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Where to Eat Near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

Oh, and we just had Sunrise Deli falafel today -- light, crisp, not greasy, flavorful. Excellent call.

Where to Eat Near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

I live in the far, far Outer Richmond, and your picks are SPOT ON. Forget BBQ this weekend -- I'm going on a Balboa St. run.

Kenji's NYC Bucket List: What I'll Miss Most

Kenji, smart thinking to arrive here mid-to-late August: see this for the reason:

Enjoy your travels, and welcome to SF!

The Ultimate San Francisco Date Night Guide

I like all of your picks, but have two quibbles: 1) Han Il Kwan, no matter what they say, is Central Richmond district, not Outer. Outer starts after 25th (says the woman who's lived on 48th for nearly 20 years…); 2) the footer under Old Mandarin Islamic has an incorrect address (your map at the end has it correct): it's at 3132 Vicente, not on 17th near Mission. Mmm, a Nopa splurge date may have to happen soon…

ChelsEats: Lemon Bar Loving

I made these on Sunday for my eldest son's birthday treat:

I followed the regular, not thinner lemon layer, version and boy, they were the best lemon bars we've ever had! Tart, creamy, and the crust is divine.

No fridge, no freezer: what would you eat?

@Maggie, I'm in SF and am happy to lend you a cooler if need be, and am willing to deliver. But I'd take the advice you've been given: pasta, beans and rice, Happy Hours, and Off the Grid!

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

My daughter's mouth. Before that, the Thanksgiving turkey.

Serious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Spinach, green peppers, red onions, and mushrooms.

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

Turkey, and my niece's mouth -- 2 different thermometers, same time! We battled the flu and Thanksgiving dinner simultaneously. All turned out well, thank goodness!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Basic and delicious -- good pepperoni, bell peppers, red onion,mushrooms.

Snapshots from Istanbul: Turkish Breakfast Is Awesome

Breakfast in Turkey is why I came back 15 lbs heavier after 3 weeks. Well, that and the simit, and the beer, etc. Definitely one of my best eating vacations ever!

Has anyone tried Starbucks' "VIA?"

Like monopod, I take it camping when it's just me needing coffee or for backpacking. It's decent for instant.

What's on your thanksgiving menu?

Roast turkey, brined a lá Alton Brown (using my cooler as an ottoman as I type!)
Brown-sugar glazed ham
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Sage-seasoned dressing
Esquites (from this site's recipe:
Cranberry sauce not from a can
Green bean casserole with Blue Lake beans from my CSA
Mac and cheese (homemade, not Kraft)
Roasted broccoli and cauliflower
Homemade rolls
Pumpkin, bourbon pecan, and lemon meringue pie for dessert!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Ok Let Me Have It!!!

I'm with CJ McD; not an Italian-style spaghetti sauce, but as a yummy sauce to put on pasta? Sounds great!

Please help me fix my cast iron!

As mentioned in CJ's excellent and informative link above, you can throw your cast iron into the oven and run the self-clean cycle on it. I did that yesterday, burning off ~5 yrs' worth of seasoning (bottom was a little bumpy, I'm ready to start again and build up a smoother season).

Be forewarned: open ALL of your windows and run your exhaust fan if you do this! My smoke and CO detectors were shouting, "Fire! Fire!" at me for a brief while, until the smoke dissipated. But you really can't go wrong with the advice at CJ's link.

Mexican Street Corn Salad (Esquites)

Recipe rating:

Made this for a barbecue last night, and we could NOT stop eating it! Par-cooked the corn before taking it off the cob and charring in my cast-iron skillet, and inadvertently doubled the amount of lime juice I used -- it was fantastic! Thanks for this!

What was the first thing you ever baked?

Chocolate cake in the Easy Bake oven, mid 70s when I was 8 or 9. Then on to cookies and brownies in the real oven!

Pumpkin Pancakes....that's all

I made these last Halloween weekend with canned organic pumpkin. My kids were begging for more, they were so good! Moist, flavorful, almost like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast. So I vote for more pancakes! Or pumpkin soup...

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

I'd throw my beef-loving, soon-to-be-14-yr-old son one heck of a birthday barbecue! Probably grill the burgers next to some of the burgers we make from our Morris Grassfed Beef (yum!) to see how they stack up.

Worst thing you ever ate?

A can of beef stew that had a 1/2" piece of vein/artery in it (chewed on that for nearly a minute before figuring it out, and I was only 10 or so); molleja in Uruguay (a gland of some sort, barbecued, that was both frothy and crispy at the same time, after a night of too much Scotch with my father-in-law); fish sausage in a cheese sauce in an otherwise very good small neighborhood restaurant in Paris.

Your next food project

Bread. Homemade bread. And sourdough starter from scratch (I live in San Francisco).

Taste Test: Jarred Pasta Sauces from Celebrity Chefs and Restaurants

I *just* saw Rao's at my Safeway tonight (in SF, CA) and was astounded at the price: $9.99! I may be tempted to try it now that I've read this, but only on a night when I want to treat myself. Then again, the one brand of San Marzano tomatoes they sell are $5.99/28 oz can -- I think I'll just buy those and make a big batch of homemade!

6 Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Milkshakes for Grownups

I just deposited the last of our troop's cookie money yesterday. Who knew that you could sell so many boxes of cookies in such a short amount of time. Now I know what to do with the 5 boxes still in my pantry...