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Umami Burger Will Open in the West Village on Monday

@sdfish -- it's not fancy pants and not way overpriced. If you think $12 is a lot for dinner, I suggest moving to a city more your budget--try Tulsa, OK.

Round Up of Homemade Burgers from 'My Burger May'

Actually JUST noticed this article today on a Google image search and forgot that I had actually submitted it. Better late than never! All of these burgers look fantastic and I'm psyched that I got to be included among such a distinguished crew of culinary artisans. Thanks again @Roboppy for the inclusion and @JustinH for the kind words.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

When I beat the crap out of my first vegetarian.

In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack: The First Bi-Coastal Side-By-Side Taste Test

Most people I know from NY believe the Shake Shack Burger to be highly overrated, especially given the price (good luck spending less than 10$ here on a small meal) and the long lines. In-N-Out is the best and CLEARLY the best for its price (usually right around 5 bucks). The only question I have is with INO now opening in Texas, Shake Shack expanding to DC and 5 GUYS being everywhere on the planet these days, which city do you think will be the first to have all three?

'Travel + Leisure' Lists America's Best Burger Cities

Okay, okay. I admit to hyperbole here, but only because I was so shocked that they would be at the top of any nationwide burger list, upon which we can find common ground.

'Travel + Leisure' Lists America's Best Burger Cities

I find this list to be laughable, if not insulting to the true burger bastions of our fine nation...namely, LA, NY, Chicago. Providence is number 3 on this list...PROVIDENCE! When was the last time you read a review of anything worth eating coming out of Providence, Rhode Island?!

AHT Giveaway: Fatty Melt Dinner for Two at Rub BBQ in NYC

Umami Burger...currently taking the West Coast BY STORM, there is no answer for it here on the east coast. In N' Out is already recreated by Blu 9 Burger right by Union Square. Replicating Umami would be providing New Yorkers with a test of something that is wildly popular elsehwere in the country, yet completely new and unavailable to The City...It's the easy winner.

Wine Pairing: What To Drink With Blue Cheese-Topped Burgers

Double IPA, PLINY THE ELDER. What else. In fact, I'm drinking one right now, I guess I should get a bleu cheese burger right about now.

Serious Eats NYC-Boston Road Trip: Suggestions Needed

If you're going to Walter's you should stop right next door at Mamaroneck to get the Sicilian Pie from Sal's Pizza. Top notch. Also, a little further in Northern Westchester you will find Cameron's Deli, which makes a trademarked sandwich called the Cluckin' Russian: Fried chicken cutlet with melted muenster and bacon topped with russian dressing.

Berkeley, CA: Searching For the Bay Area's Best at 900 Grayson

Ryan, I have heard good things. The simple answer to your question is that Hayward is a little out of the way for us Oakland-Berkeley-SF types. I will make it down there sometime soon for sure though.

Berkeley, CA: Searching For the Bay Area's Best at 900 Grayson

David, I actually had planned on hitting up The Squeeze Inn this weekend! Expect a review of their truly unique burger to be up here quite soon.

Trending: Hot Soppressata Is the New Pepperoni

Had the soppressata from Emilias in Berkeley on Sunday night. Holy crud. It was one of the best pizzas I've ever had. Added a perfect layer of salty-meatiness that compliments the fresh basil and mozzarella of a Napoletana Oh So well!

Berkeley, CA: The Good Life at Meridian with Burgers, Beer, and Ball

Clearly. The quality of life of the typical Bizzerklyan is completely suggestive of how ruined things are.

Berkeley, CA: The Good Life at Meridian with Burgers, Beer, and Ball

@ratbuddy: excuse me, I did miss the point entirely, I assumed you were making a comment of substantiative relevance. Boy, was I wrong.

Berkeley, CA: The Good Life at Meridian with Burgers, Beer, and Ball

Indian Pale Ale, aka IPA is a stronger pale ale with a higher alcohol content. It is almost always hoppier and more bitter than a standard pale ale. Its name harkens back to the days of English Imperialism. Englishmen serving and working in the Crown Colony of India would receive beer from back home that had lost its freshness and flavor during the long journey at sea from Western Europe. An idea was hatched to throw more hops into the barrels to keep them more fresh. This also boosted fermentation and the alcohol content with it. IPA was born.

The Haute Cuisine 'Submarine' Burger from Father's Office in Los Angeles

Personally, this is the most flavorful burger I've ever eaten. It's one of those rare burgers that makes you pause after each bite to just truly comprehend the almost spiritual nature of such delectable flavors. Call it a hoagie, or a steak sandwich whatever you want, this thing is more delicious than most STEAKS I have ever eaten. Whereas it might not be conventional, I really don't think any piece of ground meat between bread tastes better than this one does. I tried to recreate it once, in case you want to try and make it at home:
Father's Office

Secrets of Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger

Couple of things about Minetta. It is so packed in here that it's difficult to be completely comfortable while dining, make reservations far in advance and prepare to have people up in your grill. The staff is not incredibly attentive which is to be expected given the throngs of people but they get the job done. About the hamburger: very tasty and complex flavors to the patty. It is the closest tasting burger on the east coast that I have had to compare with Father's Office on the West. However, Father's Office charges HALF what Minetta is charging. Experience this Burger once if you're a true burger-lover but be advised--like so many other great foods of New York--it is thoroughly overpriced.

Berkeley, CA: The Good Life at Meridian with Burgers, Beer, and Ball

Thanks Daemon! I'm so glad you want to see more, cause I have a whole slew of the Bay Area's Best Burgers to follow...

Pizza places in the Bay Area (California) ?

Chicago Style (Deep Dish): Little Star (SF) or Zacharys (Berkeley).
New Haven Style (Thin Crust): Cheeseboard (Berkeley).
New York Style: Arinells (SF and Berkeley) Bobby Gs (Berkeley) Gioia.
Napoletana Style: Delfina (SF) or Emilia's (Berkeley).

A Closer Look at Le Tub's Cheeseburger

The burger here is fantastic. Get the chili to go along with it, if you dare. Also, be prepared to wait for a long time because there is ONE cook in a kitchen that is no bigger than 6 feet by 6 feet cooking the orders for everyone in the bar. At least you can enjoy an ice cold martini right next to the intercostal waterway as you wait!

First Look: Some Great Pizza at Emilia's Pizzeria in Berkeley, California

Finally got some Emilia pizza tonight. Very delicious, fresh ingredients, crispy, light crust. Friendly owner. Only regret...I was eating with vegetarians and wasn't able to order the sopresatta pie. DAMN YOU VEGGIES!!!!

A Father's Office Burger for Father's Day

If you're judging a burger simply by its looks you must really love Big Macs. Also, its not the bacon that you see on top of the burger, its a compote of caramelized onions--the bacon is crumbled small enough into the mix so that it's barely recognizable in the photo.


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