Charlotte Julienne

We are two foodies who love to cook, eat out, discover and try new foods. We are from The United States and England respectively, although we currently live in Massachusetts.

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  • Location: Springfield MA
  • Favorite foods: Pasta, caviar, cheese, bread, lamb, game, ice cream and fish.
  • Last bite on earth: Oysters from the South Atlantic - I once had these in the Falkland Islands. The seas seas are so clean that the oysters are amazing.

Latest Comments

Roasted Whole Garlic

We love roasted garlic with toast and a little I olive oil ....just great.

Lamb Loin With Eggplants, Spring Onions And Plums

That just looks so amazing

What wine should we buy for our baby?

A very British tradition is Port - the advantage is that there are companies that will lay it down for you. Also it is likely to age Well with less risk than say a wine. White wine and champers over 21 years ! I would stick to a red.

Garlic Butter Baked Salmon

Did the garlic not overpower the fish?

Why British and Irish Crisps Are Brilliant

Oh I miss British Crisps ...... I did find a store in Western MA that sells Walkers and even have Marmite Crisps :)

Thyme Lemonade

What a great idea, we have so much thyme in our garden at the moment.

Lamb and Purslane Pides

Very good photo, we love lamb and this is great.

Brunch at Per Se

We loved Per Se what a great treat.

Cherry Breakfast Shake

Another shake but it looks soo yummy !

Sunday Brunch: Pear Cardamom Clafoutis

I love this, it's like posh Yorkshire Pudding!

Is The Nomiku Portable Sous Vide Cooker The Solution We're Looking For?

This looks so cool we love it. We do a bit of sous vide cooking and this is now on our shopping list. L