Solbeso: Chocolate's Boozy Cousin From South America

Dude, no one said it was vodka.

Ideas in Food vs. The Turkey Club Sandwich

This weekend, dudes, I'm making a batch of turkey club sliders wit dis recipe.

Oh, and don't feed the trolls.

Ideas in Food vs. The Turkey Club Sandwich

Dudes, has the long weekend already started? I feel as though certain posters are already several cups deep.

Ideas in Food vs. The Turkey Club Sandwich

Okay, grandpas of the world. We'll get off your lawn and out of your deli counter with this newfangled sandwich.

I'm curious as to why you even read these articles if you can't imagine someone reinterpreting a dish.

BTW I agree that it's not a club. But I still want one.

Solbeso: Chocolate's Boozy Cousin From South America

LOL @ "novelty liquor."

Unique product? Midrange price? Well worth a shot IMO.

Solbeso: Chocolate's Boozy Cousin From South America

I hope he has some of the stock aging in barrels? That could get very interesting...

9 Must-Try Vietnamese Drinks

@nohofoods: Thanks for the clarification! I suspect that the article's ABV number is way off.

@paperorchids: Interesting, thanks!

9 Must-Try Vietnamese Drinks


Sake doesn't go above around 20% ABV. Are you thinking of shochu?

9 Must-Try Vietnamese Drinks

Interesting article! Two questions:

A) "Rice wine, which clocks in at around 29.5% alcohol ..." >> Is this "wine" actually a distilled product? That's very high alcohol content for fermentation.

B) Does Vietnamese coffee usually contain chicory? That was my impression but I see no mention of it above.

How to Make the Best Tomato Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes

Great post!

Another thing to watch closely is anything reducing on the stove. 50 pounds of tomatoes worth of sauce was ruined on my stove two years ago, when I decided late at night to try to speed things along to completion by knocking the heat up. After a while I smelled a tiny bit of smoke and did what turned out to be exactly the wrong thing: stirred the pot. Little, black, smokey (in a very bad way) flecks throughout the entire pot. Ugh...

Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life With Pasta

Loved this. Thanks for writing it. I am inspired.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Trouble With Contractors


Don't feed the trolls.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Trouble With Contractors

+1 to @dashofginger and @illone. I came down to the comments section specifically to criticize that particular part of the article. Ridiculous expecting an electrician to make those kinds of decisions on your behalf. Did you also have the equipment delivery person tell you where to put the stoves in the kitchen?

Ideas in Food vs. Rote Grütze (German Red Fruit and Groats Dessert)

Whether or not I'll ever make this entire thing, I find the subrecipes and techniques accessible, appealing, and not at all difficult looking. This particular recipe seems big but it's really a few fairly simple recipes that can be done separately and then combined.

I'm not sure why some people think that every article needs to target beginners or some common dish? This is, at least for me, MUCH more interesting and mentally expanding than yet another spin on pesto or tomatoes and mozzarella.

Eat This Now: We Try All 5 Flavors of The Better Chip

I tried a couple of flavors recently and thought that the corn ones were amazing -- some of the best corn chips I've had in a long time. The jalapeno had very nice flavor but I thought they seemed a bit tough (as in, not quite crispy enough and slightly difficult to chew).

The chips may be a bit small for salsa but they're perfectly acceptable for guac.

Everything You Need to Know to Start Baking Awesome Bread


Read the rest of the sentence: "unless it specifies high-temperature resistance." Le Creuset enameled cookware can handle a lot of heat, but the issue is the knob on the top of the lid. The ones that ship with the Dutch ovens are only rated for 450, IIRC, so the company rates the ENTIRE oven for 450. Over time at high temperatures the plastic gets brittle and some people have reported that it broke off or even "exploded" in the heat.

I can say anecdotally that I was unaware of the temperature rating and baked probably 4 dozen loaves of bread in my Le Creuset 9qt, with a preheat temp of 550, and had no problem at all. Once I became aware of the issue, however, I replaced the stock handle with a stainless one (available online, google for it), and now I don't worry at all.

So, no worries expect for the absolute ridiculousness of the fact that this is very expensive cookware, is designed to withstand very high temperatures, and then they put this one shoddy piece on the top that you need to pay even more money to replace...

Everything You Need to Know to Start Baking Awesome Bread

@AlfredoL: Baker's Math. All percentages are based on the weight of the flour.

Tales of a Cookbook Writer: What if a Dish Makes Me Gag?

Nice article. And it's gotta be a tough choice as a cookbook writer.

Tripe is almost never good, in my opinion. I've tried it a dozen or more times but only once was it excellent, at Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal. All other times it ranked somewhere between barely decent and absolutely gagworthy.

Crème Brûlée for One From 'Paris Pastry Club'

"it's rare to find a person who doesn't like it"

Somehow I lucked out, as the odd person who loves it in a family of people who can't stand it. So I never make it and rarely get a chance to have it. Very, very excited to try this.

How to Make Posset, the Egg-Free, Gelatin-Free, Starch-Free Pudding


Why tartaric acid? Did you consider using citric or perhaps malic? (Both common food acids, readily available in powdered form, and without any kind of bitter flavor of which I'm aware.) I definitely like the idea of using pure acids rather than citrus, to keep the flavor spectrum wide open.

Are Heirloom Tomatoes Always Worth The Price?

"... Tom Wagner and his Green Zebra ..."

Would have been nice to have a link here so people don't have to Google it.

I've grown these a few times and they are far the best tomatoes I've ever had. Great yield, too. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take sdfishtaco's advice.

