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The Serious Eats Book: On Sale NOW!

I love my copy! It's easy to pick up and put down (that's a good thing). I bought 3 for my friends and relatives as gifts.

Would love be nifty to get my copy signed... :)

Use Popeye's Chicken Nuggets to Make Awesome Homemade Chinese-American Food

Love that chicken! Great idea - we'll have to check their nuggets out!

When I was a kid, we loved having Popeye's chicken leftovers so I fried it in yakisoba, cooked in chicken long rice, or as a topping in ramen since they were the only way to get spicy fried chicken.

My mother and I would spend 30-45 min shredding the chicken at the dinner table after dinner, wrap them in 1/2 c servings -- a very substantial serving size -- and freeze them.

Popeye's didn't have nuggets back then. Hell, McDonald's didn't even have McNuggets back then either. If they existed, I think we would have bought them just to have leftovers. :P

Are you guilty of patronize chain restaurants?

@Kerosena I would definitely count 5 Guys, as well as California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Morton's Steakhouse, Ruth's Chris, ...

The Serious Eats Book: On Sale November 1!

Seeing "burnt ends" made me chuckle, since I'm still reading through Trillin's Tummy Trilogy. :)

Quinoa with Corn, Tomatoes, Avocado, and Lime

@Mad Cow -- This may sound mean, but find a friend with a Costco membership. You can get 4 lb for $8. It has never been bitter and I've never had to rinse it before cooking.

Say Goodbye to Burger King's King

Creepy, yes. A good campaign is one that is memorable. I think they achieved that!

Any Fancy Purple Potato Recipe Ideas?

It's not fancy, but I grew up with my mother making tempura with Okinawan sweet potatoes, aside from just eating them as is (no butter or salt). I've also had them as filling in pies, pastries, confection, and mochi. It's been a while though. :\

Lunch in Cleveland

@KB in Toledo I've never been there before -- guess I won't be from what you've said. My favorite Lakewood exclusive was Niko's on Detroit...the best Greek food, but they closed as well. I've heard a lot of great things about 3 Birds.

I've been meaning to try the Parma (pierogi) melt but have yet to get around to it. Always want to try their monthly or movie theme specials. I went to see Aliens at the Capitol and didn't find out about their Aliens themed sandwich using until too late -- battered then deep fried calamari, roasted poblano jam, lemon garlic mayo, and garlic herb cream cheese sounds awesome to me...

For someone spending the weekend Downtown, I'd recommend Lola, Greenhouse Tavern (*big nod @KB in Toledo*), Crop, Chinato, ...I'm missing some places. It's a mess to drive there even if you are from Cleveland, let alone drive in for the first time. The Avengers has been filming there all month. As a result, several major roads are closed to traffic, and I don't know when they will wrap up shooting.

This weekend, I plan on checking out Noodlecat near Public Square, now that they are open on weekends (Saturday).

My favorite Turkish restaurant is in Tremont (Istanbul Grill). I love Parallax as well.

L'Albatros may be interesting...

My trips to Hot Sauce Williams weren't that great. It's fine if you don't mind waiting in line for 45 minutes for 3-4 people and poor service. Fried chicken - great, when the pieces are available. Ribs - dry and they charge for sauce (I'm not talking about extra sauce).

What to eat when visiting Hawaii

Try to check out a few grocery stores too.

This will sound weird, but I love the cookies I've had visiting Kauai. I used to make a trip to Tip Top Motel and pick up buckets of cookies when I traveled there as a kid. :P Guava cookies, Mmmmm. Kauai sells decent coffee too. I guess this is more along the lines of gifts or stuff to take home.

There are a million little places to go to!

For Hawaiian food, try Ono Hawaiian Food in Kapahulu -- pork laulau (not a big fan of pork, but it is the best), pipikaula, haupia, etc. I love kulolo (sweet taro) but it may be difficult to get even at a grocery store. Of course, everyone has their idea of great Hawaiian food, so you'll probably hear about more Hawaiian restaurants.

If you want to try something unusual, check out Sunrise restaurant in Kaimuki. It's a dive but it's one of the few places I enjoy eating Okinawan food. If there are a lot of Okinawan restaurants where you are, don't worry about this -- while it is good, you only have a few meals to eat. :)

Ala Moana Shopping Center is a fun place to wander around. There are a lot of shops and several places to eat.

Shrimp trucks on the North Shore for sure.

Big Island
It's been years since I went. We were too busy hiking in Volcanoes National Park that we probably sat down and ate 1 meal a day (bed and breakfast in the national park) and packed our food the week we stayed there. :P

Lunch in Cleveland

I don't recall when the Avengers will complete filming in Downtown Cleveland, so I would avoid any cool restaurants (there are many, which is a shame) there to avoid the confusion on top of downtown traffic and parking.

B Spot restaurants are nice and fairly near highways (5 to less than 10 min away). They aren't expensive, plus they are located in outdoor malls so you can pick up provisions at nearby markets. The one in Strongsville is near Costco, if you have membership to get cheaper gas, and a large mall. The one in Woodmere is in a nice mall with Anthropolgie, Sur la Table, Trader Joe, etc. They serve brats as well and a tasty vanilla bacon apple pie shake.

Melt is, to me, the best one to experience as far as popular Cleveland gimicky, OMG What? factor type of food that is solid and inexpensive. They *may* have 3 locations by the time you come through, but go in as soon as they open 11 or 11:30, or they are packed. The two existing stores aren't near the highway so you'll end up navigating at least 20-30 min each way.

