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Need Help Naming My Food Blog!!1!

Wow, you are all really cool about this blog naming thing. Not like the old days when they'd be all "name you own damn blog".

Foolproof Pan Pizza

Made this last week and it went perfectly. 10" cake pans at 500 for about 13 minutes: the crust resembled Kenji's photos. I accidentally glugged twice the amount of oil into the dogh, but that wasn't a problem. It was so good, my family requested it again tonight; I'll report back on how the second time goes.

Home Slice: Making Homemade Stuffed-Crust Pizza

Pizza and commentary were awesome, as usual, Adam. Great jorb.

Pizza dough: why make individual dough balls?

Up until recently, I've been going with a single mass of dough. Some of the chatter I've seen on the pizza blogs has indicated that proofing individual balls of dough might help my "I can't stretch dough worth a damn" problem. So I have it a shot. Sho'nuff- those individual balls stretched out far better than my usual cuts from a large ball ever have. There's my personal experience for 'proof'.

Avoiding a Restaurant Due to a Misunderstanding...??

There's a pizza place I avoid because they misunderstand the meaning of the term "brick oven" to mean gas oven with a fake brick facade.

Avoiding a Restaurant Due to a Misunderstanding...??

There's a pizza place I avoid because they misunderstand the meaning of the term "brick oven" to mean gas oven with a fake brick facade.

Avoiding a Restaurant Due to a Misunderstanding...??

There's a pizza place I avoid because they misunderstand the meaning of the term "brick oven" to mean gas oven with a fake brick facade.

Question about tbsp and tsp measuremeants..

You never actually asked a question for us to answer.

Meatloaf recipe?

ESNY1077, that was kind of you to not only include a link, cooking-dude style and all, but also the recipe itself.

Meatloaf recipe?

Not your mother's meatloaf; less filling, tastes great.

Daily Slice: Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria, Seattle

monopod, Boar's Head is totally the way to go.

How do Chinese retaurants tenderize their chicken?

Chinese is a nationality, not a race.

best cheese sandwich

Now can you put that thought in a haiku? Almost there!

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

@BangieB - misspelling "government" is out of line? Whoa, I think everyone needs to step back now.

Raw Applesauce as a Butter Substitute

Some, yes. It's worth a try, right? :)

Raw Applesauce as a Butter Substitute

Cooking breaks down the cell walls and releases the pectin (which apples have a lot of). Without cooking, most of the pectin is still trapped inside the apple bits. Pectin is important because it is what simulates the "fat" that you are replacing.

Raw Applesauce as a Butter Substitute

Applesauce does come in jars, not just cups. And no, raw pureed apple and cooked applesauce probably will not be interchangeable. The cooking process changes the cooking properties of the apples (we're talking pectin here) and the raw mash won't have that like the cooked stuff.

Hard-Core Cooking Projects

dbcurrie, Kenji's gyro recipe is a great place to start. I make them quite often and my last time around (memorial day) has been the best so far.

paperless waitstaff: how do you feel about memorization?

Permission, my comment should be read with nothing other than the calmness of wry sarcasm. You're new around here - I'd suggest getting to know the people in the community around here before spouting off.

Hard-Core Cooking Projects


Creative Marketing

carmason, it's actually limburger.

paperless waitstaff: how do you feel about memorization?

Who cares what they do and how they do it? If they get it right, fine. If not, raise hell or however you want to handle the mistake. Sitting there stressing while your meal is being prepared and delivered because you assume the worst-case scenario is rediculous. Give your server some credit - if they didn't possess the capacity to memorize orders and pull it off they wouldn't do it because there's more than your order at stake - their JOB for instance. Hope you have some great blood pressure meds.

On a related note, my four year-old asked me why I don't have training wheels on my bike and told me that he's not impressed and thinks its unnecessary showmanship. He's always so stressed and anxious until I get back to the house safely.

Pizza Obsessives: Andrew Janjigian, Slice Contributor

Once we tried your CI recipe, we've been loathe to try anything else. You have some serious skills and your oven is enviable. I appreciate your recipes and insight on cooking, pizza especially.

