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Seriously Delicious Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Snow's Barbecue Brisket

Mind not what the amateurs say about the virtues sauce,
It's all about the smoke baby...

Please Help: Restaurant Pricing

Checked all of the above listed Portland restaurants...none offer an early bird, regular, and chef's table menu.

Any other suggestions...PLEASE!

Anyone Tried Cornell Chicken?

we made it tonight (marinated since yesterday) and it was fantastic...the best chicken recipe I've had. Why hasn't the word spread on such a great dish!

Sunday Brunch: Serious Bacon-Cheese Hot Dogs

Ed, does the bacon really add that much to the taste? I love a good pig out like everyone else...but this seems a tad excessive.

Boston vs. New York Food Super Bowl: Breaking It Down Food by Food

Beg to differ on your proclamation on Emma's pizza in Cambridge, MA. IMHO, excellent cutting edge their house smoked bacon topping!

Frozen Guilty (Hot) Pleasures: What Are Yours?

Tag along question...

where do you get the best frozen appetizers? Costco or Trader Joes?

For me, the answer is always Costco.

It seems like I'm an anomaly, but I'm just not a fan of Trader Joes. How does the board feel?

Win Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

I agree, the skin...why not make Peking Turkey!

Are Turduckens Really Good Eating?

C'mon Ed, make this a question of the day! This is very timely. The Wall Street Journal rated the Cajun Grocer the best Turducken.

In the News: Jamie Oliver Does Italian; Tots 'Cue in KC; Urine as Fertilizer

I believe that Costco will allow you to return any food product, even if it is because you just didn't like it. I guess it encourages people to try new products.


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