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The Amateur Gourmet Adam Roberts's Favorite Cookbooks

That Craig Claiborne/Pierre Franey Veal Cookery book is terrific! It has a veal paprikas recipe with sauerkraut that I love, despite the fact that I question whether it is a true paprikas. Also, the instructions for that recipe are written oddly, so I always have to puzzle them out. Confession: I generally use pork here instead of veal to save money. Regardless, this is one of my top 5 recipes for winter. I've also tried a half dozen other veal recipes from the book, with much success. I see that you can buy it online for $.01. Bargain!

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Pork roast, and any color will do! But let's say yellow, as it should show up in the drawer pretty easily. That's all that counts.

Perfect Refried Beans

So you don't soak the beans first?

Culinary land mines

Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise. Nothing worse than seeing a lovely deviled egg on a buffet table, then taking a bite and tasting that overly sweet Miracle Whip binder sauce. Completely ruins any food item it touches. Just gross.

Quick One Pot Hungarian Chicken and Noodles With Cabbage

Half Hungarian here, so I'll second what juditka said, that this recipe is authentic, with bacon being the meat of choice.

It is also the dish my mother once craved when she was pregnant with me. Mom mentioned this in a phone call that day to her (Hungarian) mother, who lived a town or two away. A few hours later, of course, Gramma dispatched another relative to drive to Mom's house with a big pot of this dish that Gramma had made especially to stop her daughter's cravings! I toast them all whenever I make it myself.

What's your favorite way to prepare cauliflower?

How timely! Tonight I'm making mashed cauliflower (cut into small pieces and steamed or boiled first until soft) with garlic and a little cream cheese and Parmesan. Have never done this before, but it sounds good and is supposed to taste like garlic-mashed potatoes.

Normally I roast the florets with EVOO, S&P like others have mentioned.

@Zinnia1--I like the idea of cutting it into steaks for roasting!

Greek Drunken Pork Stew in Red Wine

Can't wait to try this! I adore pork, and have been trying to add to my pork stew recipes. So far, my classics include a pork stew Rogan Josh, a paprikas with sauerkraut, and I'm still working on an acceptable Mexican variation with hot peppers and tomatillos. But now, I can maybe include a Greek version! Thanks, Jennifer!

No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

I'm not sure what chocolate cookie wafers are, but I'm going to try this with a crust made from Girl Scout Thin Mints!

The Food Lab Lite: The Best Spanish-Style Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo)

"Depending on how you introduce and cook garlic, its flavors can vary pretty drastically." …. I'd be interested in reading a Kenji tutorial on this subject in general. Some of it I've picked up by trial and error, but I'd love to hear more. (And apologies if it's been covered and I've missed it.)

Sunday Supper: One-Dish Pork Chops With Muffuletta Relish

Looks like polenta slices to me. Maybe the kind you buy in a roll, then slice and heat (grill, sauté, etc.).

Behind the Scenes in Niki's Home Kitchen

As an aside to BostonAdam, last weekend I was using my mandolin to cut zucchini, got in a hurry, didn't use the finger guard....well, you know the rest. That sucker took 2 hours to stop bleeding AFTER I stopped panicking and applied gauze. No blood in zukes, but a hunk of flesh on blade. Gross.

Sorry for the aside! Love the kitchen, love this feature. Keep it up.

Have you ever been just a little sneaky?

A little saffron in homemade chicken broth used for soup to make the color better.

Cook the Book: 'Spain' by Jeff Koehler

another vote for the garlic shrimp, though manchego cheese is right behind!

Behind the Scenes in Jamie's Home Kitchen

I have the same discontinued, vintage LeCreuset saucepan! Only, mine also has a lid. And the interior is not white, but more of a cream. Like yours, mine has a back story. Though I now have many other pieces of LeCreuset, it remains my favorite for sentimental reasons.

As for Butter Bells, I've found that unsalted butter has a tendency to get moldy if you don't use it right away. Salted butter fares better. Moral: it's best to change the water frequently.

Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

These sound divine! And easy. I never make cupcakes, but will try this recipe. So, novice question: how long will they keep?

Some thoughts and questions on doubling a ragu bolognese

Can't answer your question, but I'll repeat something I mentioned in the comment section once (maybe even on a Kenji bolognese recipe): I once almost spoiled a multi-ingredient ragu recipe by doubling it, only to find that the chicken livers overwhelmed. When not doubled, the recipe is fine. Excellent, in fact.

Looking forward to hearing what folks think about changing ingredients when doubling a recipe!

What is YOUR kryptonite?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: original Triscuits and Merkt's cheese. That spelling may be off, but snackers know what I mean!

Also, any pizza. I don't know how to stop eating it. For this reason, I avoid having it delivered because in the privacy of my home, the gluttony is truly ugly.

Wasting in line

@Teachertalk...Ms. Price as Aida, live! And the whole emotional component of the venue's final performance. So, so envious. Now all day snippets of Aida will be running through my brain...

Cold Weather Comfort Food

Slovak sauerkraut soup, from this site. Or tourtiere. Or a paprikas of some sort, veal, chicken, whatever. Gulyas. But today I am making syllabub! And cornbread in a cast iron skillet.

Bake the Book: The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Book of Pie

Cherry pie. Well, it was my late father's favorite pie and he passed away last month, so I'm responding in his memory.

Breakfast at a Hot Dog Stand? UB Dogs Does it Right in The Loop

Wow. This sounds just about perfect! It's nearby and I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the discovery.

Sunday Supper: Stovetop Cheddar Mac and Cheese With Peppadew Peppers

@finsbigfan: Nice! It took my morning brain a moment to catch on, but yes, appropriate.