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Bacon Bra

So Good - Hahahahah thank you! As a woman I do not find it offensive, c'mon girls, it's funny!

Do You Find Coffee To Be a Soothing, Comforting Elixir?

Good coffee makes me feel good, but if I'm feeling sick or run down coffee just makes it worse. I drink coffee during weekday mornings to wake up. I don't think I would call it comforting....

What are you making for the super bowl?

I'm making beer cheese fondue!

I'm going to a friend's - they are making something delicious I'm sure but not yet revealed.

Pickle Juice

Drink it straight to soothe a hangover. I tried it once and it seemed to help, but that may have just been a one time phenomenon.

Meat Substitutes-Which do you prefer?

Boca Burgers (original kind) are really good. I also like Boca Brats.

I think the brand is called Fantastic Foods - they have a really good meatless sloppy joe mix. My parents (red meat eaters) take it camping all the time.

And Hormel vegetarian chili is wonderful.

Happy vegetarian eating :)

Minneapolis eating advice

First off, I live in the Twin Cities. For a business dinner I would second Loring Pasta Bar, though it is in a college neighborhood. I will get back to you on that one - don't have many business dinners in Minneapolis (and anyways I prefer St. Paul).

For breakfast - French Meadow is wonderful! I also like Longfellow Grill. I have been there many times and have always been very happy with everything.

I was not impressed with Sunny Side Up, but that is my opinion. Keys is more like one step above Perkins...

But are you looking for downtown Minneapolis or just the area in general? I have never eaten breakfast in downtown...

I ate the Juicy Lucy!

RichardCrystal - the cheese is INSIDE the burger - read the post I linked to in my original post. Plus - the bun / meat ratio is pretty close to perfect.

Try it!

I ate the Juicy Lucy!

Yes, I believe it was born at Matt's - I will have to go there and compare... but Groveland Tap's was pretty darn good!

Inca Coke or Mexican Coke: Have you seen it?

If Whole Foods is in your area their store brand 365 sodas are made with real sugar - that is the only soda I drink now, so much better!

Good airplane reading material?

The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break- it's an awesome fictional book. I read half of it on my flight to Pennsylvania from Minneapolis, and the rest on the way back.

Also - Kitchen Confidential and A Cook's Tour - I guess anything by Anthony Bourdain. I've read those two, they're really good! and easy to read.

Recently, I acquired a taste for _____


Also, fish sauce. I am not asian, but my husband is (Vietnamese) and it has taken me awhile to actually *like* the stuff - but I do now!

Have you ever cooked in your fireplace?

In my old place we had a fireplace and we also talked about it, but never got around to it... we even bought roasting sticks. I wish we would have tried.

Are you OK with the implications of grocery shopping at Wal-Mart?

NO! I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs. Luckily I have many alternatives to shopping there.

My favorite cold cereal is _____

Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs! oooh I could eat a whole box of those, along with Captain Crunch, Kix, and Fruity Pebbles. Although I do resist, because to me they are empty carbs and sugar - I never get full from cold cereal.

I like Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, and Wheat Chex, and those usually fill me up. When I was in college the dorm cafeteria had cereal that tasted like Heart to Heart, but it was only the hearts - I wonder what it was?? It was good...

Egg salad...what's your secret ingredient?

I put dried jalepeno flakes in mine. Everyone should try it! There's a little bit of texture since it's dried, and it's hot but not too hot and goes really well the eggs.

Best Food to cure a cold??

I say Pho also. AND - vietnamese rice porridge. I don't know the exact proportions but the ingredients are:

Chicken broth
Chicken breast
Fish sauce

garnish with green onions and cilantro

*also good to add some hot chili sauce.

This does wonders for me when I am sick!

Three meals anywhere in the world, what are they?

1. sushi and sake in Japan
2. dinner at El Bulli
3. bouillabaisse and wine in the South of France

Your favorite Thanksgiving dish: If your holiday table had only one dish on it which would it be?

stuffing! My grandma makes awesome stuffing - it has ground beef in it, and I'm not sure what else but it it definitely my favorite. cranberries are a close second. My mom makes really good cranberry sauce, I put it on everything.

Where are you going to get your turkey for Thanksgiving?

I get a free turkey from my employer - you can't beat free food!

What do you pack for lunch?

I make a lunch the night before - a sandwich, usually ham or turkey, provolone cheese, mayo, mustard, greens, and hot peppers and then some fruit and potato chips or triscuits :)

What was your last "free" food or beverage?

The coolest free food I had recently was at a "mens sale" at Marshall Fields (now Macy's) department store. They had free bottled beer, margaritas, and all kinds of food - mini chili dogs, tandoori chicken, ceviche, brownies. It was fun! and the food wasn't bad.


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