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A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Chacarero from Chacarero in Boston

At Chacarero in Boston, they start the day baking the rolls they'll turn into traditional Chilean chacarero sandwiches. That soft roll is sliced in half, spread with mashed avocado, layered with tomatoes, Munster cheese, grilled chicken, and their own hot sauce. Then, they top each one with a generous pile of green beans, spread more avocado on the top half, and pass you a fistful of goodness. More

Market Scene: Central Square in Cambridge, MA

Central Square in Cambridge has grown into an important food destination and the Central Square Farmers' Market gives lovers of fresh, local food another reason to visit the area. At the Kimball Fruit Farm stand, chef Steve Johnson had packed boxes with as much produce as he could carry back to his restaurant Rendezvous in Central Square. We also spotted chef Tony Maws shopping for Craigie on Main, around the corner from the market. Check out photos of the pumpkin blossoms, peaches, early pears, shell beans, and more beautiful produce. More

Market Scene: Copley Square and Prudential in Boston

Boston's farmers' market season opened at the Copley Square, one of the longest running and largest markets in the heart of the city. Prudential Farmers' Market, one of the newer Boston area markets, also opened and is one of the first to take advantage of legislation allowing Massachusetts Farm Wineries to sell at farmers' markets. Check out snapshots from both markets of the rhubarb, asparagus, green garlic, chocolate bread, and more. More

Market Scene: Somerville Winter Market, Massachusetts

This January, the city of Somerville launched a winter farmers' market to bring fresh, local, healthy food to residents of this densely populated urban center. Jaime Corliss, director of the Shape Up Somerville Program, has been very happy with the response. And, vendors (selling everything from daikon radishes to cider doughnuts) are certainly finding this location worth the trip. More

Market Scene: November Markets in Boston

Living in the heart of Boston has plenty of advantages for the food lover. This time of year, we can celebrate the fact that many of our farmers' markets are popular enough and supported well enough to stay open until Thanksgiving week. With this year's extended growing season, we're not only enjoying fall crops, but also a return appearance of favorites like scallions, baby bok choi, baby turnips, lettuces, and radishes. More

Market Scene: Provincetown Farmers' Market in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Before visiting the Provincetown farmers' market in Massachusetts a couple weekends ago, Hurricane Earl was moving up the coast. While locals hauled their boats ashore and boarded up windows, these farmers were picking all the ripe produce and hoping to still have a Saturday market to sell their crops. Since the storm has diminished, the market has been full of sunshine, smiling faces, and beach plums. More

Growing Support for Street Food in Boston

Boston city councilor Michael Ross has been an early supporter of street food, calling for a simpler permitting process. "We need to roll out the welcome mat for businesses, let people know Boston is a business-friendly city, embrace innovation. Food trucks are welcome," Ross told Devra First in the Boston Globe. I chatted with him about the growing support for food trucks in Boston. More

Market Scene: Copley Square Farmers' Market in Boston, MA

It's summer in Boston and the sweet corn alone is reason enough to walk to the Copley Square Farmers' Market twice a week. But, that so-good-you-could-eat-it-raw sweet corn is surrounded by hundreds of other delicious choices. And, after nearly two decades of shopping at Copley, I enjoy spending time with the "small-town" community that has developed at this "big-city" market. More

Market Scene: Belmont and Harvard University Farmers' Markets

The Belmont Farmers' Market won "Boston Magazine's Best of Boston Farmers' Market 2009." I agree with the magazine that "picking the best farmers' market is like trying to pick the best heirloom tomato. What's not to love in any of the forms and flavors they take?" Still, I had to pay a visit because they also said that Belmont, "earns bonus points (and a loyal following of chefs) for the bumper crop of other regional goodies it has on hand." I also visited the Harvard University Farmers' Market for some of the area's best strawberries. More

Braided Armenian String Cheese

Last month Erin conducted a string cheese poll asking Serious Eaters how they ate it: string-by-string or bite-by-bite. The results had more than 80% of you stringing it. But my method wasn't exactly either: it first involves unbraiding. I buy my string cheese in braids that float in brine at the Middle Eastern shops in Watertown, Massachusetts. And, I do string it before serving it to family and friends as a lovely pile of strings! With that, the seed was planted for a string cheese-inspired road trip. More

