What I Ate When I Couldn't Eat Anything: Facing Gestational Diabetes as a Food Lover

Sounds like you had a rougher go with it than my wife. For her, it was her fasting blood glucose first thing in the morning... They wanted it below 90, she was around 93-94 most mornings. During the day her numbers 2 hours after meals was always fine. She went on a low-dose insulin before bed, but otherwise ate fairly normally. She may have snuck an occasional DQ Blizzard when her sugar was on the low side. :)

Easy, Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu Dip: A Slow-Cooker Crowd-Pleaser

Awesome. One of those "why didn't anyone think of that" strokes of genius.

A Guide to Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year at Home

Happy New Year! Your recipes are great - delicious, and they get me to break out from my usual kitchen crutches! Thanks.

How to Turn Beans Into a Creamy Vegan Pasta Sauce

Tahini aside, this is a stones throw from thinning out some hummus and tossing it with pasta for a no-effort meal... Good idea or bad idea?

The Food Lab: The Pressure Cooker Makes Short Work of This Authentic Texas Chile con Carne

The good thing about following you on Twitter is that I knew this recipe was coming, so I ordered a pressure cooker in time to arrive before the blizzard. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow...

Recipes From Chiang Mai: How to Make Real Deal Khao Soi Gai (Coconut Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken)

Just wanted to say I tried this for the first time at our local Thai joint tonight and holy crap was it delicious. Definitely something I'll try to concoct at home...

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

@kenji- fully expecting a dry-brined, aged, sous-vided hunk of beef thrown on a vertical spit to get crispy, carved and griddled to order with onions and homemade cheese sauce. Don't let me down. :)

How to Make the Best Chicken Parm Sandwiches? Start With Great Chicken Parm

If I could have one food for the rest of my life... It might be this.

Every Diner Should Serve a Gyro Omelet

I've had this at multiple diners in CT, so I never knew it to be all that rare! I agree they are delicious though and I'm more than likely to order it when on the menu.

Burger Toppings Week: Insane Mornay and Mushroom Duxelles Burger


The Food Lab Turbo: Forget the Flank, Skirt Steak is the King of Stir Fries!

As it turns out, we were planning on something similar for dinner tonight due to influx of snap peas from local CSA. Picked up some flap meat (YUM)... looked for oyster sauce and Shaoxing wine... yeah I struck out there and resorted to the jarred stir fry sauce that looked least bad. So, no - I didn't make the recipe as written. BUT - I did get to use my wok for the first time, tried new techniques, found out that my grill burner isn't nearly hot enough to stir fry with, still managed to pull it all together when I moved the wok to the gas stove, it was still delicious, and we used up those snap peas. So now I'll be ready for next time when I actually make the recipe. :)

Finally, a Tool for Making Totally Clear Ice Spheres

I'll take a dozen.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Smoked Brisket... and British Racing Green, obvi. :)

Win a Serious Eats Edition KettlePizza Baking Steel Combo for Father's Day!

Cherry tomatoes, garlic, parsley, Olive oil, parm.

How to Grill a T-Bone Steak

Last week it was up to me to grill some nice NY Strips... I blasted the grill and cooked the ever living shit out of them... Tonight I had to do it all over again, but I armed myself with a proper thermometer, did the reverse sear, and did those NY Strips justice.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I wish you well Robyn. I'm not okay with this, but I wish you well!

Our Top 10 Burgers in Atlanta

If I lived in Atlanta I'd weigh 900lbs and have type-hamburger blood but damn if I wouldn't be happy to have these burgers.

Chinese Greens 101: Stir-Fried Choy Sum With Minced Garlic

Looks simple and delicious... Can't wait to start using my wok when we move... Hooray gas stove!

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

At my local place, it's Prik Klea... But I've had nearly the whole menu and nothing has disappointed!

Open Thread: When Did You First Fall in Love with Pizza?

I'm very lucky that my little Italian grandma and my little Italian mom made it from scratch fairly frequently.

Adam Kuban's Bar Pie Pop-Up: Feeling Like a Proud Papa

Too awesome. Nice work Adam!

The Food Lab: The New Reversible Baking Steel/Griddle is Not Just for Pizzas

Sonic Hopes to Open 1,000 Locations in the Next Decade

I'm... Baffled. I just don't find Sonic appealing, save for the cherry limeade.

Chinese Noodles 101: How to Make Lo Mein With Beef and Broccoli

I must confess I haven't tried any of your recipes yet... But I'm very anxious to. They aren't going unnoticed. :)

When's the "Waffled mac-and-cheese" article coming?

I'm going to predict it will be out around 11:30am this morning...

Scrolling wonkiness in Talk

Hi crew,

Having a bit of a strange bug when using Firefox on OSX... I can't replicate it in Safari. Basically, when scrolling down a "Talk" post... and the bar that contains Print/Favorite This/Email/Share reaches the top of the browser window... that bar scoots to the right and shifts behind some page elements. Scroll down a bit more, and the bar scoots back to normal, but the entire post then shifts further down the page.

If you need any additional info just let me know.


Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe?

Hi SE-ers,

I've been making more and more pizzas at home, and though I've got a long way to go, the last few pizzas to come out of my oven I've been pretty happy with. And now that me and future Mrs. CTMike have been enjoying those pizzas... she throws me a curve with a request for a whole wheat pizza dough. Getting me out of my comfort zone!

What I'd love is an honest to goodness, crisp on the outside, light and chewy on the inside, flavorful pizza crust (that just happens to be whole wheat). One that I can make in my home oven - ie, 550 degrees on a pizza stone. Is such a thing possible? I'd prefer some combination of just flour, water, salt, and yeast... (that's how mama taught me how to make pizza dough... with a nod to dmcavanaugh!)... but I'm not too familiar with whole wheat flour, and if the results are better with other additions then so be it!

I saw some success over in the forums, but that seemed to involve higher than home oven temps... unless I (quite possibly) was missing something.

Any help you can offer would be great!


Barbecue: Pulled Pork

Each week Joshua Bousel of The Meatwave drops by with a recipe for you to grill over the weekend. Fire it up, Joshua! [Photograph: Joshua Bousel] Due to some complications at my previous residence--including a nosy neighbor who was convinced... More

Bread Baking: 'Pizza' Bread

These buns are the distant cousin of pizza. Even though they're fluffy instead of flat, the tomato and herbs in the dough and cheese in the middle make them taste like they've been hanging around in a pizzeria, that's for sure. More

5 Great Beer Gardens in Washington, D.C.

Whether you're looking for the real deal with traditional German wheat beers and brats or just somewhere to enjoy the warmth of a summer evening with little concern for the nationality of your brew, there's no shortage of open-air venues in the Capital. Here are 5 of our favorite beer gardens in D.C. More

30-Minute Chickpea, Coconut, and Cashew Curry

My own personal Vegan Experience is a good few months behind me now, but there are many things that have stuck. Dining habits. The way I approach a menu. The way I stock my pantry. Even the basic ingredients I reach for first when I'm saying to myself, "What would my wife want for dinner?" (Which is just the nicer way of thinking, what would I personally really like to eat that my wife may or may not but hopefully may like to eat as well?) The answer, more often than not, is chickpeas. And I'm not talking fancy, soaked overnight, simmered in flavorful liquid, carefully cooked chickpeas; I'm talking chickpeas drained out of a can and used as the base for a quick dish. More