Brian Yaeger

Author of Red, White, & Brew: An American Beer Odyssey. Contributor to Oxford Companion to Beer, All About Beer, Draft Mag, Portland Monthly, & Willamette Week. Actually has a Master in Professional Writing. Never misses the New Orleans Jazz Fest. @Yaeger

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  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Favorite foods: BBQ, Cajun, burgers, doughnuts.
  • Last bite on earth: My mom's chocolate chip pumpkin bread, unless it's my last bite because I'm on death row, in which case she’d kill me so I’d request a Stan's Donuts Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Roll.

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Hot Stuff: Agrarian's Cherry Cherry Bomb Bon Soda

Adam, yes. and dude, I seriously wanna go get a milkshake with you. I mean, two straws and two shakes, but...

Hot Stuff: Agrarian's Cherry Cherry Bomb Bon Soda

Brier: That's a typo, er, chalk-o, on the board. Simple explanation of name is that it's got cherries, cherry bomb peppers, and cherry cherry bomb bon has a ring to it.
Mofongotron: Indeed, their ever-changing lineup of homemade sodas, often incorporating farm-grown chiles, are not to be missed. Don't rush your visit either!


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