Step Aside Ramps, It's Time for Cat Tails

Add "cat tails" to the roster of foraged foods like ramps, fiddleheads, morels, and wild garlic, that spring brings to market. Cat tails are also known as, "broadleaf bulrush," common bulrush, broadleaf cattail, common cattail, or cat-o'-nine-tails. One word or two, opinion seems to be divided. They have a cucumber-like flavor with a heart of palm texture. You can use them like leeks, about the first ten inches, and you can use them raw. You can saute them, bake them or use them in a stir fry. More

Boston Farmers' Market Season Preview

In three weeks, the farmers' market summer season in Massachusetts will officially begin. "Over 200 farmers' markets will be opening during the months of May and June, some beginning as early as mid-May," said Hannah T. Freedberg, community outreach director at the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers' Markets. By July, that number should climb to a new record of more than 250 markets statewide. Whew, that would be a record number of markets! Here's a list of opening dates for the Boston-area markets, including some new ones along the highway. More

Market Scene: Winter Farmers' Market, Wayland, Massachusetts

[Photographs: Penny Cherubino] This year, shoppers have have been finding some of their favorite farmers and food vendors scattered among the tropical plants inside the greenhouses at Russell's Garden Center in Wayland, Massachusetts. Each Saturday, 25 vendors or more set up shop at the Wayland Winter Farmers' Market. Russell's hosts the Wayland Farmers' Market during the summer season. This year, Market Manager, Peg Mallett said the idea of a winter market came up as the summer market was ending.... More

Market Scene: Downtown Crossing Holiday Market in Boston

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. This week, we hear from Boston correspondent Penny Cherubino of Boston Zest. Take us to the market, Penny! [Photographs: Penny Cherubino] A new Holiday Market in Boston is allowing farmers to sell into the fall and winter. This Downtown Crossing marketplace offers a mixture of artists, craftspeople, specialty food vendors, and farms. On Sunday afternoon Abe from Stillman's at the Turkey Farm said he sells less meat at this location with the farm reaching a new set of customers. They've also been successful selling CSA shares.... More

Market Scene: Season Ending at Boston's Copley Farmers' Market

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. This week, we hear from Boston correspondent Penny Cherubino of Boston Zest. Take us to the market, Penny! [Photographs: Penny Cherubino] Boston's Copley Farmers' Market Open Tuesdays and Fridays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (map) The final market of the season is Wednesday, November 25. At the Copley Square Farmers' Market in Boston's Back Bay, customers and vendors were saying goodbyes. Their market season is ending. Customers asked, "How many more weeks do we have?" Vendors counted down, "Two more weeks, three more markets." Under a pale gray sky, with a... More

Boston Speed Dog: A Rite of Passage

Note: When Penny Cherubino of BostonZest isn't covering Boston-area farmers' markets for us, she's probably chowing down on a hot dog. Last time we heard from her it was from Blue Light in Provincentown, Massachusetts. This week she's got another favorite. [Photographs: Penny Cherubino] The Boston Speed Dog is a rite of passage for the Hub's food community. Every city has places you must go and bites you must take to earn your official food lover stripes. The Speed Dog was Boston's secret indulgence until the Wall Street Journal named it "Top Dog in America" last year. Now it's a destination for those planning a food journey through the region. Speed's location—in a parking lot, in the wholesale meat and... More

Market Scene: Boston Farmers' Markets Open Until November

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. This week, we hear from Boston correspondent Penny Cherubino of BostonZest. Take us to the market, Penny! [Photographs: Penny Cherubino] The arrival of instant winter in the Northeast brought out hoods, muffs, and furry hats at farmers' markets this week. Shoppers and staff at the Copley Square Farmers' Market in Back Bay were all bundled up. This season is one of plenty for those shoppers who know that many Boston-area markets continue operating late into October. And, a few, like Copley, don't close for the season until Thanksgiving. Farmer Chris Kurth... More