Real Deal Mapo Dofu

Made this tonight. It was pretty good, but I had some issues:

A) 15 minutes total time? Really? I think it took me 10 minutes just to microplane the ginger. And that doesn't count boiling the tofu, toasting and grinding the peppercorns, measuring everything prior to firing up the wok, etc. Total time was a solid 45 minutes.

B) The peppercorns sprinkled on top gave the dish an unpleasant crunchy texture. Perhaps I didn't grind them finely enough. In any case I'm thinking that next time I'll sieve the grounds and toss them in around the same time as the garlic/ginger so they cook with the rest of the dish.

C) It's a super-oily dish. Yes, I've had it before many times, and I knew what to expect, but sometimes when you see how the sausage is made it changes your perception a bit. My homemade chili oil didn't come out too spicy, and adding two ounces of it to the dish really did nothing for me. I'm thinking that it might make sense to cook the whole thing WITH the chile oil, and then add no extra oil at the end. Maybe a bit more chicken stock to add a bit more sauciness?

D) The final product was not nearly spicy enough for what I was hoping to achieve. I plan to add some finely chopped Thai peppers next time. (Maybe cook them with the beef?)

Where Do Cocktail Prices Come From?

"Betony's guests are willing to pay that price"

In the end, that's the only thing that REALLY matters for any of this. A drink will be sold for the highest price above break even that the bar's patrons will be willing to spend.

A Foreigner's Survival Guide to Ordering and Eating Peking Duck in Beijing

Beijing has never been high on my must-visit list... until now. Wow.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Vanilla Beans?

@ryuthrowsstuff No affiliation, just a happy customer. I've ordered from them numerous times.

BostonAdam hasn't written a post yet.

The Food Lab: How to Make Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak Pinwheels

Flank steak is one of those cuts of meat custom-built for the grill. When cooked right, it has a mild, beefy flavor and lean texture, with just the right amount of chew when you slice it thinly across the grain. Butterfly that flank steak and stuff it with flavor-packed ingredients like Italian cold cuts, cheeses, and punchy condiments, and you're really in business. A nice flank steak pinwheel is one of the fastest-cooking and most impressive-looking pieces of meat you can throw on the grill, the kind of thing to pull out when you want to impress the neighbors. More

West Indian Roti and Doubles Galore at Singh's Roti Shop, Boston

There aren't a ton of West Indian restaurants in Boston, so if you rolled into Singh's Roti Shop expecting chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, and a mango lassi, well, you wouldn't be the first. "Some people don't know about the food, and think we're from India, but it's Caribbean flavors, and we start educating them." That education takes the form of hearty puffed-and-stuffed roti, fried doubles, and more Trinidadian classics you'd be remiss to pass up. More

The Food Lab: How To Make Traditional Vietnamese Pho

There are few things better for the soul or the body than a tangle of slick rice noodles in a rich, crystal clear, intensely beefy broth; the warm aroma of cinnamon, cloves, and star anise rising up in a cloud of steam. The intensely savory-salty hint of fish sauce balanced by a squeeze of lime juice and a handful of fresh herbs and chilies that you add to your bowl as you eat. Here's how to make it at home. More

Grilling: Baba Ghanoush

For each thrilling high of a fantastic experience with this smokey Middle Eastern dip, I experience a equal low, often leaving me questioning why I like it at all. Unfortunately, my home experience has been made up of almost entirely lows—until this most recent stab at it. Each ingredient combined to make a luscious, smoky dip that reigns high on my list of all time favorites. More

Slow-Baked Atlantic Salmon with Tabouli from 'Flour, Too'

There's good news for fish-averse cooks: Joanne Changs recipe for slow-baked salmon in her new cookbook, Flour, Too, is not only easy (and pretty foolproof), but it also keeps that intense salmon smell at bay. The filets are well-coated in olive oil and then cooked in a gentle 300º F oven until just firm to the touch. They stay delicate and buttery, with no stringy flesh in sight. To pair with the rich salmon, Chang whips up a fluffy, lemon-y tabouli salad. It's heavy on the bulgur to make it a more substantial side dish, but the tabouli still has a strong, herbal presence. More

9 Vermont Cheeses To Get Your Hands On

Nowhere is better to bask in the wealth of handmade USA cheese than in Vermont, a true cheese-lover's paradise. It's the state with the highest number of artisanal cheesemakers per capita: over 40 of them. And many of them are making some decidedly fine cheese. I would suggest trying all artisanal Vermont cheese that you encounter, but to help narrow things down, here are some wonderful ones with which to begin. More

Bread Baking: Sourdough Waffles

The beauty of using starter for waffles is that the starter doesn't have to be completely active to still make a nice waffle. It's used for flavor more than anything else, so a sleepy starter from the fridge or a fiercely bubbling starter on the counter, or a new starter that's not quite ready—they're all just as good. More

Bake the Book: Raspberry Doughnuts with Vanilla Dipping Sauce

It doesn't get much simpler or more indulgent than a fresh doughnut. Being able to make your own is a must for any aspiring home pastry chef. Old School Comfort Food shares chef Alex's recipe for fluffy, sugar-encrusted doughnuts filled with tangy jam and accompanied by a creamy vanilla sauce. It took her dozens of attempts to develop a method that, according to her, works every time. You just need to make it once. More

5 New Coffee Inventions Spotted at the Specialty Coffee Expo

What happens when you gather thousands of coffee industry professionals in one large room to show each other all their newest innovations? Well, most of them gather around five or six booths which have the very coolest toys. Here are a few of our findings of the new and cool from last weekend's Specialty Coffee Association of America show in Boston, some of which may be appearing on counters near you very soon—maybe even your own. More