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  • Favorite foods: My own burgers of course at Water Taxi Beach, Schnack and at the Brooklyn Food Hall of Fame. Beyond that, I love all authentic food esp. road food from around the world..

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Morning at a Filipino Wet Market

My own experience is that their is no ice and no refrigeration.

You go to the main fish market in Tokyo and the fish is super fresh and well chilled as well.

Currywurst: The Best for Midnight Munchies

We did a nice currywurst at BromeDoggs when we were open..

There is some varation in the type of sausasge used; we used a brat; some places in Germany do the same; some more of a Bauernwurst.

We will be showing the Grace Lee Curry Wurst film at the Water Taxi Beach Food / Film Fest in June. details and schedule TBD.

Cooking With Beer

Harry from Schnack here.. We are know for our Beer Milk Shake and we are also known to braise short ribs with very hoppy amber beer like Sam Adams. Cooking with beer is an area that is barely been touched. Esp. the way various hops can flavor and perfume a dish.

That said, I think cooking with Beer is very different that pairing food with Beer. I come from the school that says you can put almost anything with anything else.. But there are so many levels to wine from price, to taste, from sweet to acidity that really makes it easy to pair with. Beer has it's range but it's not as well known.

We also cellar some beer esp. World Wide Stout and Aprihop from Dogfish Head; a year or two in the bottle can really make a difference. I think the idea of putting away beer for a few years, or 10 or 20 would sound very odd to most people. On the other hand, I think most would except that wine should have at least some age to it. Then again I’m known for favoring Madeira made in the mid 1800's and early 1900's.

Authenticity Versus Tastiness

Harry from Schnack here.. on the issue of Taste vs. Real,

I say make it anyway you want, but label it! For example we do our own twist on some things at Schnack, we label them "Schnack Style." The worst is Authentic Chinese Food that well, isn't Chinese.

When the marketing hits the road, people don't want to know that their favorite ethnic food isn't all that ethnic.

Does Cooking Make You Gay?

In advertising where I once worked and most of the men where married with children and one assumes are not gay, all amost to a man cooked, and most of the women, who were not yet married (and didn't have any kids) didn't even boil water.

Most of the men were Jewish or Italian and loved food, everything about food, esp. eating it. It was refreshing.

What are the best ratio's for fresh ground burgers?

At Schnack, we have always used a ratio of 80/20. It' ground fresh daily by our butcher. At Water Taxi Beach we grind out own, and we simply grind 100% cerf. black angus chuck. The butcher tells me it will yeild a 80/20 result but it's worth pointing out we are not trimming the fat from the beach and the weighting each.... and with decently marbled meat, like black angus* it would be hard to do.

* cert. black angus means the meat in the "top 8% of the market." That's what the black angus people say.. meaning meat from the Prime rating (the top 3%) and the top 5% (from choice). Of course it's not a government rating.. it's their own.. how they pick the "top" 5% of choice..


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