Market Scene: Boston Public Market at Dewey Square, Boston Massachusetts

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. This week, we hear from Boston correspondent Penny Cherubino of BostonZest. Take us to the market, Penny! [Photographs: Penny Cherubino] It's autumn in New England and each week a few farmers' markets close for the season, but the Boston Public Market outside of South Station will remain open through the end of October. Aside from providing shoppers in the waterfront, financial and shopping districts with fresh food, this market has symbolic importance. It's operated by the Boston Public Market Association and is a seasonal reminder that the people of Boston want... More

Making Two-Ingredient Cream Biscuits, with Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart

I'm not a baker and I may just try to perfect this one. Now if I can talk a local Boston food truck chef out of some of his house cured ham for ham and biscuits.

A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Chacarero from Chacarero in Boston

Check out and see if this post from last year and see if it is still available. And, if it is, let us know how it compares. You never know when I might be in NYC with a chacarero craving.


A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Chacarero from Chacarero in Boston

@Kenji & @gorboduc thanks for jumping in with the green bean response!

@shoneyjoe Great descriptive details. Sounds like you have an official case of chacarero addiction.

@Dinaofdoom come back for a visit and a chacarero! Maybe now that it has been on Serious Eats some enterprising Austin food truck will add it to the menu.

There have been quite a few Sandwich A Day entries from Boston. Yes, we do have more than our share of great ones. But, you won't see me complaining about too many great options.

This search link brings up quite a few of them.


Taste Test: String Cheese

We had a fun conversation about real Armenian string cheese over on this Serious Eats post. Now I have to get a car and go to Watertown MA for the real thing!


Sunday Brunch: Lobster Salad

Sydney, this looks just lovely and I can almost taste it. I'm not a mayo fan so I love your idea for a lemon based dressing.

The Food Lab: Wicked Good Lobster Rolls

This Boston transplant started out in Rhode Island where lobster rolls were hot with butter and lobster salad rolls were cold with mayo. Some places gave you a choice of butter or mayo and the rolls were most certainly split top hot dog rolls toasted to perfection.

I do love the Neptune Oyster brioche roll or "lobster butter bread" as my husband calls it when he finishes the part I couldn't eat.

Great job Kenji.

Congress Holds Important Votes on Agricultural Policy

Thanks for the update on this important topic.

A Sandwich a Day: Corned Beef on Rye at Sam La Grassa's in Boston, MA

jwardell is right. The hours are short. They're only open Monday through Friday 11:00 am - 3:30 pm.

It's fun to hear everyone else's favorite sandwich there. I miss NYC Deli corned beef, so that is often my choice. But, I'm going to try the Cuban that EasyPeasy recommends.

Any other recommendations for specific sandwiches I may not have tried yet?

Goodbye, Dumpling

I keep coming to this page to write a note leave because my eyes fill with tears and I can't see the screen.

As a person with a 15-year-old dog, every loss of a dog becomes personal and Dumpling certainly had a way of wiggling into hearts.

Just know that many shared your joy of having him in your life and many of us share the pain of your loss. I'm certain the entire Serious Eats team is still feeling the pain.

Thanks for the weekly dose of smiles little Dumpling. You were a good boy.

Holding all of you in my heart.

Market Scene: Copley Square and Prudential in Boston

I can't wait to get over to both of your regular markets. The addition of all the food trucks near both the City Hall Plaza/Government Center and Dewey Square/Greenway markets makes them very attractive destinations for food lovers.

A Sandwich a Day: Spuckie at Cutty's in Brookline, MA

That filling to bread ratio is always difficult with a sandwich. But, this seemed like the kind of place where you could ask for an extra slice of eggplant if you wanted it.

There are a few sandwiches that I want overstuffed- corned beef, thanksgiving turkey and the Speed's grilled pastrami. But, most of the time I like mine with just enough of each element to balance the flavors.

The Bar at Clio (Boston, MA): Todd Maul's Cannonball in the Craft Cocktail Pool

Here's the report from the First International Serious Eats Day.


A tour through the slide show will reveal that Boston had a pretty Serious Turnout!

