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Irish Cream recipe

Like @VerasTastyFreeze, the recipe I just received (I get tweets from Bon Appetit mag) is more of a Baileys color. I was thinking about making it myself but I don't care for Coconut...Wonder if it could be left out...

Anyway, I provided the link in case you were interested.

Happy St. Paddy's day! :)

The Food Lab: Ultra-Fluffy or Rich and Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Fluffy girl here! Man, I LOVE mashed potatoes. To the point where, years ago, my friend bought me a Mashed Potato flavored candle. That smelled so good, I almost wanted to eat the jar.

I've actually tried out several different ways to make (s)mashed potatoes. Only way I have left to try is using a ricer. I have a couple different potato mashers but the old school one is my favorite. Unfortunately, I can't find it in any stores. :( I have the spring loaded masher from Williams Sonoma that I'm currently using but it makes for a more creamy vs fluffy (which is what I prefer).

recipe for beans made in the oven

I'm sure this isn't what you are talking about but I made these not that long ago and they were awesome!! The recipe is called "Best Baked Beans on the Planet." Must say, I haven't had better. It's from Raichlen's BBQ University on PBS. The recipe says grill them but I made them in the oven with delicious results.

Once you click on the website you may have to scroll down a little if it doesn't bring the recipe right up.

What do you do with rib tips/short ribs?

@onepercent: Yes, you are right. Funny you should mention baked beans. I made some this weekend which were great! I followed this recipe (more or less)
and I would recommend to anyone. The only changes I made was to use only half a sweet onion and 1 c. (not packed) brown sugar. Also used 1 poblano and 3.5 jalapenos since I was afraid to use more. I have to say though, I wouldn't mind another one to 1.5 jalapenos. We didn't have any brisket on hand so I used bacon for the smoky flavor.

What do you do with rib tips/short ribs?

@dbcurrie: That's what I like to hear! Your last comment made me laugh. :)

What do you do with rib tips/short ribs?

Ok, so rib tips it is; thank you eaters! :-) learn something new everyday. Told you I was new at this one. Smoking seems to be my BF's new thing. Believe me, I am not complaining. He's been doing an awesome job!

How does 10 hours on low in the crock pot sound...Or is that too long?

What do you do with rib tips/short ribs?

@hungrychristel: thank you! It's good to hear I am not the only one that isn't sure what to do with the trimmings. So happy you suggested a crock pot-that was the only thing I could think of to use..

@dbcurrie: Thank you for clarifying. I did not know. Might have to go the route you and hungry were mentioning. It's a little unnerving when dealing with a new cut of meat. I don't want to mess it up!

Tito's Vodka

I would have to agree with @jedd63. When I first had it a year or two ago, I loved it and thought it would become a staple. Then, I tried it against a favorite and it lost, by a long shot.

What to do with 7 Mangos ???

Ohhhh...You should eat them up! So delicious.

I have some ripe ones in my fridge too. It's very hard for me not to eat them since they are so good but I want to make Mango Bread. I found this recipe I would like to try:

I will be omitting the coconut and walnuts though. Yuck!

What would you do with Manchego?

@allot/sarag22: What is membrillo? I've been to tapas restaurants (YUM!) but I have never ordered anything with that ingredient. I'm curious..

What would you do with Manchego?

@therealchiff: You are too funny. LOVE IT. Probably will make that this weekend. Only problem is, I will want to eat them all. I already have the bacon too (I had a party last weekend and made stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon) so it'll be hard not to make. Oddly enough, I bought the block of cheese at Costco. Their cheeses are incredible. Everytime I go there, I have to buy something (maybe more than one).

@Madelyn: Wow. In mashed potatoes, huh? That sounds dangerous. I love mashed potatoes. Thanks for that idea! Also, I heard about your idea with the quince. Emeril has a grilled cheese with quince on Pumpernickle as an appetizer. Looked pretty good. I happened to catch that episode when I was home one day.


