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2009: The Year in Hot Dogs

Have any of you had Tony Paco's Hungarian Hot Dogs? Despite the name they are from Toledo, OH and are delicious!

Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

If you like biscuits and (Like me) aren't any good at making them, look for Mary B's frozen Buttermilk Biscuits at high end groceries. They're at Fresh Market here in Cincinnati.

mail order bone in ham

"Smokehouse" suggests you mean Country Ham...not packinghouse ham. I recommend you try Kite Hams from Wolftown, VA. Phone: 1-888-808-4267.
They have the traditional salty ham and the "Happy" ham, which I prefer, that is less salty. You might try a couple of packets of each now to see which you prefer. The ham is sliced and vacuum packed in, I think, 1/4 lb. packets. I hope you like!

What's your favorite food when drunk?

Toodle House scrambled eggs with friends after the party was over. (The Toodle Houses are long gone. Alas!!!

The First Issue of 'Gourmet' Magazine: The January 1941 'Holiday Issue'

On our first visit to my parents' after getting married, my wife and I were given boxes of Gourmet dating back to the beginning. We used to go through a few issues each at night to build up our supply of recipes. We soon noticed Gourmet would repeat recipes every few years! Oh, well!

What is the best store bought salad dressing?

Garlic Expressions is terrific, and it is also a wonderful marinade.

The AHT Guide to Hamburger and Cheeseburger Styles

Where does the Grilled Cheeseburger fit in (a grilled cheese sandwich with a hamburger pattie in the middle)?

Cook the Book: Maple Crème Caramel

Lemon Fair- Thanks for your info on Common Crackers! If you have "Mrs. Appleyard's Kitchen" handy, read her description of the crackers and milk. It makes you want some, and I don't like milk. My grandfather was from Rutland, and he kept the crackers in stock (in a tin not a barrel), but I don't remember how they were used. My guess is with Welsh Rabbit.

Cook the Book: Maple Crème Caramel

Does the cookbook have anything to say about Vermont (Montpelier) Common Crackers?

Dinghy Dogs: A Hot Dog Worth Having on Martha's Vineyard

Why would you have a hot dog when you can get lobster rolls? Hot dogs are everywhere, the rolls aren't!

French in a Flash: 'Summer' Lobster Sandwiches with Zucchini Frites and Heirloom Tomato Salad

Just for fun, I Googled goose fat. I got Marky's (, which apparently has French duck fat in stock but not goose. They're in Miami, so it might be near you. You can check to see when goose fat is in stock. Phone:1-800-522-8427.

Top Ten Ball Park Food/Snacks

Hal McCoy's (the baseball writer's)- Top three:
ONE National's Park (Washington) Five Guys & Fries
TWO Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles) Dodger Dogs-They're a foot long, they come off the griddle and you can't eat just one.
THREE AT&T Park (San Francisco) garlic fries- The booth is right next to the press box and you spend the entire game sniffing cooking garlic until you can't stand it...
(Hal McCoy has covered the Cincinnati Reds for 45 years, and he knows them all!)

Snapshots from Paris: Lobster Sandwiches and Goose Fat Fries at Spring

Maine lobster rolls are right up there with my most favorite taste sensations. If the French one is better, I'd like to know what you eaten that is higher on your personal "totem pole"!

Limited Edition Strawberried Peanut Butter and Coconut M&Ms

Was playing bridge with friends who put out a little bowl of (I thought) M&Ms. I helped myself to a handful and said to myself, "These are the best M&ms I've ever had!" It turned out they were Reese's Pieces. I haven't bought an M&M since!

Where's Ed?

In Ed's bio he says he dreams about all night diners and their pies. Is he (or any of you) old enough to remember Toddle House Chocolate Ice Box Pie?

A Southern Biscuit and Dinner Roll Taste-Off with Nora Ephron

Mary B's Fresh Baked Biscuits taste (and look) like homemade. I've read they are available at Walmarts. They are well worth looking for!


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