Lakewood, where the original is located, is a fun neighborhood though, and if you're tired of the tunes, there's a CD store nearby to buy new/used CDs. (I live nearby and I haven't found the time to get their special sandwich of the month that has falafel in it, and I missed their Goonies themed one (Goonies was playing for the weekend at the nearby theater) that is what you'd imagine -- chocolate, peanuts, caramel, etc.

I agree with Healthytouch101, West Side Market is a good place to go. I love taking people there. Despite living nearby, I never go there to shop for produce because since I hate being wedged in with a lot of inconsiderate people. It makes me want to punch people.

Some popular places nearby are Bier Markt and Great Lakes Brewery. I am sure you can find similar in any major city. Nate's has great Lebanese and standard deli food (cash only). Phnom Penh is good and cheap Cambodian and Northern Vietnamese food (cash only). I love Flying Fig, but they may not be your thing.

OH, West Side Market is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, closed on holidays. The surrounding area is open Monday - Saturday, some stores are open on Sunday.

Hot Dogs.....Skin or Skinless?

Love, love skin.

I am not a dog connoisseur but my favorite is Schmidt's (Columbus, OH) spicy Bahama Mamas. We make the 3 hour trip each way every few months for the snappy sausage (snausage?) love.

How do you prefer your burger?

I prefer it served open-faced, so I can easily pick out the stuff that I asked not to be added. The other reason why I prefer it served open-faced is so the hot stuff isn't mixed with the cold stuff before it arrives at the table.

Prefer the burger cooked medium, with lettuce, tomato, and dill pickles. If avocados and mushrooms are available, awesome.

If I can control the condiments, I prefer to have mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard in descending order.

blog name ideas?

What about Mishaps in the Kitchen?

Cocoron Shows Us What Soba Should Taste Like

This looks awesome! So envious of people living in NYC!

I really, really miss eating okara, something can't be found anywhere between the East and West Coasts. I wouldn't be able to decide between the gobo and tororo dips! I'd love to hear how those two are...

@square_pie To make it more confusing, when you go to Okinawa, you have to throw away everything you learned about soba. In Okinawa, soba is thick, yellowish wheat noodles often served in pork broth. Souki soba ranks right behind pho as my favorite noodle dish.

Cook the Book: 'Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume'

I love, love, love chicken adana with pilaf or sauteed bulghur w/ lentils and burnt onion strings. Dolma and a light salad with some sumac. I love the salty dryness of ayran. Of course, kazandibi to finish. :)

Of course, kibbeh and falafel wouldn't hurt! ;)

Dulces: Flan de Caramelo (Caramel Flan)

I didn't know there was such a thing as bad flan. I am such a flan whore, I welcome any and all flan in my belly. It's quite scary, actually.

Thanks for the cute story and recipe! :)

Hot Dog of the Week: Hot-Chee Dog from Hamilton Restaurant in Carlisle, PA

I had a sinking feeling in my belly that I missed this when I lived in PA, but it would have probably taken me several hours to get there as I lived west and just N of 80.

I've always loved chili dogs, even though they always came with 1-2 scoops rice and a scoop of macaroni potato salad. :)

Seriously Asian: Cold Somen Noodles

Eating somen with my parents, some of the best summertime memories as a child...especially since I have always, always disliked summer.

The only good memories of summer were either flying to places to get away from the heat or eating cold things like somen, mitsumame, shave ice, etc. with my family.

Photo of the Day: Cute Japanese Cat Doughnuts

@scalfin Hah! Awesome -- ferrets! :)

They are so cute, I would just stare at them and not eat them. Of course, I say this because I can't smell them.

Chocolate 'Crack'

To those who have made this, in your opinion, which dark chocolate brands and concentrations have worked the best for you?

Poll: What's Your Choice of the Chains?

As far as national chains, I prefer Donato's and California Pizza Kitchen because of their consistency and, in particular with CPK, when I'm in the mood for a different type of pizza that isn't margherita or pepperoni.

Unfortunately, Cleveland has 6576546465 family pizza joints, and a number of those that we have gone to are lackluster, even the ones that are lauded. I realize one person's nirvana may be another person's hell. Maybe we just have bad luck.

Yaki Onigiri

Despite my love for charred food, I did not like crusty rice until I had gop dol bibimbap several years ago at a Korean restaurant. Unfortunately, I don't eat rice *at home* anymore, but the next time we steam rice, I will set some aside to grill. Every since I can remember, shiso, nametake, salted salmon, and unagi kabayaki (not together!) have been my favorite musubi filling/mix-ins. This will be fun. Thanks for the idea!

Chain Reaction: Champps Americana

I have passed Champps by for the past 10, maybe 15, years. I thought it was a local chain, not as national as it is. It looked like a sports bar, so I wrote it off immediately.

We'll have to stop by for a burger some time along our usual burger circuit of 5 Guys, Brown Bag Burger, Morton's, Hardee's, and B it may be a year from now.

Scooped: Basil Sweet Corn Ice Cream

This sounds great! While I was in Columbus, I was able to try Jeni's sweet corn ice cream, with, IIRC, black or blueberries. It was fantastic!

I have had basil in dessert applications, but never together with corn. This sounds like a nifty match. Thanks!