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Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen?

Thanks! I'll have dear hubby check it out, techno-idiot that I am.

why are food scenes important to the film industry?

I think it's a definite tie-in to different cultures, which is an automatic tie-in to family dynamics, etc., etc.

I do also know that for me at least it's also highly suggestive. There are few Mafia flicks I can watch without automatically getting a hankering for Italian food. My husband knows that if there's a "Godfather" marathon going on, or "Goodfellas" is on (LOVE Paul Sorvino razor-blade-slicing the garlic in prison), there's a better-than-excellent chance that I'll be making something Italian for dinner - lol!

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen?

Oh, & yes - I also keep both baking soda & a large box of kosher/coarse salt near my electric range in case something stray should ignite. Also a small spray bottle of water.

I know this makes it sound like I regularly set fire to things - lol - but it's more a matter of wanting to be safe rather than sorry, since I do LOVE to cook.

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen?

Yes, I do have one in the kitchen, but it's been there for 15 years, so am thinking I may have to toss it & buy another. Do they expire?

Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

Thanks for the explanation!! The recipe as is just sort of stymied me re: the name - lol!

Cinco De Mayo - What Are You Cooking UP?

Apart from the usual Margaritas, salsa, & guacamole to start, I'll be making an adapted Martha Stewart recipe that we enjoy which is a sort of "Enchiladas Suiza" - basically poached shredded chicken, sautéed spinach, Monterey Jack &/or White Cheddar cheese, jalapenos, onions, green tomatillo sauce, & sour cream in flour tortillas. Will serve with spicy refried beans & a green salad.

Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

"Mock Lobster"??? I just read through that recipe & can't even remotely figure out how it got that name. Usually anything called "mock" anything at least bears a minor resemblance to the original product. All this is is ground beef shaped like a lobster?


Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

I would make a lovely free-form (as in formed into a long oval in a large baking dish or pan instead of in a mold) meatloaf. Any recipe that appeals to you.

Have what you want for Meal #1, then slice up the rest, individually wrap each slice in cling-wrap, pop the wrapped slices into a Ziploc bag, & into the freezer. They'll last for several months without any loss of quality, & you can easily pull out what you need for another meal (or an impromptu meatloaf sandwich), run each slice under warm tap water to loosen the wrap, then defrost & reheat in the microwave. They're just as delicious for followup meals as they were on Day 1. I do this all the time.

How the Heck Does One Report Spam on this Site??

Yes Beavis - I totally agree. It's a real pain in the ass to report spam or an inappropriate post.

One would think that a website like this would have a super-easy way to do this. Websites far, far less upscale have this sort of reporting in place.

So WHAT GIVES Serious Eats???

Cheap cookware from Chinatown restaurant supply store

I agree that it not only depends on the item, but also your ability to evaluate the quality.

On the other hand, the inexpensive carbon-steel wok that my mother gifted me with from a tiny little local Long Islane, NY, Chinese grocery store back in 1974 is still going strong & getting weekly use in my kitchen.

Can I freeze chicken tikka masala?

I fully agree with Tipsy. Freezing the chicken minus any dairy will result in a product closest to non-frozen after thawing. Dairy tends to throw a serious monkey wrench into freezing stuff.

How do you avoid overspending?

I don't mind or go mental over making a few impulse purchases - especially if they're snacks for my hard-working husband. And even for him is favorite snacks are relatively healthy.

But really, for everyday living, I really believe that you have to sit down & make a weekly PLAN. It's not written in stone, but it helps to avoid making purchases that end up in the trash because you didn't use them.

In my case, I LOVE our local farmers market (which just opened for the season this past weekend), but tend to buy more fresh produce than I know what to do with within a weeks time or before it starts getting skanky.

I'm trying (yeah, right - lol!) to figure out what I'm most likely to find at the market + what I'm most likely to use in the following week. Otherwise, many of my purchases will be toast.

Cheap and Nutritious

Sounds good, so long as the recipes are YOUR OWN & not just unauthorized copies of others. Because from the gist of your post, it sounds like you're looking to post recipes from other published sources. Which, frankly, I don't think is allowed on this site.

How do you avoid overspending?

While I do make a weekly meal plan based on weekly sales flyers at our local supermarkets (+ now produce from our local farmers market & our own garden), I have enough cooking expertise to up the ante if I come across an unadvertised sale & be able to thus pick up appropriate condiments &/or sides to complement that purchase.

Really - planning is key, as is the ability to change gears if necessary. This means a well-stocked pantry & freezer.

So the weekly email is turning into a daily...

Daily works fine for me.

Actually, the time spent opening & decided whether to save or delete a "daily" is pretty much the exact time (or even less) perusing the weekly & deciding which recipes to save or delete. Pretty much zero difference.

Cornmeal on stone burning

Wow. So I guess the fact that I sprinkle cornmeal on my baking stone AND flour on my pizza peel, & produce gorgeous non-sticking pizzas on neither peel nor stone & no cornmeal or flour burning must be because I'm somehow blessed by God? LOL!!!!!! Just wondering.

