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How to Make Savory Chinese Turnip Cakes (Law Bok Gow)

@Arlius, the fresh shiitakes that I see in markets are of a very thin-capped variety, whereas the dried ones are thicker, meatier, and tastier. One of the Chinese markets near me used to have the fresh versions of those shiitakes, but then they changed management and stopped carrying them.

Also, if you buy dried shiitakes and store them, they're always conveniently on hand.

Dinner Tonight: Pork Chops with Sage and Balsamic

I found Step 1 by looking at
1. If at all possible, salt the chops a few hours before cooking, though it's not necessary. Make sure the chops are very dry, then rub with the sugar and salt (to your liking) on both sides. Add the oil to a cold pan and lay the pork chops down, pressing firmly. Turn on the heat to medium and cook, undisturbed, for 5 to 6 minutes.

Pan-Cooked Chicken Thighs with Butternut Squash

Chicken legs or thighs? The title says thighs, but the ingredient list says legs. I'm not sure I believe that you can fit 4 chicken legs *and* 4 cups of butternut squash into the same skillet.

The Scoop: On the Need for More Pralines 'n Cream

In 1981, Baskin Robbins came out with a flavor called "Condorman Crunch"; it was chocolate ice cream with pralines and a caramel ribbon, and it was bliss. They later re-released it as "Pralines 'n Chocolate Cream", but eventually they just stopped producing it.

Vegan Eating: Breaking Down Bread

@disgustingfoodie, Wacky Cake (aka Amazon cake and various other names) is fluffy, light, chocolaty, and delicious, and vegan as long as the white sugar you're using is safe. The ingredients are flour, cocoa powder, sugar, vinegar, salt, and vanilla.

Pasta With Braised Broccoli and Tomato

What are you reserving the juice from the tomatoes for? I don't see it anywhere else in the recipe.


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