We'll have the gather the Serious Eats Boston Team and plan the next one.

The Bar at Clio (Boston, MA): Todd Maul's Cannonball in the Craft Cocktail Pool

So good to see one of Boston's best food and drink writers on Serious Eats. Now we have to figure out how to get you to a Serious Easts Meet Up without blowing your well maintained cover.

Champagne for Valentine's Day

Pierre Peters Cuvée de Reserve Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs is a favorite around our house. We were introduced to it by Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli when he managed the bar at Craigie on Main in Cambridge MA.

He told us about the Terry Theise Champagne Portfolio and our study of grower champagnes was off and running.

Now Terry Theise has moved to one of our favorite neighborhoods in Boston and we hope that one of these days we'll met the man who selects some of the best wines we taste.

And, Tom has moved on to Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Square and is still introducing us to great wines.

Totally agree with Kenji on Island Creek- I almost asked my husband if he wanted to go there tonight.... maybe tomorrow.


Boston: Baingan Bhartha at Punjab Palace

We're planning an dinner at another great Boston Indian restaurant, India Samaraat on Mass Ave. to introduce four newcomers to Indian food. You just added a classic to our menu for the evening. Perfect choice.

I've heard great things about India Quality and it's near home so I will go and try the Baingan Bharth. I hear they do know how to deliver heat.

The Search for America's Best Hot Dog: East Coast Contenders


My heart is torn between two in the East that are outside of NY. My childhood, young adult fav is Onleyville NY System in Providence, and my current obsession Boston Speed's Dog. So different but so good.

Here's the link to the full 64.


From the East are also entries from Philadelphia, Clifton NJ, Cape Neddick ME, East Hanover NJ, and two from Fairfield CT.

Who knew Fairfield harbored dual hotdog greatness!

Is anyone else thinking Road Trip?

The Search for America's Best Hot Dog: East Coast Contenders

Sunday Brunch: Tourtière

I had a French Canadian Great Aunt who also used the Tourtière filling as a stuffing for chicken, turkey or pork. And, when I lived in RI, I used to enjoy a tiny version from a company called Hartley's in nearby Somerset MA.

Boston: The Roast Chicken at Hamersley's Bistro

Now I have to go over to Hamersley's and have chicken. If someone mentions it, I start obsessing and have to have it.

At one point in our early Boston life my husband and I could be found at the bar at Hamersley's most Friday evenings.

People new to the place would come in, and if they picked up that we seemed to be regulars, they'd ask what to order. We'd say, "You have to have the lemon garlic chicken." They'd look at us with dismay. Chicken???

People who have never had this chicken just don't understand. Once you've experience it, you'll have cravings for it.

Like when Liz Bomze reminds you that you haven't had it in a couple of months.

And, this is still cassoulet season. Gordon Hamersley makes a killer cassoulet too.

As I once said in an piece on Hamersley's, "While we are all attracted by the shiny and new, we have to remember that sometimes a perfectly-maintained classic with wonderful patina and years of experience may be a better deal."

A Sandwich a Day: Hot Lobster Roll at Neptune Oyster, Boston

So happy to hear from Serious Eaters who love this preparation of lobster lushness as much as I do.

Carey, thanks for mentioning the fries--I have to make my self stop eating them long before they are gone. Double fried, crisp, golden and addictive.

Sourdough, Toad3000 and KimmieD listen to pookguy-- this is worth the trip and it's only one of many great flavors around Boston.

thedilettantista- You're right, it's worth the wait. As you know, Neptune is a tiny place, but they'll take your name and cell phone number and you can enjoy more of the North End while you're waiting. They usually call me right about when they say they will.

And, if you want to have some oysters first, you really can share the lobster roll. Three women from Toronto sat next to us and shared one hot lobster roll as part of a their self-guided Neptune tasting.

Serious Eats Day - how'd it go?

Boston was great. There were 16 of us at The Lower Depths in Kenmore Square.

We grabbed a corner section and had a great group. There something about people who come out to food gatherings, they always seem to also be nice people!