Can I make blueberries turn blue for a dessert?

Careful: Blueberries tend to make things turn purple, rather than blue. Alkaline environments will turn them green.

Capers- Yes or No?

I like a small-to-medium sized pile on the side when I'm having something like chicken picatta. I want a couple in every bite, I like them that much. Is this abnormal?

Thai Masaman curry recipe?

Hey All, I'm looking for a great Masaman curry recipe. I know I could google such a thing, but I trust SE'ers palates more than the interwebs at large. Thanks!

Need Help Naming My Food Blog!!1!

Hi there, I have this awesome idea for a new blog that combines my love of cooking and furries (will also have sweet pictures of my D&D cosplay). I just can't think of a good title! Please help!

Long Live Mom & Pop Shops

I just got back from a wonderful lunch at my now favorite, locally-owned Greek place, which I recently discovered. While enjoying my gyro, a lady came in and ordered a "jy-ro". I laughed. When her sandwich was served, she asked for ketchup. I cried. Neither of these things even phased the restaurant worker, bless her heart, who was Greek. Must be numb to the relentless attacks philistines wage on the cuisine of her heritage.

After I finished my meal, the owner came around offering samples of a dessert I was not familiar with. It was amazing, just like everything else I've had there. When he had a moment, I asked him what the name of the treat was so that I could order it next time. Bougatsa. He took me over to the front counter where a well-worn Greek cookbook lay and thumbed through the pages with me showing me not only the recipe for bougatsa, but several other of his favorites.

We chatted for a while about our mutual interest in cooking and he told me about a time when he won third place out of 300 culinary school-taught professional chefs in a regional Iron Chef type competition. He's self taught with no formal education, but he dominated 297 others in his first stab at this sort of competition with nothing but passion and homegrown know-how. That's what I call a culinary bad-ass.

I'm writing this because I want to stress the importance of supporting businesses such as this because we all have a place just like it in our own hometowns. We need to help them when we find a gem that deserves our respect. Give them your business. Not only that, they need us recommending their restaurant to our friends and choosing them over the chains that the apathetic masses shamble to.

and... I feel like I should end this with some sort of Goonies-esque "This is our time, our time down here!" So there you have it.

Need a Meal Suggestion - Lots of Peppers/Chiles

I have recently come into a large number of chile peppers that I would like to use in a meal within the next few days but don't really have anything in mind. I'd like to try something new, so I want to throw what I've got to work with out here and see what the SE hivemind can come up with.

I have about 4 poblano peppers, a green chile or two, and a couple of jalapenos. Chicken or beef are available as proteins for the dish. Nothing too spicy for my wife's sake.


Irish Cuisine and Alchohol - Is This the Real Deal?

I'll preface this by admitting I don't know much at all about authentic Irish cuisine. But after seeing one "St. Patrick's Day" or "Irish" recipe after another almost all of which contain alcohol (whisky or stout, usually) I am seriously wondering if this reflects true Irish food that the people of Ireland eat from day to day or if this is just something absurdly stupid/ignorant that foreigners do to make foods "Irish" in the same way that we add also green food coloring to everything to the same end. I'm guessing that these spiritous recipes are just a reflection of the fact that this holiday (at least in America) has turned into nothing more than an excuse to consume large amounts of beer and whisky at all hours of the day. Can someone in the know set the record straight?

Erin go bragh!

Vegan Police?

Are they real? Like in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"- and does being vegan really give you those super powers? :)

Food Humor

I was reading about oats the other day and came across the definition of oats in Samuel Johnson's dictionary as: "a grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people". A little bit of a stuck-up up attitude there toward the Scots. No matter; Scottish reply to that is: "England is known for the quality of its horses, and Scotland for its men".

Have any humorous food-related quotes or jokes to share?

