Mrs. Schlieger

I live in FL. and love cooking and making new foods. I am looking for new interesting food blends and telling others what I find interesting and yummy :)

  • Favorite foods: Pizza, all diff. kinds of chicken, fajitas, tacos,italian,anything with chocloate,steak and baked potato, anything with sour cream and I love smoothes!
  • Last bite on earth: Ham and olive pizza! I just love it.

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One day, I'm gonna get around to trying.....

@flamingo :) that is a great idea. I think that I will do that. I want to try all types of things but i always chicken out. Everytime I got someplace I say that I am going to get something new and I almost always get the same thing. Thanks for the idea.

Wendy's New french fries

I had them and they were really salty and cold, I was so upset because I loved their fries before they changed them! BRING BACK THE OLD FRIES!

One day, I'm gonna get around to trying.....

I wish that I could be more like some of you who want to try things, I am so picky that I say that I want to try it and then I chicken out.

Southern Themed Wedding Shower Ideas

I live in the South and we all LOVE sweet eat and BBQ and fried chicken.

College Care Package - what reheats well in microwave?

I really love reheating anything that is italian, I know this might sound crazy but the day after we make spaghetti I like to heat it up in a frying pan, It is the best and it does not take long at all.


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