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how long does pizza dough hold?

You'll be fine. No worries there. :)

How do you like your Grilled Cheese?

If I add anything to my grilled cheese, it's black olive tapenade. Works so well. Yum!

What are your "special occasion" ingredients?

Cinnamon. It works so well in so many sweet and savoury dishes and usually adds something that most people cannot figure out. Ha! It's such a basic ingredient with so much diversity.

what should I make that uses A LOT of carrots?

Baked carrot fries! Oooh. They get so nice and sweet.

Do you ever eat things out of nostalgia and nothing else?

Oh man! Pizza Hut also holds memories for me. I was never allowed to order a pizza with anything meaty on it because my mom was always afraid of processed meats. Sigh. I used to sneak slices at other kids' birthday parties. Haha. You just brought back funny memories. :)

My love for _____ has faded.

Peas. They were made way too much to continue liking them. Haha.

To Sear or Not to Sear

Searing is absolutely essential to me. It adds so much flavor (and color)! and the meat doesn't end up looking grey. Don't be lazy. It's worth it.


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