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NYC Restaurant Week

This is an older thread but since it'll be back this summer I agree with Greggs comment you need to be careful to not have a seriously pared down menu. I've found the restaurant week at Ai Fiori, The Dutch, Mr Chow and The View to all be pretty strong.

Best Ways to Save At High Quality Restaurants

Sorry copy and pasted with https use: This Link

Best Ways to Save At High Quality Restaurants

I used to be a big Savored user but the past year or so I've found that its become very difficult to use and the quality of restaurants has gone down.

I came across a new program roughly 8 months ago called SELECT that has been my new go to. You can save at all the restaurants participating anytime and as much you want.

Thus far they've all been high quality and I think I've saved around $500-600.

Anything else people recommend?

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