Sweet Hacks: 10-Minute No-Bake Lime Cracker Pie

Clearly there is something wrong with my taste buds to disagree with those who love this. I made it. I hated it. My family tasted it. My family was disgusted. We threw it out. Yuck. It sent the wrong kind of shivers down my spine. It would have been fine using graham crackers instead, but now I think we're turned off of even true key lime pie FOREVER. So if you are wondering about the flavor combination in a curious, how could this work kind of way, don't do it. If you feel you can imagine a nice interplay between the crackers and the sweetened lime cream, go for it--it is very clear from the other comments that some do actually like this...

For the love of a Spaghetti Squash ...

Toss with a little crumbled bacon in a skillet until warm. Add salt and pepper and fresh grated parm. Sometimes scallions. Yum

People that have actual real -life food/spice names, Know Any?

A former co worker named her son Dijon. She was fascinated when she overheard me discussing a longed-for trip to Dijon with another woman. When we were through talking she approached me to ask 'is Dijon really in France? I had no idea!!' Turns out she named her son after enduring mustard cravings for her entire pregnancy. I still can't believe it!

Serious Eats in Wellfleet, MA?

We went to Winslow's Tavern a couple of weeks back and had really delicious food in a lovely setting. Right on Main Street in the center of town. Mac's Shack for sushi is always a favorite of my boys. The drive-in is definitely fun after a long day at the beach. We don't care for fried foods, so I can't help you there, although Mac's has a clam shack at the harbor. Sometimes we go to the bookstore restaurant just to down oysters on a deck overlooking where they originated--but the space itself is rather dingy. Have a great time--we're headed that way Friday night!

Pickled bell peppers - how to use?

Pork chops and vinegar peppers served with fried potatoes...there is a good recipe on epicurious. Yummy.

Cook the Book: 'Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods'

The Canto 6 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The canneles fit right in there with the gluttony theme...

buttermilk powder and buttermilk

You can freeze buttermilk. I put it in one cup increments in baggies frozen flat. Separates a bit but not a problem if you are baking with it. Also, I've kept buttermilk successfully in the fridge for well past the expiration date.

Happy Food Stories!

Like many, I love to bake. But I get kind of bummed out at the many indiscriminate eaters who gush equal praise for brownies from a box and something I worked on for hours and I know tastes infinitely better. So one year for Christmas I unexpectedly burst into tears after opening a tiny box from my neighbor--a teeny tiny silver rolling pin for my charm bracelet!

Cook the Book: 'Rose's Heavenly Cakes'

My late grandmother's 'Anniversary Cake,' which I now know is a version of Dobos Torte. Mmmmm.

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate molasses sponge candy--I'm an upstate NY girl at heart!

Pork Roll. What???

I'm already laughing at the ire this might create, but if you have a sensitive nose/palate pork roll might not be to your liking. It is processed with lactic acid, which gives it a tangy taste and smell. When it is frying up, to me, it smells rancid and tastes just as bad--especially when combined with American cheese, which I am told is the only cheese that will suffice. I get that to some it is a longed-for regional delicacy. But I am repulsed whenever my husband is so lucky to acquire some--it leaks so much fat when cooking that it is astonishing it has any structure left. To each his own...

Looking to buy a stand mixer...

@MoEats--You are right--the warranty would be voided using a Beater Blade brand beater, but when pressed, KA said it was because it stressed the engine, thereby overheating it. But tests were done (I think by Cooks Illustrated?!!) to check this and they found that because a Beater Blade mixed more efficiently than the issued blade, the issued blade required more time to mix the same batter, thereby creating more heat even for short uses, negating KA's argument. At any rate I've been using a Beater Blade since they came out only great results and with no issues whatsoever. But like I said, a Beater Blade isn't for heavy duty use, for which I use the KA (coated) blade designed for the mixer. @dbcurrie--strange how we have the opposite experience with the coated beaters--mine have never chipped and I'm not really all that gentle with them!

Looking to buy a stand mixer...

Have the KA pro 600 too, and I love it for many many reasons. Initially the noise level was really high, but after I used it several times the volume seemed to lower. It never is as 'quiet' as my previous KA tilt head was, so I can no longer bake after my son goes to bed. I use it for all sorts of things like breads and cakes and cookies. While you DO still have to scrape the bowl, I found that a 'beater blade' (appx. $25) works well to minimize that when you aren't making breads (which are too heavy for that type of blade)--and creaming is SOO much faster with those little windshield wipers when you are making something like icing, cookies, etc. The bowl is quite huge, so I also have a 'combi-whip,' (was $45 at W-S, which was the only place that carried it at the time) which is a smaller bowl that comes with its own, specially-sized whisk/blade beater and does the trick just great when you don't need the big guy. (Nice to have the extra bowl around, too) Finally, I replaced the beater it comes with, which has to be hand-washed otherwise it leaves streaks of grey throughout your concoctions (and that CAN'T be good for you...). The new beater I bought was about $12 online somewhere (KA brand) and, like the tilt-head KA mixers, is covered in some sort of vinyl coating, making it dishwasher safe. So, you can see it was a big investment, followed by more investment, but it is really wonderful and you won't regret it.

lime cream filling?

Maybe you could try making lime curd (lemon curd is a lime must be too!) and then folding it into whipped cream.

Sauce for ravioli

We love pureed butternut squash on ours.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Charles Chocolates

Chocolate melting. Yum!

