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The Essential Tools for Homemade Pizza

This makes miss Slice.

These days the fool-proof Pan Pizza recipe is the #1 Kenji pie recipe in our home. It is just so easy for a weeknight or busy weekend. The extra dough ball ends up typically getting baked up as some sort of "focaccia."

How to Make Light and Fluffy Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes With Aquafaba

Probably wouldn't hurt to headie top these with some wheat germ if your are into that sort of thing.

Phat Phrik Khing: Smash Your Way to a Spectacular Dry-Style Thai Curry

Grandma (RIP) used what used to be the common term for Brazil Nuts till she could no longer shop. You want a cringeworthy experience, try going to the store with a 4 foot 8 92 year old woman who ends up berating a store employee that the trail mix she bought has "nigger toes" in it when the label didn't say it did (it did).

The Food Lab's Guide to Sous Vide Sausage

So was the improvement preparing the sausages sous-vide worth the effort? Sausages poached simply in beer/onions/.etc. and finished how you please is a time honored and delicious preparation method. I've pondered preparing sausage sous-vide over the last few years now but never did it as I just kept thinking it was unnecessary (like cooking a steak for 1-2 sous-vide) unless it was a particularly delicate sausage.

Nachos for One? The Microwave Is Your Best Friend

Occasionally I'll make microwaved poverty chos. Wheat Thins + American Cheese + Few squirts of hot sauce... Garnished with dill pickle slices

The Food Lab: The Best Goulash (Hungarian Beef and Paprika Stew)

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Rethinking Vinaigrettes: The Case for Dropping the Acid

@Ananonnie Of course. This is just another case of generating a overly sensationalist title for an article to generate clicks.

A Hill of Beans, and How I Cooked Them

Us too RobynB. I place an order with Rancho Gordo once every couple months and always have a pot cooking up of some delicious variety every Sunday for use all week. Healthy and delicious and its a fun to work your way through all the interesting varieties you've never tried.

A Hill of Beans, and How I Cooked Them

The Rancho Gordo crew swears by not soaking at all. Hard boil for 5-10 minutes then simmer.

Step-by-Step: One-Bowl, No-Mixer, Easy Oatmeal Cookies

Made these over the weekend with butterscotch chips after reading Kimboinatl's comment. Big hit. I like the caramel idea as well. The cookies tasted on the sweet side just out of the oven, but after cooling they weren't cloying at all. They came out crisp yet chewy my favorite texture for cookies. Super easy to whip up a batch and delicious.

Pappa al Pomodoro: The Tuscan Tomato Soup for Every Season

This is Kenji's vegan 15-minute creamy tomato soup minus finishing it in the blender.

What Type of Canned Tomatoes Should I Use?

Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes are my go to nowadays. Our local grocery store almost always has them on sale at a really nice price point.

How to Make Fish Stock (Fumet)

I prefer to use the office microwave to make my fish stock.

Food-Styling 101: Pro-Tips to Step Up Your Game

@Moosefight Don't forget a random smear of sauce on the cutting board as well. Key

At $65, The Misen Chef's Knife is the Holy Grail of Knives

Almost double the $$$ it started at this morning. Good for them.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Cakes: An Editor Says Farewell

You'll be missed. You've put out some great stuff on this site. Finally started working my way through your ice cream recipes. I had pretty much given up on homemade ice cream, but your recipes have changed that. Really awesome results. Best of luck on your new adventures.

How to Not F#&k Up a Caprese Salad

LOL@restaurants serving caprese in the winter and LOL@those that order it thinking that it is not going to suck.

I skip the black pepper, find it can be too much, just salt is all you need on great tomatoes and cheese IMO.

+1 Burrata. No local mozz here but excellent local burrata is available so it's a no brainer.

Pass the Ketchup: How to Make Better Mexican-Style Shrimp Cocktail

The local taqueria by my work makes an excellent crave worthy version. Not too sweet at all, great on a warm day. They add diced cucumber to it in addition to the typical stuff which works well.

Many places add Clamato to the mix. Did you play around with this?

Easiest Summer Ever: Tomato, Apricot, Feta, and Mint Salad

Kitchen Cum Jamming Factory? I guess it didn't take long to get into the West Coast lifestyle.