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Served: On (Not) Knowing What We Want

@Jim - But why should a person be judged for not trying something when they have had experiences in the past and decided they didn't enjoy a particular food? I detest green olives...I'm never going to order a dish that has green olives in it on the off chance I might mysteriously develop a love for them.

Served: On (Not) Knowing What We Want

I actually had something like this happen to me while celebrating my Bday at a very nice local steakhouse. After being served a martini that tasted entirely of tinny pineapple juice, I was not happy to banter back and forth with the waiter to take it away b/c it was their "best seller" and I just didn't realize how good it was! Jeesh, get over yourself!

Arepa Question

Thanks for the heads up!

what are some of your favorite go to sites? if you want healthy recipes taste really good! There is also a ton of other information ranging from ingredient nutrition to kitchen design to new exercise routines.

when a snack becomes a meal...

To me a snack is one flavor that only takes a few bites to eat. Something like fruit, slices of cheese, crackers, or a hard boiled egg.

Emeril Mixes it Up, Goes Green

Is this an old picture or a recent one? He looks great compared to the last time I stumbled on an Emeril Live epidsode!

Starbucks: From 'Destination Stop' to 'Default Option'

Starbucks has become a caricature of itself, or worse, a slicker looking version of McDonalds.

Mixed Review: Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Pancake and Waffle Mix

This is why I hardly ever give mixes a try in my kitchen, you never know what you're going to get, even if it comes in a pretty package.

Who has the BEST cooking show on TV and why?

I love Rick Bayless too, but I haven't seen his show on PBS for awhile. Is his show still on?

11 Foods Serious Eaters Should Be Eating

I find that whenever I use turmeric in a dish the end result is slightly bitter. Is this because I need to buy new, fresh turmeric or is it just the nature of the spice?

Who has the BEST cooking show on TV and why?

I enjoy watching Ina Garten, Jamie Oliver, America's Test Kitchen, Everyday Food, and Everyday Baking.

This doesn't mean I actually use their recipes, rarely in fact, but I love watching them on the weekends.

Rachael Ray's Memoir, Coming Soon

I'm thinking her book will be keeping Oprah's book club books company in the 2 for $1 bin.

Introducing Photograzing: Share Your Favorite Food Photos Here

@Jim Glover - For myself, I want to see a beautiful picture of something so that it inspires me to make it at home.

Serious Eats - Thanks for a new addicting past time!

Meet & Eat: Eric Ripert

Do a follow up interview to get his at-home burger recipe!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 23: The Peanut Butter Conundrum

How does a person eat a whole jar of PB in two days? I adore the stuff, but that sounds disgusting! Hopefully it is just an exaggeration...

Sourdough Doesn't Always Mean 'Good'

This person is crazy! Sourdough is perfect for breakfast and can't be substituted in a BLT.

The argument should have been that most "sourdough" in restaurants is just white bread with a fancy name. There is no mistaking a piece of real sourdough bread, and it is sublime.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 23: The Peanut Butter Conundrum

Ed - You would be suprised by how much you can cut back on that PB per sandwich without noticing any difference. My regular lunch is a PB and sugar free jelly sandwich on double fiber bread. For a long time I put on the standard 2 tbps and then I thought I would just try it at a little over 1 tbsp, turns out I didn't even notice that the extra PB was missing.

Here is the PB is use - Naturally More, it is loaded with flax seeds and honey so it has a slightly different flavor than standard PB. But I love the stuff, can't go more than a couple days without having a sandwich!

Because I use Orowheat double fiber bread (160 cal), sugar free strawberry jelly (20 cal), and Naturally More (120 cal) my lunch only runs about 300 calories and it fills me up for the rest of the day.

Anne Burrell's new show, will you watch it?

I'll DVR it for sure. Did anyone else notice that in the promo they kept showing her making the weirdest faces and movements, kind of turned me off from watching, but I'm sure that isn't the whole show.

Need a Curry Chicken Recipe

@Gourmet Guy & Lattelatte - Thanks for the recipes, they both look really good. I think I'll try Gourmet Guy's b/c I used all my yogurt last night making my first attempt at curry.

Need a Curry Chicken Recipe

I don't have a specific curry chicken in mind - just one that is creamy with a substantial sauce.

I tried a recipe last night that called for making your own spice mixture and used yogurt instead of coconut milk or milk. I couldn't stand the amount of turmeric, it was so bitter that I couldn't eat any of what I made!

I'm going to try again tonight, but I'll use my bottled hot madras curry powder.

The Next Food Network Star, Episode 4 Recap: Share Your Feelings

Who else was shocked when Kelsey had first pick and went for the tilapia, aka "Poop Eater" at your local waste water plant!?

I screamed at the TV when they panned to the other fish on the table - rainbow trout, sole, salmon, and halibut.

Comfort foods: men vs. women?

I'm female and would much rather eat bbq'd ribs than nibble on a bag of M&Ms.

feeling cheated by a food retailer

Is the tote really good quality? I'm betting that is where the extra money is coming from. Why don't you call their customer service and ask, they would have to give you some sort of answer.


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