In addition to the Serious Eats community members, Chef Gregg from Speed's Hot Dogs truck came by and had some fun with some of his fans without tongs in his hands.

And, Monty Gold who is rebuilding the Petersbough Street restaurant strip that was lost to fire, stopped in to ask the Serious Eaters what types of restaurants we would like to see in the spaces and tell us which of the of favorites were coming back.

Final Reminder: International Serious Eats Day Is Today

Boston, MA Serious Eaters will be gathering at the Lower Depths in Kenmore Square at 6:30 PM!

International Serious Eats Day: January 8, 2011

Boston is set with 18 people on the meet-up board and two more who are coming with me.


Saturday, January 8, 2011 6:30 PM
The Lower Depths, 476 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

Great beer selection, cash only, good bar snacks. Plus it's right the Kenmore stop on the MBTA Green line and the Kenmore bus station.

All the Fenway park parking garages and lots are there plus meters on the stree all around it. Hey, you can even make a reservation for dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar or Eastern Standard later if you're still hungry.

See what Kenji had to say about my new favorite restaurant, Island Creek Oyster Bar


Daily Slice: Picco, Boston

And, then there is the ice cream for dessert. Some of the best I've ever tasted. Now do I want ginger or cinnamon-- no make it caramel swirl.

Picco - Pizza and Ice Cream Company what more could you ask of life. I do order my pizza slightly less charred and they always oblige.

Oh, and they make a great meatball sandwich too.

How to Have Good Coffee While Traveling

My husband and I travel with good coffee and an AeroPress. It makes a great coffee concentrate that you can drink straight as a substitute for espresso or mix to have a great cup of coffee.

The hand grinder is really tempting. That may go on my wishlist.

How to Brew Coffee in an AeroPress

Is it an inefficient turkey baster? A giant syringe? Something less suitable for work? No, it's the AeroPress, a coffee brewer which uses nothing more than water, coffee, and a little of your own elbow grease to make a delicious cup. All the rage in Europe and mysteriously unsung on its own shores, the AeroPress is the sole non-athletic gadget manufactured by the team who brought us the Aerobie Flying Ring, and is one of the most versatile, portable ways to brew a delicious single cup of coffee. More

In Season: Dried Beans

Okay, dried beans aren't "in season"—they're always available and always the same. But this is really the season for them. As the winter months drag on, I just want to curl up on a couch with a bowl of chili that's filled with a lot of beans—not beans that come out of a can, but beans that were soaked overnight. Dried beans are best when we're hibernating. The beans swell and swell and swell as they stay submerged in water, and then they become soft after they're cooked. More

Serious Eats Road Trip: A Providence Sandwich Jaunt

Alaina and I cruised out of Boston at around 11:30. Our plan: head to Providence for a sandwich tour—the food store-cum-cheese shop Farmstead, by husband and wife chef team Matt and Kate Jennings, and Hewtin's Mobile Hot Dog Truck, owned by Matthew and Kristin Gennuso of Chez Pascal. What better time to visit a food truck in New England than on a sunny day in mid-March, with wheels at your disposal? More

Dinner Tonight: Velvet Chicken

The "velvet" in the title alludes to the chicken's texture after it emerges from the pot. While some poached chicken recipes come out stringy and tough, this one is cooked in a liquid that's barely simmering for 30 minutes. The result is perfectly cooked chicken that's beautifully tender and aromatic thanks to a particularly flavorful cooking liquid. More

Market Scene: Copley Square Market in Boston

Note: This week we add Boston to our mix of Market Scene reports. Penny Cherubino, of BostonZest, reports. Photographs by Penny Cherubino There's been a farmers' market in Copley Square for decades. Long before the local food movement took hold, residents and workers in the historic heart of Boston have been buying fresh, local products from Massachusetts farms at this location. In the past five years, this market has doubled in size. On Tuesdays and Fridays the park is turned into a festival of fresh produce, eggs, meat, smoked fish, cheese, specialty food products, baked goods, plants, cut flowers, crafts, and prepared foods. This week I saw greens everywhere—lettuce, Swiss chard, Asian varieties, collards, mustard, spinach, and bok choy. And,... More