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roast chicken and eggplant

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Country Captain is the Southern Icon You May Have Never Tasted

It is a dish I had never heard of, until I had it in a MRE. Now I know very well that hunger can be the best spice. But of the however many MRE's I have eaten it still stands out. I was sad (in a strange way) when they stopped making it. But Because of that MRE I have been seeking Country Captain chicken out when ever I can. I never thought that an mre would introduce me to a food in a good way.

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Shaved Brussel sprouts, cooked with caraway, mustard, and butter. Fried egg on top.

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The stetson salad from cowboy ciao in AZ. Amazing, smoked salmon, pesto buttermilk dressing, couscous, tomato dried corn arugula.

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Cook the Book: 'The VB6 Cookbook' by Mark Bittman

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

Green papaya salad

Cook the Book: 'The New Southern Table' by Brys Stephens

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Quick Indian Cabbage Salad

Any thoughts on using unsweetened shredded dried coconut?

Cook the Book: 'Joy of Kosher' by Jamie Geller

I need to have a snack before going to to one

What Ethnic Cuisines Do You Want to See in NYC?

Cook the Book: Lonely Planet's 'The World's Best Spicy Food'

habenero hot sauce

Cook the Book: 'My Irish Table' by Cathal Armstrong

brown bread, cheese, sausage, tea...maybe with a nip

Cook the Book: 'Kitchen Confidence' by Kelsey Nixon

corn and black bean salad.

Cook the Book: 'Down South' by Donald Link

Bake the Book: The Model Bakery Cookbook

English Muffins, bread, simple sandwiches, biscotti, small sweets

The Best Baba Ganoush

I only had 1 eggplant so I 1/3'rd the recipe. Wish I had not been lazy and gotten 2 more...delicious. I used a little less lemon juice and tripled and roasted the garlic on the flame as the eggplant was roasting. The eggplant took about half the prescribed time to get charred and soft. Thanks for the great base recipe

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1/8 c black pepper in place of 1/8 tsp

Cook the Book: 'Spain' by Jeff Koehler

Bake the Book: The Irish Pantry

Can tuna and beans

Cook the Book: The 'Roberta's' Cookbook

the one I make when there is "nothing" to eat

Goat Neck

Impulse by at the grocery, I got two "steaks" of goat neck each about an inch thick and 4inch wide. Any suggestions on how to cook them. I love goat but I have never had or cooked neck before. Not the slightest clue on how to go about them. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Egg Whites

I have some friends that are very squeamish about raw egg whites in drinks (ie. Whiskey sour and such). Could I use Liquid egg whites, the kind in the carton, in place of real egg whites?

Mace Substitute

I am hoping to make my own corned beef, the recipe I am using calls for 1T ground mace. However after much looking I can not find it in the stores and don't have time to order it online. Any suggestions on a substitute or should I just leave it out?


I normally do not have any trouble using up dried legumes. However on a recent cleaning kick, I found a long lost bag of lentils in the far reaches of my cabinet. They expired in 2011....opps. I am not one to worry much on expiration dates, but will the two years have any effect on the lentils?

Brussel Sprouts

I am seeing brussel sprouts on the stalk at the market more and more. However they cost more then the ones off the stalk and it looks like you do not get as many. What is the benefit of getting them on the stalk...if there is any? Can you cook and eat the stalk?

Frozen Chestnuts

I just bought a 1lbs bag of frozen peeled chestnuts. But don't know what to do with them. How do they take to freezing/ thawing?

Seven steak

Ever since I moved to New Orleans from New York, I have been happily exploring the different foods. I keep seeing seven steaks in the grocery and finally grabbed one up. Any suggestion on how to cook it? My first thought with anything is "can I grill it?" I have read that it tends to have grissel so would braising be best? Thanks

Pop overs

Pop overs are a family favorite, like its ok if the turkey gets cold while the pop overs cook (Kenji's prime rib is a life saver). I can not mess with them on a holiday, so there will not be any experimenting today. But has anyone tried warming the milk and reconstituting dried mushrooms in it and using the mushroom infused milk in the pop overs?

leftover cabbage

So I went a bit over board cooking cabbage for this weekend, and now have about a head of boiled cabbage left over (cut into quarters). Any suggestions on how to "reinvent" it?

baking and eggs

I always buy large eggs but the roomie did the shopping and got extra large eggs. I am making a rum cake, from scratch (well I'm using instant pudding mix but other then that no outside mixes). It calls for 4 eggs, dose not say what size but most recipes use large. Should I use 4 extra large eggs or scale it back to 3? Its a simple dump everything and mix recipe.

Potato Rolls

I am a native New Yorker who has moved to NOLA . Yes we have some amazing food here, but no martins potato rolls. With it being well into grill season (dose it ever really end?...its a big "no" if you ask me) I am in need of a recipe for some potato rolls that are comparable to martins. Can anybody help?


I had planted some garlic earlier this year and now I am inundated with garlic. The head are smaller then you get in the grocery but I have half a paper lunch bag full and more still growing. Any suggestions on how to preserve it?


I love the pig, but I have to say that bacon is getting out of hand. Bacon is great as an accompaniment or accent to a dish but is has taken over (ie. scallops with bacon have become bacon with scallops). Dose anyone else share my view?

Spent Grain From Beer

I do some home brewing and also befriended some of the brewers at the local craft brewery, and have a good bit of spent grain. I love baking it in a bread but I want to find a new more refined recipe then the rustic more free form one I use now, any suggestions?

Christmas Eve

There are lots of ideas for Christmas day dinner, but dose any one have suggestions for Christmas eve. I like the idea of the feast of the 7 fishes, but its too much food for my small gathering of 4. Any recommendations?

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Recent Cocktails

What would the dream happy hour at Serious Eats HQ look like? Well, there'd be lots to nibble, of course, starting with bacon-and-tomato guacamole maybe some of Kenji's extra-flaky scallion pancakes. Plus, we'd have a bartender whipping up some of our favorite cocktails. Here are a few of the boozy beverages we've enjoyed lately, from serious spirit-forward stuff to a light and frothy piña colada More