I make East Coast meets West, old world inspired, neo-Neapolitan pies on a jury rigged Weber that hits 850 on the brick, all on the streets of SF for now.

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First Look: The Pizza Luca Pizza Truck, Hudson Valley, New York

sweet ride! great looking pies. keeping it simple and real.

First Look: Casey's Pizza Truck in San Francisco

Hey it's Casey. We stopped selling slices from the truck, unless it's slow of course. They totally slowed down our output. We now have $15 whole pies and $8 half pies. Pies are 12-14" depending on the dough. Considering were slinging pies next to high end burrito and burger trucks who charge $8-$10 a meal, were in the ball park I feel. A half pie is is a great single serving lunch. These prices include local SF sales tax of 8.5%. Sure, were not slinging $2.50 NY slices like you would expect from a NY pizza truck, but we are producing a product that's almost entirely organic, locally sourced, and drawn from the best producers we can find. Just b/c it's from a truck doesn't mean it should be cheaper either. Like Pizzeria Delfina, which has almost identical prices, were trying to produce a craft pie that stands the test of time and is ranked among the cities best. Running a food truck is not cheap either, kitchen rental, commissary, truck storage, overnight electricity, fuel, propane, inventory, labor, insurance, etc. It's basically a tiny restaurant and with costs relative to a brick and mortar. The great thing about it is that we don't have to kick you out to close up.

My Pie Monday: Wood Fired Pizza, Broiler Pizza, Baby Pizza!

these pies are all looking superb. looks like everyone is going with cold ferment process too, nice. question..if i want to double my proof time, go from an 18 hour to a 36 hour cold ferment, should i cut my active dry yeast in half?

Pizza Truck Downtown

a pizza truck in SF....hmmm....maybe that's the ticket.

A List of Street Food Vendors Using Twitter

and let's not forget Casey's Pizza. hand crafted, high heat, artisan street pies.

How to Make Homemade Mozzarella

i think you may get better and easier results if you start with mozzarella curd.

San Francisco: Giovanni's Pizza at Club Deluxe

I still have to try Giovanni's pies.

But if you're all curious about another SF pizzeria pop-up you should look into Casey's Pizza. Every Wednesday we operate out of Vinyl wine bar in Nopa (Divis and Oak). My pies attempt to channel the old NY greats like Lombardi's and Difara but with a West Coast earthiness thrown in.

We're actually operating tonight outside Bloodhound bar in SOMA at 7. Also a weekly gig. Hope to see some SF Slicers! I'll throw down a discount for you all.

Elmwood Park, New Jersey: Pizza-Town USA, 'America's Favorite Town'

the old school americana signage at this place is amazing. great coverage, Adam.

Pizza Oven Types

And of course in the category of homebrew ovens don't forget the infamous Little Black Egg. This baby gives Pizzahacker's "FrankenWeber" a serious run for it's money. It's my workhorse on the streets.

My Pie Monday: Clams Casino, Flatbread Pizza, Homemade Deep Dish and More!

how come so many peeps are now using 5 day cold fermented dough? you must be using next to no yeast. If you're using IDY the dough typically blows out and goes "dead" in my book in 2, maybe 3 days. @adam i think the reason your pie is so pale is that all the sugars meant for carmelizing have been gobbled up by the yeast. just a thought.

My Pie Monday: Clams Casino, Flatbread Pizza, Homemade Deep Dish and More!

@mike nice burnish and leopardish spotting. the cornicione looks like it came from my little black egg!

Pulino's: Nate Appleman Out; Pizza Different But Still Good

Unfortunately, from what I am told by my SF sources, Nate Appleman never really made great pizza before or pizza at all. He never touched the A16 pies in SF except for photo shoots and interview. He was trained by UPN standards, but that doesn't really make you a pizzaiolo, especially in NY. Sad, how Keith McNally and the foodie blogs got duped. But I am glad this place corrected itself and is just trying to put out great pizza and not reinvent the genre with pretentious guise and celebrity chef airs. Less is more, yo!

Pizza Obsessives: Maggie Hoffman

I love Stromboli in the East Village. They have the best pizza window counter in the city. Order from it!

Casey's Pizza Gets Shout Out on 'SFoodie'

The Little Black Egg has a vent in the front but it's not for loading pies. You do need to lift the kettle lid off, but the gas offers a quick recovery time. The front vent is to create a vacuum/convection suck effect whereby the heat comes up over the back of the fire brick deck and over the pie and out through the front vent.

If I have someone working the oven I can do about 10 pies an hour max. If I had someone else helping stretch dough I could prob. double that. Propane seems to last for at least two street sessions, maybe 3. 60+ pies. I only crank it when loading a pie, then pull it back to a very low flame until next pie is loaded. The LBE is a community built oven project. All you need to know about building one can be found here:

Thanks for the props.

Snapshots from Sunday's Slice Meet-Up

I think the inspiration for the pizza chef illustration on the pizza box can be found at the beginning of this video...

Snapshots from Sunday's Slice Meet-Up

That Luzzo's pie looks killer! Nice kicks Scott. And that Canadian pizza mag , WTF?

Poll: Are You a Pizza Purist?

please put down the figs and stay away from my pie!

Watch the Di Fara Documentary 'The Best Thing I Ever Done'

such a great documentary, very well crafted and produced. props to the New School program that supported this. Dom's charm really comes through on this. 7 kids?? wow.

My Pizza Oven: Dave Konstantin

very nice oven, love the brick housing and peaked roof. pies look good too.

My Pie Monday: Potato Pizza, Comte Cheese, Rosemary-Dusted Pies, and More!

i do a "Potato head" pie as well, very similar, but with thinly sliced yukon gold potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, rosemary, and parm reggiano. i always pre-sautee my potatoes before topping on a pie. gives them a crisp edge and tenderness.

Roberta's Pizza Cart, Worthwhile Pizza Near Madison Square Park

mobile pizza stands are the shiz-nite. Roberta's - great work getting your pies to Manhattan, yo!

This Week in Pizza

thanks for the photo add, slice. it was a great day in the park. @pizzaboxes from nyc even swung by. she said she'd never seen the box i was using - "enjoy your delicious moments". pies were coming out nice with a coal fired vibe. old new york style is where it's at.

'Butchery of Neapolitan Pizza'

this cross section would not apply to a Anthony Mangieri slice right? he don't use no yeast, or packaged yeast that is. wait, he'd never even cut you a slice anyway!

forget it.

Una Pizza Napoletana SF to Open Tomorrow (Sept. 15)

I just saw that fifth pizza, an arugula version of the bianca. This menu looks legit. See ya all there tonight!