Unusual Pizza Toppings

Actually, I meant the term "Neanderthal" to apply to ANYONE who feels the need to make someone else feel small because they don't agree with their particular food preferences. Not "meat guy" in particular. But then, if the shoe fits. . . .

Unusual Pizza Toppings

Exactly, bleu!!

I just find it Neanderthal for someone to make someone else's tastes/preferences appear substandard. Like or dislike what I like or dislike, but don't try to make me or anyone else feel like a lesser person because of our choices please.

Unusual Pizza Toppings

Oh - that's my point. That personal opinions ARE part of the discussions here. Making disparaging remarks about other's personal opinions is not.

Unusual Pizza Toppings

By bleu: "Since I have never met a pizza, that I didn't like (unless it was raw or burnt) I cannot relate to turkey pepperoni. I am not too sure that I have ever eaten it. Nor, for that matter, I have not eaten cardboard nor feathers. However, I do enjoy Meat Guys posts as they are light-hearted and amusing. That does not mean that I necessarily agree with him at all times, but I do enjoy his "take" on things."

Well, when someone mentions that they enjoy something, & someone comes on & states that that something not only tastes like "feathers/cardboard" & also strongly implies that anyone liking that item must be deficient as far as their palate, sorry, but I don't find that "lighthearted" or "amusing". I find it pompous & rude.

Unusual Pizza Toppings

@Meat guy - Well aren't you just SO special. Not. Bully for you & your impeccable taste buds - all the more power to you both.

But AGAIN - good food that one enjoys is PERSONAL PREFERENCE. Has nothing to do with pompous people spouting how pork (or any other food product) rules - & according to God, no less. Good friggin' grief.

(Wishing we had a "rolling eyes" icon here....)

Unusual Pizza Toppings

Meat guy: "Turkey pepperoni is an abomination in the eyes of the pizza gods, pepperoni is pork, not turkey, it tastes like old feathers."

Actually not true. I don't know how long it's been since you've tried a good turkey pepperoni, but these days it's not only delicious, but is literally indistinguishable from pork. Have tried several brands side-by-side with pork.

However, realizing that food is very much a matter of personal preference, that's your call. But it would be nice if you didn't proselytize your feelings. Turkey Pepperoni these days is far, FAR from an "abomination".

"Caviart" Seaweed Caviar?

Thanks guys! Love Burrata cheese & love avocado - great ideas!

How often do you price compare when you shop?

It depends. I shop at least twice a week, & do have certain stores that I stop at when I need certain things.

For instance, we've been buying our toilet paper, paper towels, & cat litter from Costco for decades now. Also large jugs of extra-virgin olive oil (my "go to" for nearly all my cooking) & Kikkoman soy sauce. Also hubby's (& our cockatoo's) favorite pistachio nuts, large jars of marinated artichoke hearts, & large containers of certain spices. Some frequently-used cheeses as well (think Boursain at 3 for $8.99 when the supermarkets sell 1 for $5). Prices are beyond excellent for these items & everything purchased gets used in a timely fashion.

For regular kitchen paper goods like foil, Ziplocs, etc., organic chicken, smoked turkey drumsticks (Edy's brand - FABULOUS), pasta, & other canned goods, Walmart has been the best price-wise.

For seafood, I go the markets that have the best prices for the freshest items that particular week (we eat seafood at least twice a week). Freshest produce comes from our local Martins supermarket &/or our local farmers market (which opens tomorrow - yay!) or from my own garden. And even though pricey, we have a local artisanal butcher who has fabulous house-made chicken sausages & baguettes. Quality is worth the $$.

Now when/if I'm cooking for a holiday or special occasion, it's "prices be damned" & I buy what I want where I want or where I happen to be - especially if I'm on a timetable & don't have the time to make a lot of different stops.


Well, if you'd like an Asian bent & have/can get the ingredients, this is a hands-down easy favorite around here:

Breezycooking Spicy Asian Cod

1 pound of Cod filet (or other firm white fish filets)
2 tablespoons Chinese Black Bean Sauce
1 tablespoon Chinese Chili-Garlic Sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Thinly-sliced scallions for garnish (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine bean sauce, chili-garlic sauce, & soy sauce in a small bowl. Lightly oil a baking dish & place fish filet(s). Spread sauce mixture over fish, & bake on center rack of preheated oven for 30 minutes. (Timing is for thick cod filets; thinner filets will most likely only need 20 minutes.) Plate & garnish with sliced scallions, if using.

This recipe will work with other white fish filets - just adjust cooking time to thickness.

I usually serve this with a side of brown or Jasmine rice & a green veg (sliced asparagus, broccoli, sugar snap peas, snow peas, or a "medley") simply boiled or steamed & tossed with a little sesame oil (hot or regular) & sesame seeds.