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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

it was uncle pete's in revere, ma

Alan Richman Names Top 25 Pizzas in the U.S.

Santarpio's is so so so overated.

Seriously Delicious Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Snow's Barbecue Brisket

Mind not what the amateurs say about the virtues sauce,
It's all about the smoke baby...

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

bone in new york strip.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Porterhouse that flavorful bone!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Porterhouse is the only way to go in my book.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

Uncle Pete's in Boston

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

Uncle Pete's in the Boston area.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Please Help: Restaurant Pricing

Checked all of the above listed Portland restaurants...none offer an early bird, regular, and chef's table menu.

Any other suggestions...PLEASE!

Anyone Tried Cornell Chicken?

we made it tonight (marinated since yesterday) and it was fantastic...the best chicken recipe I've had. Why hasn't the word spread on such a great dish!

Sunday Brunch: Serious Bacon-Cheese Hot Dogs

Ed, does the bacon really add that much to the taste? I love a good pig out like everyone else...but this seems a tad excessive.

Boston vs. New York Food Super Bowl: Breaking It Down Food by Food

Beg to differ on your proclamation on Emma's pizza in Cambridge, MA. IMHO, excellent cutting edge their house smoked bacon topping!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

uncle pete's in boston

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

Uncle Pete's Hickory Smoked Ribs - Boston

Frozen Guilty (Hot) Pleasures: What Are Yours?

Tag along question...

where do you get the best frozen appetizers? Costco or Trader Joes?

For me, the answer is always Costco.

It seems like I'm an anomaly, but I'm just not a fan of Trader Joes. How does the board feel?

Mike Huckabee May Not Be the Serious Eaters' Choice

He should have gone to the Papaya King!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Bacon of the Month Club

crispy ridges of fat!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Bone in New York Strip steaks.

Seriously Delicious Giveaway: Zingerman's Gift Certificate

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Heritage Smoked Ham

Swiss cheese and mayo for me.

Win Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

I agree, the skin...why not make Peking Turkey!

Are Turduckens Really Good Eating?

C'mon Ed, make this a question of the day! This is very timely. The Wall Street Journal rated the Cajun Grocer the best Turducken.

In the News: Jamie Oliver Does Italian; Tots 'Cue in KC; Urine as Fertilizer

I believe that Costco will allow you to return any food product, even if it is because you just didn't like it. I guess it encourages people to try new products.

When you have a lot of cream cheese, you should make ____.

How about a really decadent clam dip!!!!!

Please Help: Restaurant Pricing

Hello...long time fan of Serious Eats.

I am writing a business book of how to set prices that will be published in 2009.

I'm looking for an example of a restaurant that currently offers all three of the following pricing strategies: (1) Early Bird (or pre-theater), regular, and chef's table (or expensive tasting menu).

It's been very difficult to locate a restaurant that offers these three pricing offerings. Any assistance you can offer in identifying such a restaurant would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Anyone Tried Cornell Chicken?

As an alumnus of Cornell, I was surprised that the New York Times heralded this chicken preparation. I never ran across it in my 5 years at Cornell (Ph.D.).

Have anyone tried it?

Here's the NYT article:

There's Some SERIOUS Calories at PF Changs!

While on recent visit, I found myself staying at a hotel surrounded by chain restaurants...Bahama Breeze, Bob Evans, McDonald's, and PF Changs.

I've been curious about PF Changs for several years and thought this would be a great time to try it on. Visiting their online menu, I was shocked at the calories in their dishes. The company lists this information clearly on their menu. Check it out:

1500 calories for fried rice!

Next to PF Changs, McDonalds looks downright healthy!!!!

Is Prime Steak Really Worth the Price?

There is an article in today's New York Times about prime steaks and their price. The writer claims Choice New York Strips cost $17 a pound and Prime steaks as much as 50% more (though in Boston, I just purchased some excellent Choice Porterhouses from Costco for $7.99 a pound, strips are slightly cheaper).

Here's my question, is Prime really worth it? It may be better than choice, but is it really worth the price differential?

On the occasions I dine at top steakhouses (Mortons, The Palm, etc) - the meal is always so overtop (in addition to Prime steaks, hash browns, crab cocktail, and a souflee) - that I'm not sure if my great meal is because of the Prime steaks - or the abundance of richness.

I've ordered Prime Strips from Lobels, and yes they tasted more meaty (dry aging) and were more marbeled - but when it comes right down to it, I'm not sure whether the price for prime is worth it.

Of course, everyone has different tastes - I'd love to hear your opinions.


Where have you enjoyed the most lavish brunch buffet?

Over the weekend, I enjoyed a phenomenal brunch at the Four Seasons in Boston. Unlimited Oysters, clams, LOBSTER (tail & claws), dim sum, peking duck, ham, roast beef, cheeses, breakfast foods...well, you get the picture. I could not believe the unlimited lobster.

But what impressed me most was the service. Our waiter told us that if there was something special that we'd like to eat the next time we had brunch (e.g., lamb), let them know the day before and they would make sure to have it for us! Now that is truly unbelievable service.

What Do You Think About Costco's Porterhouse Steaks?

I am curious about what other people's thoughts and experiences are.

I purchased some great porterhouse steaks yesterday at Costco ($8.00 a pound) - they have very well defined filet portions on them.

There have been times when I believe the steaks were at the upper end of the Choice requirements...close to Prime!

Please let me know what you think about Costco's Porterhouse Steaks.

How Do You Cook a Thick Porterhouse?

I tend to buy thick Porterhouse steaks (1.5 pounds).

Inevitably when I cook these steaks, the filet gets more done than the strip part. How do I fix this? Do I cut the filet off when it reaches medium rare and then leave the strip/bone on the grill to finish up?

Many thanks for helping me savor such a great steak!

Delivery Tip - Revisited

Awhile back, there was a thread about how much to tip for home delivery. There were a wide variety of opinions, but I came away thinking 10% - 15% would be fair.

Suppose a restaurant charges a fee for delivery (e.g., last night I was charged a $2 delivery fee)...does the driver get that? If so, can I deduct $2 from the 10% - 15% delivery tip?

Thanks for your advice.

Are Carry Out Tips Optional?

I found the discussion on delivery tips to be interesting. I want to be fair when I tip - not too little or too much.

Here's my question. We've all faced signing a credit card slip for carry out where the proprieter has helpfully left the "tip" and "total" sections open for us to fill in.

So, what's the etiquette? Tip? If so, by how much?


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