups Corn Starch


1. Dice Velveeta cheese into cubes
2. Rehydrate dried onions in 1 cup of warm water
3. Sauté the bell peppers and jalapeno in some of the olive oil
4. Bring milk, diced tomatoes, Tabasco and remaining olive oil to a boil
5. Reduce to medium heat
6. Make a slurry with the corn starch and some water
7. Add in onion and cornstarch and bring to a simmer
9. Add Velveeta stirring frequently till smooth

10. Optional: Add cooked, well drained ground beef taco meat

...this is the Queso Sauce recipe I wrote for the sport bar and grill I used to work at.

Have You Ever Browned Flour?

You can also brown flour in a still oven at about 150°F on a sheet pan. I use browned flour whenever I make a roux for Gumbo. I use it anytime a dark roux is required for speed up process.

Modernest Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking; Myhrvold

This set sound extremely interesting to me! I hope Herve This has something to do with this!

Is the Customer Always Right?

I completely agree with you PumpkinBear!!!

The search for Crepes

Le Creperie Cafe
4911 East 2nd Street
Long Beach, CA 90803

What's fun to use phyllo dough with?

Mini Quiche if you have a mini tart mold pan or a mini muffin pan...

brush large square layered sheets with butter and mold into large muffin pan and dust with cinnamon and sugar for interesting cups for sorbet, ice cream or fresh fruit

You have a Star Trek food replicator. Would you still cook?

I would only use the Replicator to replicate various exotic ingredients that I didn't have local access to...or replicate in season ingredients when they are locally out of season.

Messages into the 4th dimension

What gets me is that It's saying my comment has to be reviewed for approval by the blog own when I'm commenting on a topic I started!...and it doesn't show up for almost 24hrs!!!

Duck Legs and a Dinner Party...what to do with them?

Ditto on the already posted Duck Confit Ravioli...I'd do it with a demiglace and mushroom sauce...

You can make a pate or terrine....

Fo-Tea Smoked Duck

Peking Duck

or a delightful salad with the duck confit with a mango salsa or papaya vinaigrette...


give it a go the way i laid out in the method I gave above...I'm pretty sure this will serve up nicely without clumping...

Ditto @Monkii's comment about adding the liquid last...creating goop

Red Thai Chili Sauce

I did a shrimp wrap at the last restaurant I was the Chef at using the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Ingredients for the wrap:
- Finely Shredded Green Cabbage
- Cilantro Leaves
- Blanched Slivered Almonds
- Fried Won Ton Strips
- Sweet Chili Sauce
- Green Onions, Finely chopped
- Avocado
- Grilled Shrimp
- Kizami pickled ginger (Julienne Red Pickled Ginger)


oh yes...almost forgot one more question...
what type of pan are you using? Please say stainless steel....anyways...

You may be making cheese curd in the process of you making the maybe getting the sauce two hot which can also cause it to clump and "break" or separate....even further if you are not using a stainless steel/non reactionary may be getting a weird effect from the acid, the dairy, and the metal you pan is made out of.

What's the big deal with truffles?

Would you know if they were Black or White Truffles?...or if they were Canned or Fresh???

This would make all the different. Fresh Truffles when they are at the absolute peak of freshness in their season are delightfully amazing and can add, not only the "earthyness" you spoke of but a most intense Mushroom like flavor and a rather pleasant fragrant of season truffles on the other hand can be oily, overly pungent, and not have nearly as much or as pleasant a flavor as do the fresh in season ones.