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The Food Lab: The Secrets to the Best Easy Homemade Falafel

@Ocean. It's just food.

Food should be enjoyable to the person eating it.

People with health concerns have a right to modify recipes to eat something delicious or something that they miss.

There's no moral weight to food, no ego of the food that can be bruised, and good cooks allow for interpretation of their recipes.

The Food Lab: The Secrets to the Best Easy Homemade Falafel

@Kenji, thanks. I did them in the salad spinner, I wonder if a pass over a clean tea towel would have helped.

I will try the longer rest (as much of the batch is still in the fridge). I didn't expect it to behave like dough, but it just didn't want to hold together at all. What I managed to get cooked was very tasty, though!

The Food Lab: The Secrets to the Best Easy Homemade Falafel

Hey Kenji,

Even though everything looked right (like your pics) and I let it rest, I couldn't form anything that held together long enough to move from the plate to cooking vessel...

I wish I could post a pic here, it looks nice and fine like yours. Longer resting? More processing?

Crispy Tofu, Grapefruit, Avocado, and Tahini = Lunch

@hipstabake, I think that most tahini is bitter--it's the nature of the beast. It's best mixed with other things to tone it down. so used as it is here, it would be much less bitter than if using it alone.

If you can find roasted tahini, it's much more mellow (I find it pretty easily in Whole Foods)

Make These Easy Crispy Tofu Spring Rolls With Peanut-Tamarind Sauce

I like the idea of the tamarind in the sauce, I too second the shout-out to maesri. It's fairly easy to find in larger well-stocked supermarkets, and I've seen it in almost every non-specialized little Asian market.

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 5

Huzzah! I look forward to this every year!

How to Stock a Vegan Pantry

I'm making my list for this year's vegan experience -- other than a reminder to stock up on some nuts and nut milk and avocados, I'm good to go ! It's nice having a varied pantry ready to cover any dining contingency!

The Food Lab Turbo: No-Cook Blender Tomato Soup in Just 5 Minutes

@kenji -- you are doing vegan month again, right? RIGHT???

The Food Lab Turbo: No-Cook Blender Tomato Soup in Just 5 Minutes

I just dug out my fancypants blender today, and I really do like being able to make 5 minute tomato soup while my cheese toastie gets all toasty.

Brussels Sprouts and Kimchi Are an Unlikely But Delicious Pair

Dagnabbit, I am so sad I won't be in Boston before Nov :-(

Easiest Summer Ever: Figs, Marcona Almonds, Aged Goat Cheese, and Hot Honey

Figs. Little heartbreakers. They go from syrupy goodness to moldy almost in the time it takes to get from the plate to one's mouth.

Love them, though, I put some on your soppresata pizza. An inspired choice if you ask me

Spicy Soppressata and Honey Were Born to Live Together on Pizza

I'm making this tonight in my massively underpowered oven, the crust might not reach great status, but I bet it will be delicious.

The Food Lab: The Best Southern Fried Chicken

Oops, clearly I can't read. I skipped that the "Extra crunchy" step of chilling and refrying was optional, so I just followed the recipe, lol.

The Food Lab: The Best Southern Fried Chicken

Excellent! I was not patient so I just fried and finished it in the oven. It passes the fried chicken test by being great cold for breakfast eaten over the sink.

The Food Lab: How to Make a Burger King-Style Whopper Fit for The King

Sometimes cheese food just hits the spot. I've no problem with it at all on a fast-food style burger.

Tour Guide and Author Lesley Tellez on What Everyone Gets Wrong About Mexican Food

"No me gusta" translates as "it is not pleasing to me" to be literally literal ;-)

Within context, the meaning is understood.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Ahhh, I love that dirty water....
@Kenji, I'm with you, man. I wasn't at all homesick over the winter, but MAN I'd like to be home for the summer.

The New Rules of Pasta Salad: How to Work With Asian Noodles

Now I have to go back and read the original. I get that weird pasta salad aftertaste too. So I never make it.

The Good Bagel Manifesto

I don't really like bagels (there, I said it), but if I did, I'd hella love caraway seeds on one!

The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Grilled Steak

@el_duderino, I sure as heck have stood around the sous vide set-up with beers and friends.

What's your point? ;-)

Make These Savory Bacon and Corn Pancakes With Cheddar and Jalapeño

The only thing wrong with these is that they aren't in my belly!

*Impatiently awaiting fresh corn season*