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Lobster Rolls with Trepidation.

They can steam it in the store? Wow. I'll check!

Kitchenaid Repairs. Oy.

So. I did some more research over the weekend (I googled things.) When I look at images of other 600's online they don't have the chrome ring. I am thinking that might not be the answer. The Kitchenaid Authorized repair center is an hour away by train, so I won't be able to get a repair estimate until Saturday, because that's when I'm free. Any thoughts anyone?

Kitchenaid Repairs. Oy.

So after reading the tutorial Adam linked to, it seems I am missing the ring thing that holds the planetary gear in place. Dangit. This is going to be a fun trial and error with ordering the part online.
And yes! Fix the mixer! use the ice cream attachment! That's first on my list of toys I need as soon as i get a new job/raise.

Kitchenaid Repairs. Oy.

That is super-useful, and now I know what the mystery piece is actually called. Thank you!

Kitchenaid Attachment Sizes.

Aw dangit. I am le poor and won't be able to use my new toy for another few weeks I guess.

36 Hours in New York for a Delicious Birthday-Please Help!

It's 12 w. 32nd street. There's also a Hanh A Reum across the street, or if you are really in to Asian food, go whole hog and spend an afternoon eating your way from one end of Flushing to the other.

36 Hours in New York for a Delicious Birthday-Please Help!

Woorijip is my favorite restaurant ever actually. Good call! It's cheap and it's exactly like the Korean food your mom would make, if mom was Korean!

Kitchenaid Attachment Sizes.

So just to clarify, @shecooks, the 5 quart attachments will be OK until I can afford the 6 quart ones?

Kitchenaid Attachment Sizes.

Oh man, I have not thought about what I am making first. I used my Artisan primarily to make butter. More butter is always a good thing! I really want to invest in the meat grinder/sausage making attachment and start doing my own nitrate-free chorizo.

36 Hours in New York for a Delicious Birthday-Please Help!

Eataly is kind of a tourist trap, but hey, you guys are visiting from out of town, and it's definitely fun. Are you planning on hitting any brunch spots? Brooklyn brunches are especially good. Vinegar Hill House and Buttermilk Channel being my notables.

What will you eat to end Passover?

Interestingly, I discovered a few years ago that Quinoa is OK to eat during passover. Just don't eat too much of it.

Getting my hard-anodized Calphalon *really* clean.

I called Calphalon, and the rep said I could Softscrub the heck out of it.
(maybe this is a topic for another thread) but roommates that cook poorly/abuse your cooking stuff. I don't want to be a kitchen nazi, but, boiled chicken, over rice, with mustard. I had to intervene last week because he was frying everything in a few inches of oil, in a nonstick pan. I asked why, he said 'I read online that you put oil in a pan, and it helps the meat to not stick.'
Dude, you only need a tablespoon or so of oil.

Better than being roommates with a fellow foodie, we'd have to fight for stove space.

What will you eat to end Passover?

I try to avoid Kitniyot, but I am mostly/lapsed vegetarian, and if I can't have a little rice and beans, then all I have to eat for a week is eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

What will you eat to end Passover?

Things that cannot be consumed during passover, which ends tonight/tomorrow(?)

Chametz (5 grains):

(during Passover, we do not eat any of these 5 grains that come into contact with water for more than 18 minutes)






Kitniyot (legumes):



soybean (yep--there go the soy lattes!)

string beans





sesame seeds

poppy seeds

Some people use kitniyot based oils on Passovers, while others are more strict and only use olive or walnut oil.

Sephardi do eat kitniyot on Passover, while Ashkenazi do not.

Also, no juiced clarified in grain, beer, liquor, etc.

I am ending my Passover with a nice single malt and a grilled cheese.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Eggs Abound

*Chess pie had about 4 eggs in it. My heart hurts.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Eggs Abound

On Friday my SO and I roasted a whole pork shoulder, rubbed in brown sugar and smoked paprika. The paprika was so red, it made the raw pork look like a candy-apple, an hour in to roasting, our whole kitchen smelled like fragant bacon - lovely. We had it with arepas and refried beans. Sunday night we ground up the leftover pork shoulder and used it with tomatoes as pupusa filling, and a home made Chess/Crack Pie.

Getting my hard-anodized Calphalon *really* clean.

Cool, calling Calphalon for help right now.
I am fairly certain he didn't use an aerosol oil spray on it, we don't have any in the house. Argh. For reference, this is the pan:

so it would appear that I do indeed have the 'commercial' version of it.

Getting my hard-anodized Calphalon *really* clean.

I had a chat with him last night, he is 'pretty sure' he washed it, but obviously not well enough. I supply all the pots and pans for the apartment, and he only uses two of them, of course, my nicest pieces.

Getting my hard-anodized Calphalon *really* clean.

Right now it's simmering with a mixture of white vinegar, and soapy water. It so happens that my sig other works at the Trader Joes, so I will have them look for the scrubby thing.
Who boils chicken anyway? Of course I tease him relentlessly about it. I do skillet chicken (in my cast iron) all the time and enough fat renders off that I don't have to grease the pan ever. He insists that boiling the chicken makes it 'juicier'. It's not juicy, it's waterlogged. But I digress.

Getting my hard-anodized Calphalon *really* clean.

I don't know if I should steel-wool it, or use baking soda etc on it. The pamphlet that came with it said I should definitely not use abrasives on it.