Cook the Book: 'Nigella Christmas'

Many years ago I made gingerbread people decorated to look like every last one of my dorm-mates--all 30 of them. They were darling!

Canelés, Another Dessert Inspired by Nuns

Canto 6 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. None compare!

Worst foodie gift ever?

A chef outfit complete with checkered pants and a chili-pepper headband--from MY HUSBAND. Thank goodness that was only PART of the mostly excellent gifts from him that Christmas. Eventually swapped at the office Yankee swap where the only rule is it has to be something we REALLY REALLY don't want and don't know how to otherwise get rid of, the outfit found a new home with my boss' 6'4" son, and they fit him PERFECTLY. (I'm 5"4'). Gosh--hope my husband doesn't see this post!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Charles Chocolates

Chocolate covered fleur de sel caramels

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Branston pickle. Mmmmm.

recipes using buttermilk

Pour it into potatoes you are mashing instead of butter and milk. We like to add raw diced shallots or chives. Yum!

How to store cooked pumpkin long-term?

Cut open, bake, and only THEN scoop out the seeds (so much easier/less messy), and then the flesh. Let flesh cool slightly and whizz with a hand blender or food processor. Freeze in flattened freezer bags portioned out (I use 2 cups in each).Last week we enjoyed some from 2005 and it was just as delicious as the day I cooked it, honest!!

Best apples for baking?

Cortlands are delicious and slow to brown once peeled. They were delicious in last week's apple pie.

What to do with spaghetti squash?

Not super healthy, but not too bad. Cut it in half, nuke it till done. Saute a bit of bacon, add squash strands and lots of parmesan. Yum!

Raspberry Syrup Advice for Raspberry Lime Rickeys?

A friend has posed this question to me--any ideas (homemade or store bought)?
Do you know of a really good raspberry syrup that I can use for raspberry lime rickeys? I have always used raspberry Zarex, but apparently they aren’t making it any more and I can’t find it anywhere. I’m well known for making great rlr’s. I’m having company this coming weekend and I don’t want to disappoint them.
Can you help?

Road Trip Snacks to Pack

Spring break for elementary school! We're taking a road trip from Boston to Georgia, stopping for sights and family along the way. What are your favorite road trip snacks to keep everybody happy when in the car for up to ten hours at a time?

Marinated Artichoke Hearts

The bay leaves give these artichokes a subtle woodsy, almost piney flavor, and you can really taste the citrus and spice. They would be perfect in salads, as a pizza topping, or as part of an antipasti platter. This recipe... More

Market Scene: Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers' Market in Providence, Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island may be small but it doesn't lack for food activities. One distinctive characteristic is the state's abundance of farmers' markets. With more than 1,200 farms across the state, residents don't have to travel far to get seasonal produce. During winter, options are naturally more limited. But the marvelous Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers' Market becomes the focal point of locavorism from November to May. More

Serious Eats NYC-Boston Road Trip: Suggestions Needed

On Tuesday, the Serious Eaters are road-tripping from New York to Boston in a Buick LaCrosse, lent to us by the good folks at General Motors. We are totally psyched and have a basic outline of the trip mapped out. So far, the stops include: Walter's Hot Dogs (Mamaroneck, NY), Tarry Lodge (Port Chester, NY), Craigie on Main (Boston, MA), Clear Flour Bread Bakery (Brookline, MA), and Summer Shack (Mohegan Sun, CT). Got any other delicious suggestions? More

Homemade Goat Cheese Sounds Pretty Easy

[Photograph: Kiss My Spatula] A new year's resolution you should set? (Unless you're lactose-intolerant maybe.) Make goat cheese from scratch! Kiss My Spatula did and swears the distinct, clean, and tangy taste of the artisanal cheese pucks will blow your mind. Your salads, crostinis, pizzas, omelets, cheese plates, and beyond will take on an entirely new meaning. Basically, all you do is buy yourself a quart of goat's milk. Simmer it. Add some lemon juice. Tie it up in a little pouch. Leave it out to dry. And comes the hard part. Wait. Drip, drip, drippity drip. In a bit over an hour, you'll have, at your fingertips, a batch of homemade goat cheese. That sounds awfully too... More

How to Make Apple Cider

Photograph from Savvy Housekeeping If you really like apple cider (the alcoholic kind, that is), Savvy Housekeeping shares a tutorial for how to make apple cider at home. Apple juice, brown sugar, wine yeast, beer-making equipment, and a few weeks of patience will reward you with 42 bottles of apple cider. Related Bathtub Gin and Other DIY Alcohols Make Your Own Wine at Home How to Make a Watermelon Keg... More

Forget Iowa, Heaven Is the All Candy Expo in Chicago

It would be difficult to overstate the joy I got from attending the All Candy Expo, the annual meeting/celebration put on in Chicago by the National Confectioners Association. The two-and-a-half-day spectacle gives candy companies a chance to introduce new products and tap into new markets; retailers a chance to discover products they have not sold before; distributors a chance to find new clients; and, most important, everyone a chance to try more different kinds of candy in three days than most people do in their lives. There were so many great things to try at the Candy Expo, and I feel the need to share a lot of it with the Serious Eats community. As a result, this is... More

Cook the Book: Root Beer Bundt Cake

Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, co-owners of Brooklyn cakeshop Baked, specialize in whimsical reworkings of comforting, familiar flavors, of which today's recipe is a perfect example. Evoking the lazy days of summer, their chocolate-root beer Bundt cake is smeared with dark, gooey root beer fudge. More