Irish automotive engineer living in the UK, married to a New Yorker. Seen and eaten in a lot of the States, Mexico and a fair bit of continental Europe. Want to go to Asia soon to explore and try new foods.

  • Location: Leamington Spa, UK
  • Favorite foods: Sandwiches, burgers, Mexican, Italian, German.
  • Last bite on earth: Mam's homemade chicken and mushroom crepes with chips and peas.

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The Food Lab: Building a Better Egg McMuffin

Another vote for sausage over bacon. Any chance of a recipe for improved McDonald's sausage for those of us who live in countries where sausage patties pretty much only exist in McDonalds?

Butterflied Roasted Chicken With Quick Jus

First time in a long time I've preferred the breast meat to the thigh, great recipe! Don't have a rack for my roasting tray at the moment, so put the chicken on rough chopped bell peppers, makes for amazing sauce.

Marmalade Chicken From 'Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food'

Nigel Slater's English, so undescribed "marmalade" here generally means an orange marmalade with peel in it. Decent quality one with good fruit content like Bonne Maman is what I'd go for. How common is 'regular' orange marmalade in the States? My usual trips there are to my 1st gen Irish-American in-laws, so not sure how skewed from the norm their pantry is.

For Now, Stick to the Sausage at Gyros on the Spit

"Here in the city that invented and mass produced them" I think there are a couple of countries in east Mediterranean Europe that would disagree with you on that one. We've had "kebabs" (different name, same thing) in Ireland and the UK for as long as i can remember from Turkish and Greek run places.

The Best Lunch Spots in Hell's Kitchen

I was very impressed with Hallo Berlin when I was last in the city. Travel to Germany a lot and it was pretty damn authentic. The fact the sausage combos are named after some relatively obscure European car brands adds to the appeal :)

The Best F&$king Grilled Chicken Sandwich Ever

I really like the look of this, although double mayo-ing seems a bit overkill. Will try make it during the week.

Cook the Book: 'Yucatán' by David Sterling

Mexico, North to South, West to East. Mexican food was unheard of where I grew up, not many of my friends could tell the difference between a taco and a burrito these days still. Went for a week with work and I've been dying to go back since.

Leeks With Mustard-Bacon Vinaigrette From 'My Paris Kitchen'

I tend to slice them down the middle and wash from the denser area down. I know the recipe calls for whole leeks, but we had this for dinner with halved and I think you'd be very hard pushed to tell the difference.

What I will say on this is that is is delicious. I've never steamed leeks before but frankly this will be my defacto method from here on; buttery, tasty goodness with salty bacon and some rich egg on top. Lovely. Will make again.

Brunch at Estela is Delicious But Pricey

A $14 breakfast sandwich seems a bit much too!

Honey Corn Muffins

@adgxv2000 Born and raised in Ireland, the concept of unsalted butter is a mystery to me :D

Honey Corn Muffins

Surely the honey butter would be better with salted butter?

Either way, looks nice, may try it this weekend.

Open Thread: White Chocolate, Yay or Nay?

Yay! Love white chocolate. Nom nom nom etc

New $12 Burger Lands at McDonald's in Switzerland...or Does It?

Going through Zurich Airport for work once I had a look at the bar menu; a club sandwich was 28CHF. Ended up getting a Whopper meal at BK; 16.50CHF ($18.60)

Everything's more expensive here in Europe though. I laugh at the 'when would you pay over $10 for a burger?' style threads, as £6 is McDonalds kinda money here. Going out with friends tonight, had a look at the menu and the burger's £12.50 (UK) - $21.

Poll: Pineapple on Burgers: Way or No Way?

Pineapple, beetroot, fried egg Aussie style, lovely on a nice thick burger.

And now I'm hungry...

Boiling Bacon With Parsley Sauce From 'My Irish Table'

@AndroidUser, you could boil the cabbage in the same water, and it tastes great :)

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

Goodfella's Stonebaked Extra Thin, particularly the chicken one (I know, chicken pizza is wrong, but so is frozen pizza, so it balances...)

Shepherd's Pie From 'My Irish Table'

Unusual looking recipe; I've never seen it with diced meat before, always ground.

BTW, his name is pronounced with a silent t, and broad 'a's, nearest I can spell it is 'Caw-holl', with Caw as in Cawl, and holl a in holly.

It also happens to be my first name, a bugger to communicate to people unfamiliar with the language.

Open Thread: Which Burgers Are On Your Bucket List?

For me there are none. I love a good burger, but I'll take em as they come in life.

Fantastic Irish Brown Bread at Matt Murphy's Pub in Brookline, MA

That looks like perfect brown bread; it's difficult to find something that good in the UK, and we're only 40 mins from Ireland!

Your NYC St. Patrick's Day Irish Food Itinerary

Right, time to put my 'born and raised in Ireland' hat on :D

Fish and chips and bangers and mash - both common in Ireland, but both so very English.

The full Irish is pretty accurate here; the potato bread is an Ulster fry kind of thing, the main differenciator with the full English is the white pudding (which is in a full Scottish... it's all a bit vague and all very similar)

Chicken pot pie - something I'd never heard of til I met my American wife.

Thanks for acknowledging that corned beef and cabbage and carroway seeds in soda bread are American ideas. We'd tend to do bacon and cabbage, where, confusingly for Americans, the bacon is usually a cured pork shoulder. Which you call a butt. It's all very confusing.

Boxty is awesome. My favourite old school Irish dish is coddle - layer potatoes, onions, "back" bacon bits and sausage with a little stock in a big pot and bung it in the over for a while. Sausage far renders down, it all becomes a big meaty stodgy bowl of awesome.

Finally, kudos on the shout out to the sausage roll, they are the best hangover food.

Poll: Do You Send Your Burger Back if It's Not Cooked to Your Requested Doneness?

Living in the UK there aren't many places that'll cook to a requested temperature.
One of my local places will, they grind the locally sourced beef in house, I trust them and I order medium rare. It sometimes comes out that way, sometimes doesn't; cooking burgers anything but well is so unusual over here. I don't send it back, tends to be good, juicy beef.

Recently very disappointed with a couple of chain "gourmet" burger places that claim to cook everything medium and they've come out dry and overcooked.

Still didn't send them back; stiff upper lip and all that.

Staff Picks: Our Go-To Drinks

Jameson 12 year, drop of water.

Or a nice malty dark beer.

A Sandwich a Day: Welsh Rarebit Sandwich at Rubi's in Great Barrington, MA

A lot of cafés in the UK use parchment paper on their panini presses, not only does it protect the sandwich, it also makes it easier to clean.

Rarebit is good, usually see it open face over here.

15 Slow Cooker Recipes

Oh, sorry for the double post; the Dr Pepper pulled pork is now my go-to recipe for when I know I'll have a crowd over. A friend's new girlfriend (whom I'd briefly me once) was even asking me about it last week as he'd been going on about it.