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Dear Slice: 'Cafe Daniello's Has the Best Everyday Slice in Midtown East'

@robopizza, walk around midtown and see "upscale" delis making poor attempts at neapolitan pizzas and you'll understand. It's a gimmick for these places. Their pies are no good.

I'm not sure how you took my comment to mean anything else.

Dear Slice: 'Cafe Daniello's Has the Best Everyday Slice in Midtown East'

@ Lou, I here ya a little better now. The slice is a magical thing and it's really just disappearing from NYC (the same way many things ethnic, interesting and inexpensive have in the past 20 years).

Dear Slice: 'Cafe Daniello's Has the Best Everyday Slice in Midtown East'

@adam, I live exactly 1 block down on 46th rd. I guess older doesn't make it better, although you should hear Jr. talk about his experiences in life. I coulda warned you away from their food. We have Minetta's and Manducatis Rustica (and a newish fake whole foods) all serving up very generic wood-fired pizza. It gets you out of a hunger bind but costs $12+ and really is nothing special.

Now Paulie Gee's...he makes a nice crust.

Dear Slice: 'Cafe Daniello's Has the Best Everyday Slice in Midtown East'

Lou, I'm on the opposite side of the fence. I think the average slice may be better by my parents in westchester than widely available in manhattan, brooklyn or queens (I live in LIC). I think you need older joints and not fly-by-night operations.

Dear Slice: 'Cafe Daniello's Has the Best Everyday Slice in Midtown East'

If I sit for lunch, I throw a dollar down for tip because, although I wasn't really requesting it, I did have pleasant service (refill of water or what not). The upside, though, it's perfect if you want a place that won't feel overcrowded while reading a book or manuscript for an hour (as opposed to the normal slice joint).

Scenes from Paulie Gee's

IANAL but my understanding was places without licenses are not allowed to charge while places that do have licenses can charge. I think, if you can put more people in the chairs, encouraging people to byo is fantastic policy.

It's a competitive pizza market at there, folks.

Follow up review in the interest of disclosure: I wanted to add that the salad was what I would consider to be overdressed. If the goals is to let simple ingredients speak for themselves on the pies, the same policy should hold for other menu items.

Scenes from Paulie Gee's

Absentee Slicer checking in. I knew as of last year at some point, Paulie Gee was opening shop in GPoint. Was walking around, considering stuffing my gullet with something terrible (never impressed by Red Star or the coco franchise) and notice his awesome sign. [Can't remember what this space used to be, possibly a top chef contestant's place?]

Anyways, saw Paulie looking tired and happy at the door. Introduced myself and then went on to enjoy a very simple marianna pie, tomatoes and regiano, basically, with one of the best crusts I can remember. It had an awesome tang, just the right char factor and a delightful chew. Living just across the pulaski in queens, this is an easy 5 minute bike ride for me. Looking forward to more.

PG: Are you letting byow while you're waiting for your license? Are you going to have a corkage policy afterwards? I'd love if you could keep corkage around $5-$10, which is where is what I've always considered to be a fair sweet spot.

Quote of the Day: Thoughts Inspired by a $1 Tip

what did a 6 hour programming session mean 25 years ago?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

you people are mostly crazy, not that I would turn down these steaks. My pick is brisket.

Roberta's Christmas Eve Dinner

They're dead to me (but I hope they do well/have happy holidays)

First Taste: Motorino Pizza Is Awesome

************IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH******************

Roberta's is not BYOB anymore, they changed the policy about 3 weeks ago. They're not popping corks or letting you open bottles/cans. It lost a lot of charm for me.

New Line of Frozen Pizza Called UGLY

Any chance they use ugly tomatoes from FL?

Dear Slice: 'You Have Not Tasted the Best'

I find it odd that people are so critical. This isn't the NY Times (or what the NYT was 20 years ago). There's no west coast bureau chief chasing down every lead/slice. It's an accumulative experience, and the site generously incorporates notes from very unproven sources/palates, as long as their written/photographed decently. You want Oregon on the Pizza Map? Write a frackin' review!

Visiting New York City? 7 Must-Eat Pizzas You Should Try

I think the pizza tourist deserves a bit of a break. That's a pretty good selection (some involve real lines) in such a short period of time.

Upstart Newark Pizza Truck Actually Cooking Pizza in Truck

Extra points for having the name howie stern?!?

I actually don't enjoy the pizza trucks. Warming slices up in 400* oven didn't justify paying brick and mortar prices for the slice.


hmm...anyone know if it's still byo? any update on this 2 year review?

many thanks, slicers.

Openings: Fornaccio, Williamsburg

Good news for fans. They used to have a wonderful Sun-Wed type deal. Thanks for clearing it up, boscoep.

Openings: Fornaccio, Williamsburg

seriously? I don't think I'd been there since winter but I kind of loved that place. Thanks for the follow-up.

Openings: Fornaccio, Williamsburg

huh, right near brick oven gallery too...

New Crab Pizza Joins Menu at Artichoke Basille's

I'm not a math major but when you adding one pizza to the three stalwarts is, statistically, a 33% gain. It now represents 25% of the total offering.


Gordon Ramsay Is Not a Jerk; He Just Plays One on American TV

I don't think people quite understand. I think it's reasonable to believe that Gordon is a an ass in HIS kitchens and is also a proper, decent human being outside of them. I don't think these are mutually exclusive. If you read Marco Pierre White's memoir, White states with certainty that the environment inside of top kitchens is not friendly or politically correct, and may be considered darwinian if nothing else.


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