I really liked this recipe. It's called Artichoke Crusted Chicken. Mmmmm. So good.

Artichokes are the best. I am really liking the Artichoke Crab Cakes. WOW.

July 4th weekend, what are you making?

@Bakerman5185: WOW. I want some pastrami!! Love that stuff!! Also, what are those cookies you are talking about?? Caramel Apple Pie Cookies sound INSANELY delish. Care to share the recipe?

What's the story behind your SE screen name?

My real name means Butterfly and I am a girl. :)

Love reading the stories behind the names...Great post!

Has Anyone Ever Tried Tuaca Liqueur?

I'm with @AnnieNT. Heinous, terrible, awful. I tried it once years ago. I almost couldn't keep it down. Ughhh.

Homemade vs Box Brownies

Mark Bittman's brownies are to die for. LOVE 'EM. After I made those, I haven't made another recipe since. Soooo good.

Also made even better when adding creamy peanut butter to the recipe. :)

Taste Test: The Best Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches

Finally, someone agrees with me. The Ham, Egg and Cheese (provolone please) is the best from Wawa. I try to tell people that ham is acceptable on breakfast sandwiches and it's delish but I get blank stares. It's very good! If you have a Wawa near you, I recommend you try it. It's been a while since I had one but looks like they are still the same. My BF likes the Philly Cheesesteak bfast sandwich.

Another place I used to like getting breakfast sandwiches from is PureBread. You get to pick everything-bread, meat, and cheese. I liked lightly toasted croissant, ham, brie, and egg. YUMMM

Hot Dog Toppings

I had a hot dog last night that was delish. I had the usual ketchup, mustard, and cheese but I decided to add Cole Slaw. It was my first time trying that. I will definitely have that again! Yummm.

Can't go wrong with Chilli Cheese Dogs.

Then there's always the bacon wrapped hot dogs...Mmmmm

Lost Party Eats Suggestions

I'm willing to try anything. Thanks for the tip! :-)

Lost Party Eats Suggestions

@resolutejc: I will do as suggested. I remember cooking with my mom and her having me cut everything and just crying when it came to onions. I don't know what I dislike more-the taste or my reaction. I will cook with it and use for everyone else but if I'm cooking for one-no way. Odd though, I LOVE garlic and don't mind shallots (I "cry" when cutting those as well) but any other onion family, no thanks. Yet, I love the smell of them cooking on the stove and the sizzle when thrown on a hot skillet...

Can't wait for Sunday!!

Lost Party Eats Suggestions

@moibec: I like that idea...Does tequila in a shot glass count??

Lost Party Eats Suggestions

@resolutejc: Thank you! I have never heard about doing that but I think I will do that from now on. Here's the thing: I do not like onions. I omit them from recipes when they are an ingredient. Usually, I will put in more garlic or sub with some shallot. The only time I will eat onions is when they are in guac and salsa. I will cook with them for others but for me-I opt out. Not to mention, I am REALLY affected by the gases. I can't even cut half an onion without looking like I am crying a river. I really need to buy those glasses/goggles that are supposed to help with that issue.

Lost Party Eats Suggestions

@jedd63: That is awesome! Thanks! Will definitely have to use those. :-)

I was thinking about having tropical fruit...Having sliced Mangoes (mostly for me-LOVE them). Maybe Pineapple Upside Down Cake (YUM)...

@resolutejc: That sounds like a great salsa. I have never salted then soaked onions. What does that do-make them a little more mild? I like the Ham & Pineapple Pizza too. Nothing better than a sweet/salty combo.

Buffalo Wings in Dip Form

@Andrea: Thanks! I will definitely try this recipe. I've been looking for a good buffalo wing dip. Some are too heavy on certain ingredients and others don't have good flavor or there's the orange grease that lies on top. Can't wait to try it. :)

Buffalo Wings in Dip Form

Sounds like it would be great for my Lost party this Sunday...:)

To make things easy, how about getting a rotisserie chicken and shredding that in the processor once cooled? Would that be doable?


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