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Join us: Ditmas Park Brooklyn Grandma/Square Pizza Crawl 2/18, Midday

Isn't San Remo a chain? It's really not that good. Maybe throw Xpress Pizza in the loop? Xpress is better even though its in the Kensington/PPS area.

Travelers: What's Your Favorite Airport Food?

I live on water almonds, and banana chips with the occasional granola bar thrown in. I guess I never consider eating in an airport.

Tasting the Range: Bushmills Irish Whiskey

I like Bushmills, their annoying "Since Way Back" campaign turns me off.


A pinch of cayenne, that's the only extra thing i would add. This is a really good recipe.

Sweet Technique: How To Make Pumpkin Puree

I enjoy the time and process of preparing my own ingredients, and I've made fresh pumpkin about 5 times with several varieties of pumpkin.

I find that once the homemade pumpkin puree is cooked/baked in a pie/bread/soup doesn't taste much different from store bought. Don't let this stop you from trying yourself. I do suggest using a butternut squash in place of a pumpkin. It tastes better and has less fluid to drain.

You may wish to add an extra straining step. I usually put the scooped out roasted pumpkin in a colander over a layer of cheese cloth. After a few hours and some pushing you'll significantly improve the pumpkin puree.

Going to Germany! What to eat there and to bring back?

Go to a beer hall, eat a pretzel. Eat all the flake pastry stuff you see, and as much pork as you can stomach. I've seen die hard vegans break and eat bacon in Germany.

your priciest meal?

Sushi at Jewel Bako or steaks, shrimp, and creamed spinach at Peter Lugers. Both are worth while.

Most Beautiful Thing In Your Kitchen

Most Beautiful Thing In Your Kitchen

26 foods illustrated with embroidery representing all letters of the alphabet, made by my mother in 1978.

What makes a food blog successful?

Nice photos are necessary.

I prefer when the blog not be filled with cupcake, macaron, whoopie pie and cakecrap on a stick recipes. I also prefer when the blog isn't decorated with pastels, or covered in polka dots, lace, stripes teakettles, or above sweets.

When I leave NYC, my kitchen will have ...

3 sinks, a double oven, a proper extra freezer, more places to sit and GARBAGE DISPOSAL.

Snapshots from Norway: Kvikk Lunsj, More Than a Norwegian Kit Kat Bar

Crazy I wrote about Finnish candy yesterday:

I am in love with Kit Kat Chunky from the UK only!

Also there are 6 trillion flavors out there that we can't access. Why can't American's Kit Kat's catch up!!!!

Meet & Eat: Rachael Mamane, Brooklyn Bouillon

The Rachael Ray Hot Dog Bracket: Our Search for the Best Hot Dog in the U.S.

I see that Michigan and Ohio are dominating in the MidWest bracket already, but I'd like to add a shout out for Tony Packo's.

Serious Beer: Barleywine

Is this what Buckfast is?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

This Week in 'New York Times' Food News

Hello cookies. Its like a Christmas dream come true to have the New York Times print my cookie recipe. Its the one featured above, Piparkakut.

I think it was on Photograzing first!

Gift Guide: For the Baker

You can get that bakery thread at most bakeries for like 25 cents for multiple yards. Granted not in all the cute colors.

Gift Guide: Food-Related Graphic T-Shirts

What to do with multigrain?

Grind it up a small amount in a coffee/spice grinder. Try adding it to flour for baking. Or use it to coat chicken/pork/fish/tofu for frying.

How to Make Dried Apple Chips

I made these once, tasted great, took a hour to make 2 trays of chips, about one apple's worth. I ate them in about 3 minutes.

The Crisper Whisperer: 5 Principles of Vegetable Stock (and Why You Should Care)

More reasons to love stock, it helps your scraps break down better once they hit the compost pile!

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Buckeyes

So dangerously addictive. Family folklore goes that every year someone steals a bunch of the family buckeyes adn hids them in coffee cans labeled "worms" or "bacon oil" so that they might go unnoticed for a week while the rest of the buckeyes where eaten within hours.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 137: Can Apple Eating Help My Diet?

My family is full of doctors and nurses. Apples were always considered healthy junk food as they have little nutritional value outside of fiber. Eating this amount of apples a day may give you some unpleasant digestive problems as well.

Spice Hunting: Mahlab

Yes, its about time someone spread the word. It makes baked goods taste wonderful in a way almost no one knows. A must have.

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New York Style Pizza

Note: Using a food processor ensures that your dough is properly developed without over-oxidizing, which can affect flavor. To scale up, make dough in separate batches in food processor. Do not try to process more than one batch at a... More

Pickled Grapes with Citrus and Spice

These pickled grapes have a tangy, sweet-and-sour flavor and are seasoned with cinnamon, fennel, mustard, black pepper, and citrus. They would make a delicious addition to any cheese plate and an inspired hors d'oeuvre at your next beer tasting.... More

Apricot Cranberry Pan de Higo

These miniature dried fruit cakes are sweet and nutty with hints of licorice and booze. While the flavors of the figs and apricots are clearly present, it's the tart cranberries that really come through. The little red flecks look really... More

Alton Brown's Roast Turkey

©iStockPhoto/MentalArt What better recipe to start out with from this week's Good Eats: The Early Years than Alton's roast turkey. He explains every detail, from the brine—a mix of vegetable broth, brown sugar, black peppercorns, allspice berries, and candied ginger—to... More

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Soup

I usually hate tomato soup. I don't hate many things, but a bowl of bland off-red soup is a rare exception. Blended soups in general tend to be boring and homogeneous, and tomato is, at least for me, the worst offender. So why am I telling you about a tomato soup, especially when I could be whipping up another sublime BLT? Leave it to Martha Stewart to sort things out. Instead of simply blending all the vegetables, only the roasted tomatoes, carrots, and garlic are pureed. More

Creative Wine Labels

Photograph from Nine99 Design When I think of a wine label, I imagine an illustration of a French château with cursive lettering. Nothing wrong with that sort of label, of course—but it's not that interesting. Weburbanist shows the versatility of wine labels with their feature of 61 creative wine labels, from traditional to typography-centric to pop art. I'm a fan of the stylish Shefa Wine label made by Nine99 Design. Related Mad Manatee Beer from Bold City Brewery Cartons' Chemical Properties May Actually Improve Wine Don't Want a Whole Bottle of Wine? Try a Can... More