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Equipment Review: We Put ChefSteps' Joule Sous Vide Circulator to the Test

My question relates to the Bluetooth interface. Could I just use an old iPhone as a dedicated kitchen device and control the Joule that way? Might thought is I don't care if the old phone gets spilled on, and I could leave it hooked up via Bluetooth for longer cook times.

How to Clean and Cook Morel Mushrooms

I just foraged my first batch of the year yesterday! Pretty much did the exact same as Dan above except I deglazed with some anejo tequila and then used milk and a ton of butter to make a sauce for some fresh noodles.

I disagree with scaramoche, while the simple butter fry is delicious, it is far from the only acceptable way to enjoy morels. Lots of people have been overcooking chicken to 190ยบ for forty years and smothering it in creme of mushroom soup, but that doesn't mean its the only way to have chicken.

In Which We Make Stuffing Waffles

I made a huge batch of these for a potluck over the weekend. I easily had the most popular dish there. This is an awesome way to do stuffing.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Mint?

I make creme de menthe every year. It is mind blowingly good and super easy.

Seriously Meatless: Fried Green Tomatoes with Smoky Mayo

Really good dipping sauce for fried tomatoes. Good stuff!

Where to Eat Frozen Custard in Milwaukee

Shout out for Le Duc's in Wales and The Kilty in Oconomowoc. Both classic custard stands a bit further west.

Finally, a Tool for Making Totally Clear Ice Spheres

A nice igloo cooler and an ice pick do in fact work wonders. That's what I do. Super easy and cheap, with bad ass hand cut cubes or spheres to speck of your specific glasses.

Deviled Eggs Carbonara (Crispy Pancetta, Pork Fat, Parmesan Crisps, and Black Pepper)

I made these yesterday for Father's day and they were a huge hit. I am probably not the fastest cook in the world, but I would be amazed with the person who could pull htese together in 25 total minutes. Cook eggs, cool eggs, preheat oven, cook pancetta, peel eggs, fill and garnish. It probably took me an hour total. But they were well worth it. Also, I think I will make 4 batches next time. I doubled the recipe and htey still only lasted a couple minutes. Delicious.

Trevisano May Be the Best Vegetable You've Never Grilled

For an added bonus, we like to pan-cook some bacon, then wrap the half-head of radicchio with the bacon slice. Pin the assembly together with a tooth pick, and grill it. The bacon is basically just to hold the head together and makes for a nice presentation (plus some tasty bacon bites).

Manner Matters: How To Dine Out With Kids

I think the "same rules at home" and the "take them outside" points are my top personal rules. I have 4 and 3 year old girls and we dine out regularly with them at a wide variety of restaurants. While it can be painful to stand up and walk away from a delicious diner, that is what you should be willing to risk if you take kids out to eat. The other diners have as much right to a pleasant diner as your family. Remove the screamers, come back and pay your bill and apologize. No harm no foul.
Also, I don't understand how you can expect kids to behave well in a difficult public setting if they don't practice at home. We insist that our children stay at the table until everyone is done eating and try to keep things as close to "dine out" conditions as possible. That maybe wierd and a bit extreme, but it makes for enjoyable home meals and makes going out that much easier. It doesn't seem unreasonable to me to expect toddlers to practice sitting still for an hour or so a day.
Please tip well when you dine out with kids. They invariably make more of a mess than an adult. Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff around the Milwaukee area that accomodate us so my wife and I can stay sane.

The Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails

I have done a significant amount of fat washing. Bourbon, scotch, vodka, and tequila all with clarified bacon fat. I think they all turn out pretty awesome, but I think the bourbon is the best. I use it in old fashioneds and as a bitters to add a smokiness and savory aspect. A dash is super useful in bloody maries. The vodka is, surprisingly, not as good. Somehow I have always thought duck fat or goose fat and gin would be good, but I haven't tried that.

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Snails. Lots of snails. Also, longoustines, and clams and all matter of delicious custacions. One of the best meals of my life. Second thought is baguettes, awesome cheese, and sunny parks.

Ask a Bartender: How Do You Prevent a Hangover?

A B12 vitamin, two IBprofen, and a half liter of water before bed.

Why I Love Hotel Bars

I could not agree more. I love going to hotel bars in my own city. Best place to go for a drink when by one's self.

Fresh Pineapple Margaritas

And I did. Two pitchers of margs may have been a bit much. They were good though.

Fresh Pineapple Margaritas

I am not a fan of fruity drinks but this recipe is amazing. I could drink a million of these.

Cook the Book: 'Nom Nom Paleo' by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

I think of the Urban Caveman's burger bowl. Yum! Great Paleo food truck in Milwaukee:

Ask a Cicerone: How to Pair Beer and Chocolate

Dark chocolate with The Poet from New Holland is 1a;
Malted milk balls with Samiclaus is 1b.
Both pairings are unreal good and the best way to end a meal.

Ango Nog: An Even-More-Wintry Eggnog

Just made up a batch and it is pretty great. I did 50/50 bitters and whiskey because I am low on my Agostura bottle. It tastes light a pumpkin nog, but in every good way. Definitely one to mix up.

Chain Reaction: Texas Roadhouse

Texas Road House Steals a piece of my soul every time I visit. My in-laws like this restaurant so I am dragged along occasionally. There is no place in the world I loath more than that restaurant. It is a sad spectacle of everything I hate about chain restaurants. Sorry.

I hate paper coffee cups; solution?

As a follow up, I am talking about ceramic cups. Not travel mugs. Travel mugs are ubiquitous here, but I find drinking out of them to be just as bad as out of paper cups. I am talking about bringing a ceramic espresso cup with me. I am surprised this is so common in other places.


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