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The Best Drinks We Drank in November

Kenji's mystery fruits are Mamoncillo (green) and Granadilla (orange).

Favorite Non-traditional desserts for Tday

@merstar: that cranberry coffee cake sounds really good
I would like to make a apple slab pie or apple pie bars like this recipe
Usually my family mostly has tons of pies like 7-10 of them since I have a big family and we like pie. But I usually try to make something other than pie as well each year, for something different :)

Show and Tell: Your Latte Art

WOW, I really liked the turkey, elephant, and pheonix

Best Smoothies?

Really easy, tasty banana smoothie. 3 frozen bananas with 2 cups milk and blend until smooth. If you want you can add a a spoonful of pb. It serves 2-3 depending how much smoothie you want.

Restaurants/foods near Midway Airport

Thanks Max! I think I will try it out, sounds pretty tasty

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

I have never had pancetta, but I would like to try it and make some delicious recipes with it, if I win!