Restaurant Brick Oven Fake-Out

I experienced a let down when I tried out a new pizzeria ner where I work. Our local paper highlights new businesses in the area and it told of a new "wood-fired brick oven" pizza place that's been open for a few months now. I rounded up some friends and we headed over for lunch this afternoon.
As we pulled up, I saw stacks of wood out front of the store which lent credence to the claim of wood-fired. I could see the oven, complete with fire, as I walked in. Things looked good. I ordered and waited for my grinds.

When my pizza arrived and I lifted up the first slice, disappointment settled in. The under-done crust and lack of any sort of char was telling; it was not brick oven pizza. Long story short- It was a gas oven with a brick facade and a pile of burning sticks inside! Afterward, I looked closer at the oven and could see below the deck a dial and a digital read-out that said 495 degrees.

I don't know who to blame for the deceit- the restaurant or the paper. Maybe the guy at the paper just assumed based on the facade that it was a real oven. Most people wouldn't care about or notice the difference. Or maybe the owner lied and told him that the oven was legit. I don't know. What I do know is that I won't be back there again.

What Have You Been Doing Wrong? - The Food Edition

If you have a few hours to kill, go find one of the many discussions out there where people confess what they have been thinking, doing, saying, wrong their whole lives only to find out or be corrected recently. (Geez, do that many people really think it's "for all intensive purposes" instead of "all intents and purposes"?)

Anyway, between this and the other thread that has turned into a rant about mispronounced food items, this got me thinking wondering what late-in-life realizations others have made about food and cooking. Mine would be that because monkeys peel bananas from the non-stem end that I'm peeling bananas incorrectly. Actually, most of the time I just snap 'em in half and eat each side separately. The banana-- not the monkey. No snapping monkeys.

Food & Cooking Software Recommendations?

Is anybody familiar with a good application that you can use to manage and print recipes? In particular, I'm looking for one that can give you a nutritional analysis of the recipes you enter.
Quality freeware is always good, but I'm willing to shell out a bit o' cash for something that is highly recommended and looks like it'll suit my needs.

Camping Food

My wife and I are taking our two boys out for three days this weekend and I'm looking forward to non-stop outdoor cooking and fun. Foil dinners, grilled meats and veggies are on the menu. May even cook up a fish if we catch one. It'd be my first time cleaning a cooking my own catch!

With camping season upon us, I think a discussion of the SE community's favorite camp eats is in order. What do you like to eat when you camp?

Legitimate Gripe or Overreaction?

The discussion at Giz (a tech site) is going hot, but I'd like some feedback from a group that knows and cares about food.

What do you think?

Bon Appetite Magazine - Is it worth subscribing to?

I received an offer for a year's subscription for $10. Oh, plus $3 shipping and handling (snuck in after the fact). For the year you also get a free Tastes of the World cookbook and 5 "special" issues. Is this just marketing or will I really get 17 issues plus a cook book (assuming it's a monthly publication. I don't know, it doesn't say which concerns me)?
I know BA is affiliated with, which I've found to be a good source for recipes, but other than that, I don't know much about this publication.

Is it any good? Too much advertising? I don't drink so I find magazines like Food and Wine to be less-than-useful. Will I run into that same problem? Helpful feedback is appreciated.

Chemical Taste in Baked Goods

A couple of baked goods we've made recently had a strange chemical taste to them (most recently was an apple cake) and I suspect it's our store-brand baking soda. If that is the case, what is a good brand of baking soda to get to avoid this in the future? If b. soda is not the culprit, any idea what it might be?

The Pizza Lab: Foolproof Pan Pizza

I've got a confession to make: I love pan pizza. I'm not talking deep-dish Chicago-style with its crisp crust and rivers of cheese and sauce, I'm talking thick-crusted, fried-on-the-bottom, puffy, cheesy, focaccia-esque pan pizza, dripping with strings of mozzarella and robust sauce. If only pizza that good were also easy to make at home. Well here's the good news: It is. This is the easiest pizza you will ever make. Seriously. All it takes is a few basic kitchen essentials, some simple ingredients, and a bit of patience. More