Caroline Ford

Caroline Ford is a food stylist, writer & recipe developer in Portland, OR. More of her writing can be found on her blog: Food. Write. Style.

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  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Favorite foods: Pie with perfect crust, frozen custard, gnocchi, peanut butter, figs and berries, tamales, gooey cheese, crispy roasted vegetables with burnt edges, warm croissants right out of the oven, blue cornmeal pancakes...can I go on?

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Guinness Week: Beeramisu

You're right! There are lots of fabulous stouts out there... I personally love a few from right here in Portland. Suggesting Guinness was just an editorial choice in consideration of cooks with less access to unusual or locally brewed stouts. Substitute as you please. The Beeramisu would be awesome with Rogue's chocolate stout- good suggestion!