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What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?

I second the sweet potatoes, and I second the marshmallows broiled on top. Really, when else can you call marshmallows part of dinner?

Your Worst Meal Ever

I was an impressionable three years old when my mother, generally an excellent cook, decided to try her hand at Coquille St Jacques, a scallop dish with cream and butter served in a scallop shell. It was a disaster. The cream sauce was lumpy and charred around the edges of the shell, the scallops were long past rubbery, and the smell was nauseating. Not even the novelty of eating from a shell could console my brother and I, who refused to eat it. We eventually arrived at a compromise: if we ate four scallops, we could have dessert. I clearly remember walking over to the sink, washing the rancid sauce off the scallops and swallowing them whole.

Three years old, and this memory is burned into my mind. To this day when my mother cooks scallops we give her a hard time, though there has never since been a disaster on quite that scale...

Finally, a Turkey Club Worth Eating

And if you want your club without the attitude (sorry, Kenny) try the roasted turkey sandwich at 'wichcraft. A little dressier, with avocado, bacon, a herb aioli and an excellent onion relish on country bread. Tastes good in the park.

"Do rich people eat tacos?"

As to whether rich people eat tacos:

The Taqueria La Bamba is an amazing little hole in the wall in the heart (or, some would argue, armpit) of Silicon Valley. I worked at a charter school in the area last year and went there for lunch almost every day. Between noon and two there are lines out the door: half suited-and-tied businessmen, half local Latinos. The technology moguls apparently love their tacos, and the Mercedes and BMWs crowding into the parking lot say something about the wealth of a good segment of the clientele. This is no dressed-up taqueria, though; there's no seating, no decor, no frills of any kind-- just $1.82 tacos and enormous $3.65 burritos. The carnitas are the best I've ever had, and it's worth a trip just to see the speed with which the staff throws a burrito together: start-to-wrapped in about fifteen seconds.

So maybe the patrons of Taqueria La Bamba are among the spiritually enriched and materially wealthy. I would say it's hard to live in California and ignore the siren song of authentic Mexican food no matter what your income. If you're looking for the high-end taco specimen, I know that Pampano's in the city has a filet mignon soft taco appetizer that goes for about eighteen dollars. I'd rather pay the buck-eighty-two for the real thing, myself...

Everything in Moderation Does Work (Even Ice Cream)

Even smaller but potentially much more dangerous:

My favorite frozen creation would be Dibs, bite-sized bits of chocolate-covered creamy goodness. Each thin milk chocolate shell encases a little taste of Edy's ice cream, and they come in flavors from Crunch Bar to mint chocolate. Absolutely delicious, and much easier than scooping ice cream.

For the diet-conscious, one small Dib has only about 15 calories. That said, they're about the most poppable, addictive food I know, so those without portion discipline, beware...


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