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Authentic Pancit Recipe

My Filipino friend at work gave me this recipe:

Of course it was her grandmother's "way of cooking" I had to actually attach measurements to it.

SE'er Food Blogs

Best recipe for Vietnamese Shaking Beef?

Cook the Book: 'Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating'

I can't make it to the farmer's market but I buy all of the locally produced whole food I can and cook from scratch as often as I can.

Cook the Book: 'Almost Meatless'

I like eggs and breakfast foods when the meat supply is low.

Chocolate Beer

I have used the Young's to make chocolate cake, the flavor of the cake is outstanding, very dark and complex, a very grown-up chocolate cake.

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'American Cheeses'

Drunken Goat!

Cook the Book: 'Baked, New Frontiers in Baking'

Pumpkin pie, and I've only out grown in with regards to now loving all pie-except cherry. I just can't get on board with cherry pie.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

creme brulee

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

Cook the Book: 'Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin'

Nope I suck and only follow recipes, oh well! I want a book!

Weekend Book Giveaway: '101 Wines' by Gary Vaynerchuk

I can't remember the rules
or how to write a haiku
but I love to drink wine.

9 hour oven baked ribs!

That's way too much work! I cook ribs at 300 for three hours then hubs finishes on the grill for about 10 min. Perfect tender, fall off the bone meat with a nice crust. We can even have them on a school night.

Do You Wash Melons Before You Eat Them?

OMG does any one not wash all their fruits and vegetables before eating them?

A Great Family Friendly Restaurant in Hot Springs, Arkansas?

I know this is too late, but we recently travelled through Hot Springs as well. McClard's was certainly the talk of the town but we found it crowded and inconvenient (cash only??). Also we're from texas and the only BBQ choices were beef or pork with no other description, so we passed. However we did find Central Park Fusion Cuisine, which was exciting and delicious and inexpensive. I highly recommend it to any foodie travelling through the area.

White wine or red wine?

My favorite are dry reds. Hubby tends towards sweet whites. So really we drink a lot of both. :)

A Less Inflamatory Question about Cook's Illustrated's PR snafu

Oh and can someone make that a link? It's apparently over my head...

Stuffed Cheeses: Delicious or Disgusting?

I love white stilton with lemon peel. Alone it is an interesting, if slightly weird, combo but paired with an acidic, citrusy sauvignon blanc it is truly wonderful.

How to Be a Wine Snob


OK...Who's Going to WIN NFNS....Adam, Aaron or Lisa?

God they all suck, at least Lisa and Adam aren't boring. Adam can't cook, I guess that leaves Lisa...

Any chance for that edit button anytime soon?

ignore me, I'm trying to post links in my comments

homemade pasta: worth the time, trouble and storage space?

Depends on how fancy you want it. We make homemade pasta all of the time, you just need a bowl, spoon, and counter space to roll the dough out on. Maybe try it a few times without the fancy gadgetry before you decide.

cooking sites

Speaking of recipes being tested....

I have that problem a lot with food network recipes. It seems like every time I try a recipe from their site, even if I just watched the chef prepare it on TV, it never turns out.

Instant Noodles/Ramen

Are there any instant noodles/ramen brands out there that aren't terrible for you? (and still taste good) We like Shin Bowls but the ingredients list is loooong for what amounts to a plastic bowl of dried noodles and spices.

Truffles? Truffle Oil?

I really enjoy truffle oil in restaurant dishes and noticeably miss it when I recreate those dishes at home. I know that "real" truffle oil is difficult to find but I can't seem find anything even truffle flavored (I've heard the synthetic stuff tastes better anyway). I know if I could buy truffles (come in a jar I think?) I could make my own oil but they are just as elusive. Any tips on where to find this stuff? I live in Houston, if it matters.

A Less Inflamatory Question about Cook's Illustrated's PR snafu

What do you all think? Have you ever used a Cook's Illustrated recipe?

I share recipes on my site and my theory is this:

I think most people get really tired, really fast of the "I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you" type cooks. Recipes and food were meant to be shared. They bring happiness and confidence and comfort.

Being stingy with a recipe, or even technique, just shows the world an ugly, greedy person-and suddenly the food just doesn't taste as good as it once did.

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