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  • Last bite on earth: Sausage, chile and rapini pizza at A16 in SF or Margherita at Antica Pizzeria in LA.

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Paulie Gee on Belief, Baltimore, and Being Your Own Boss (Part 1)

You should serve some nice bread with butter at your place.

NYC Pizza Crawl: Where Do You Take Out-of-Towners?

Some of the Cane Rosso team is up in NY this weekend doing a NY Style/Square Pie crawl and hit L&B, DiFara, Pizza Cotto Bene, Best Pizza, and Williamsburg Pizza. Adrienne's is on the list to hit too. The winners from today were Best Pizza and Williamsburg Pizza.

Paulie Gee to Open a Baltimore Location with 'Pizzablogger'

And you really should have an Omar or Stringer Bell on the menu (maybe "Stinger Bell" with Mike's Hot Honey...did you see what I did there?)

Paulie Gee to Open a Baltimore Location with 'Pizzablogger'

Great news...congratulations to Paulie and Pizzablogger. The spot looks awesome.

Behind the Scenes in the Epic Del Popolo Pizza Truck

That truck is awesome and the pizzas look fantastic. I would be laying awake all night worrying about 1) if I was going to have to back it up somewhere, and 2) if the vibrations were going to kill my oven. Totally jealous of that set up. Congrats and best of luck.

Watch This and Have a Holy S***! Moment at Cane Rosso Pizzeria

Oh Snap!! Sorry for my lack of commentary...but it is indeed busy. I just got home from Friday night dinner service right now! We're coming up on our one year anniversary so we have a lot going on...Food Network was in a couple of weeks ago filming Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives too!! A totally insane year....

Poll: Thanksgiving Toppings

We did a calzone tonight that had brined turkey, sausage & cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, mozzarella and served with giblet gravy. Some good pics on our facebook page at - it was ridiculously good.

Anthony Bourdain on Neapolitan Pizza

Like George Costanza with his Snickers!

The Monte Christo at Paulie Gee's Brunch? Absolutely Craveworthy

For someone new to the professional pizza gig, Paulie seriously has the most inspired and creative pizzas. Amazing.

Building a Pizzeria: The Oven

Our Ferrara oven is amazing. It really is like driving a Ferrari...we can go 5-6 wide all night long!

Indianapolis: Undercooking Stands in the Way of Excellence at Napolese

I consulted at a restaurant for 90 days that had an actual wood-burning woodstone was really difficult to get anything that looked close to Neapolitan style. The engineered v. natural floors and the ridiculously high dome made it a real biotch - no way to do multiple pizzas without burning the bottom on most. I've only seen one guy able to get close with a Woodstone and he was from Naples and has been making pizza for over 20 years. The Woodstone website will drive you insane as they go into this elaborate justification as to why gas fired ovens are awesome. Plus they cost north of $20K - where we spent $20K on a Ferrara oven and a fork mixer and shipping!

It is aggravating to see people trying to capitalize on the panache of Neapolitan pizza without putting in the effort. We were just in Orlando and ate at Via Napoli in Epcot...3 giant Woodstone ovens.

Entertaining Profile of Dallas Pizzaiolo Jay Jerrier

We are hoping to be open by the will be tight. If anyone is coming in for the game, make sure to check us out.

Entertaining Profile of Dallas Pizzaiolo Jay Jerrier

I'm getting torched on the Dallas food boards for all of my inflammatory comments and potty mouth! I suffer for my art....

Merry Christmas, Everyslice'r!

We finally got our Stefano Ferrara oven delivered to our space!

The Pieman's Craft: Stretching Pizza Dough with Motorino's Mathieu Palombino

The video is very helpful as you guys did a good job breaking down the technique. There is a HUGE difference between stretching 5-10 dough balls for a home party once or twice a week vs. doing 250 per night, every night!

Top This: The Cortes from Roberta's in Brooklyn

Serious video skills! I did a spit take when he pulled up the beer bong...genius!

Does the Type of Wood Used in a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Matter?

Seasoned and DRY wood seems to be the key. We use Oak in TX because it is plentiful - but I've sometimes opted for hickory or pecan if the oak didn't seem dry enough. Fruit woods are priced at a premium and I don't really see the point. The other thing I look for is the size and cut of the wood...smaller pieces that are split (vs. left whole "round") make a big difference as far as catching quickly.

Any Slice'rs Got a Good Pizza Peel Recommendation?

For residential orders, try - they carry GI Metal tools. To order direct from GI Metal I think you need to be a business. But Frank carries good tools at good prices and they arrive quickly and in good shape. The placing and turning peels from GI Metal are great.

My Pizza Oven: Jay Jerrier and His Mobile Pizza Oven

Hi All - thanks for the comments (I think :) ). Lots of angst but I swear I'm not trying to get anything over on anyone.

I probably overuse the word "authentic" when it comes to Neapolitan pizza whereas Neapolitan-style is more accurate. I did VPN training in CA 5 years ago and I still make it all exactly as I was trained there (refrigerated dough and all) - and I know things have changed since my training (i.e. planetary (Hobart) mixers are no longer allowed). I am just doing my best to adhere/honor the traditions outlined given my equipment and my environment. In TX it is brutally hot and humid and large scale production of ambient risen dough is a real challenge from basically March through October. Refrigeration is really my only choice given the volume we are doing.

Also - I 100% agree on the oven issue and I tried to indicate that in the first question. Remember, though, we are mobile - and you simply could not tow an oven made of individual bricks over the roads without structural damage. Believe me, I have Francesca at Stefano Ferrara Ovens on speed dial as soon as we sign a lease - the oven is already designed. It takes A LOT of wood to produce/maintain the heat required for Neapolitan pizza. I use regular logs but also have sawdust and shavings on hand to get quick bursts of heat when needed. With all of that firepower I can get pizzas done between 60-90 seconds.

On tomatoes - we tested a ton of different tomatoes. The point I really should have made is that there is a significant taste difference (in my opinion) between California tomatoes and Italian tomatoes. The ones I happen to like right now just happen to be DOP. I had another brand I liked better before that was not DOP, but my supplier has been out of them for months. Also, I haven't used Caputo in probably over a year...tried it but it just didn't work well down here. We do use imported 00 flour though.

So I get the fact that the US VPN designation may be looked at a little funny - and some of the restaurants do get the certification and then disregard the standards (case in point - that is what Campania did in TX, so I turned myself in). For Cane Rosso, as a mobile unit we can never be certified - but we try to stay as faithful to the guidelines as possible - not for "marketing" reasons, but because I think it makes the best tasting pizza. As I said, my goal was to give newbies that same "holy crap" moment I had in 1995 and let those that know what Neapolitan pizza is have a reasonable approximation of it locally.

When my friend Maurizio, born and raised in Naples, tells me that my pizza reminds him of the pizzas he and his brother used to have growing up, I figure I'm on the right track.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn: Paulie Gee's

As Paulie himself might say, "those pies look friggin' amazing". Congrats and I spy a Cane Rosso shirt on the pizzaiolo!

Naples 45: Skip the Neapolitan Pizza Here and Get Their New York–Style Slice Instead

From looking at the pics of the crust and cheese, I would say they don't have the oven hot cooks too long and dries out crust and burns mozzarella. Also weird that they have that little guard around the wood in the oven....I don't know that there are actually "follow up" inspections from the VPN, but I do know that people will contact the VPN if they don't think a restaurant is following the guidelines. Pepe Miele from the VPN stresses that certification is more of an obligation than an accolade.

Paulie Gee's to Open Tuesday, March 9

Great news for Paulie...can't wait to hear the reviews and see the pics. One of these days soon I'll get up to NY!


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