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Pappa al Pomodoro: The Tuscan Tomato Soup for Every Season

This is Kenji's vegan 15-minute creamy tomato soup minus finishing it in the blender.

What Type of Canned Tomatoes Should I Use?

Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes are my go to nowadays. Our local grocery store almost always has them on sale at a really nice price point.

How to Make Fish Stock (Fumet)

I prefer to use the office microwave to make my fish stock.

Food-Styling 101: Pro-Tips to Step Up Your Game

@Moosefight Don't forget a random smear of sauce on the cutting board as well. Key

At $65, The Misen Chef's Knife is the Holy Grail of Knives

Almost double the $$$ it started at this morning. Good for them.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Cakes: An Editor Says Farewell

You'll be missed. You've put out some great stuff on this site. Finally started working my way through your ice cream recipes. I had pretty much given up on homemade ice cream, but your recipes have changed that. Really awesome results. Best of luck on your new adventures.

How to Not F#&k Up a Caprese Salad

LOL@restaurants serving caprese in the winter and LOL@those that order it thinking that it is not going to suck.

I skip the black pepper, find it can be too much, just salt is all you need on great tomatoes and cheese IMO.

+1 Burrata. No local mozz here but excellent local burrata is available so it's a no brainer.

Pass the Ketchup: How to Make Better Mexican-Style Shrimp Cocktail

The local taqueria by my work makes an excellent crave worthy version. Not too sweet at all, great on a warm day. They add diced cucumber to it in addition to the typical stuff which works well.

Many places add Clamato to the mix. Did you play around with this?

Easiest Summer Ever: Tomato, Apricot, Feta, and Mint Salad

Kitchen Cum Jamming Factory? I guess it didn't take long to get into the West Coast lifestyle.

Let Halloumi Take Over Your Next Pizza Party

@Kenji Got it, guess I wasn't paying attention that it was part of a summer series. I know you have that fancy oven on loan, but must admit some of these pizza recipes of late seem primed for cooking directly on the grill method. I'm always amazed at just how great grilled pizzas come out, no fancy equipment needed.

Any summer stone fruit pizza topping recipes in the works?

Let Halloumi Take Over Your Next Pizza Party

Putting cheese on a pizza is a Food Lab worthy recipe post? Sounds ok and all, but doesn't really channel the whole "less posts, but more in depth, researched, getting deep into" is our new philosophy the site has been using in its defense in recent times. Anyways Its Friday, time for the weekend and it's mid-summer; sometimes you just got to phone it in.

Traditional or Not, There's Technique at the Heart of Teriyaki Burgers

@Osomatic I'm with you, a nice acidic and/or spicy slaw sounds like it would be great on this.

The Secrets to Making the Best Shrimp Cocktail

Big skrimp cocktail fan here. Lately been cooking the skrimps sous-vide which is easy and painless to get perfectly cooked. My mom swears by Ina Garten's skrimp cocktail where she roasts the skrimps in the oven. Not bad at all and her cocktail sauce recipe is very good and doesn't even require the typical "good" ingredients, store bought is fine all the way.

Spicy Soppressata and Honey Were Born to Live Together on Pizza

I have a bottle of Mike's Hot Honey I bought specifically to try on pizza. Just doesn't do it for me. I guess I'm just not a fan of any amount of cloying sweetness on a pie.

The Asado Burger: All the Flavors of the Argentine Grill, on Bread

LOL@thinking Louis Lunch is actually a good burger. The burger is only worth eating for historic value.

In my experience, asado on Argentinean estancias consisted of a whole butterflied lamb placed on a large metal rod stuck in the ground surrounded by an open fire. When the meat is done it gets somewhat crudely hacked up and served over portable grills/warmer type things in the middle of the table and you go at it family style. Also served was grilled chorizo, salad drenched in a vinegar and olive oil, bread, and chimichurri that is more red than green. I'm sure it varies from place to place. I was somewhat surprised that lamb was the meat of choice more often than not and was actually more impressive flavor wise, but I'm sure that varies by region as well.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Impressed the Lipton Tea advertising has even made it into this segment. Have to pay the bills and make the sponsors happy I know.

Are there any plans to review the Uuni 2 portable wood fired oven? The one you and Kenji have been advertising lately looks pretty sweet but it is still ~$7k. The Uuni 2 is only ~$300, but I've never seen it in action in real life, curious if it is legit or just a piece of junk.

The Food Lab: 5 Steps to the Best Grilled Shrimp

Fun Central California seafood fact: Spot Prawns are actually skrimps and Ridgeback Skrimps are actually prawns. Both are delicious though.

Did you try a quick brine? Some folks swear by this method for plump juicy skrimps.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Fried finger food and sticking those fingers into the community house balls. Ahh yeah

How to Make Cherry Clafoutis, a Dessert so Elegant, Your Guests Won't Know How Easy it is

You know what's not satisfying? When your dinner guest shatters a tooth on a cherry pit. Unless you a making it just to Garfield on your own, I'm thinking pitted is the wise choice.

The Good Bagel Manifesto

Nothing more disappointing than getting an everything bagel and finding out it has caraway seeds on it. Total overwhelms and ruins the bagel. The worst

Taste Test: The Best Supermarket Bacon

The bacon available from the meat counter by the pound in most Albertson's is pretty darn great for supermarket bacon.