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Win a Copy of 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook'

Scalloped eggplant! Wanting some now!

15 Lesser-Known Berries You Should Try

But why only mentions of currants as analogies and no full commentary on them in their own right?! Please?

Burger Toppings Week: Japanese Miso-Eggplant Burger With Fresh Pickles

Win a Copy of 'A Change of Appetite'

Gazpacho and myriad other salad soups! Yum!

Win a Copy of 'Pitt Cue Co.: The Cookbook'

Burgers and thick-sliced eggplant steaks!

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Roast pork shoulder butt. And gimme that sucker in GREEN!

Win a Copy of 'Mother Daughter Dishes: Reinventing Loved Classics'

We enjoy fresh-made applesauce all winter long...and in addition to serving it as dessert, we put it on toast in the mornings. Almost makes me wish the autumn to hurry on in!

Enter to Win a Ham Independence Day Package From La Quercia

The Food Lab Turbo: How to Make The Best Egg Salad

And, me? I slice a mess of green olives with pimento into my egg salad. Cannot imagine it without the olives...

Video: In Turkey, a Struggle to Keep Apiary Tradition Alive

Isn't there a book...? I think I heard an NPR interview some months ago on a book that is newly-out and examines this fiasco. A title would be grand!

Quinoa for Beginners?

I do rinse mine in a mesh strainer before cooking if I don't know that has been washed. I made an awesome tabbouleh this week, adding lots of chopped tomatoes, peppers, cukes and carrots, mint and parsley, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Unabashedly nommable!

Calamari Question of Dire Consequence

I probably should have made note of the fact that my only means of reheating just now is the microwave-kitchen is midway through a reno, and I've no sink, oven, range top...o I'm considering freezing the calamari and then braising it off later. The coating is thin and pops right off, so I'd likely remve all of it either before freezing or after.

TGI Fry-Day: Salt and Pepper Shrimp at "Little" Three Happiness

@ebgai: Much as you might wish it so, that's not the usage. But going that way--more with the aural recognition of phrasing rather than how it would appear in print--is how we've come to kids who have "next store neighbors" and whose balls go "out of bounce" and who, when drawing a perspective scene, put some items in the "back round" whilst others are in the foreground, all while boldly telling "bald-faced" lies...Language shifts; there is no fighting it across the long-haul, but in the moment we English teachers and grammar geeks hope to hold back the tides.

(Again, Nick, forgive *my* boldness--I do not play the shrieky, red-pen-armed grammar harpie as a rule, but being prohibited from making editing marks on papers for hours and days on end pushed my usually roomy limits!)

TGI Fry-Day: Salt and Pepper Shrimp at "Little" Three Happiness

It's LODGED in [one's] throat.

Aiee! Forgive me. I'm a high school English teacher who's just taken a quick break from grading finals to rest here a bit; I couldn't help myself! See, we're not allowed to mark anything on their test papers...

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

It was Memorial Day weekend. I was five--that sets this story 54 years ago! My dad played shortstop for a Boston farm team, and after the tournament the team members and their families caravaned back homeward. About halfway back, we stopped on the roadside, hiked off the road a couple hundred yards and the men built three small fires. Out of the cars came grates, then burger meat, rolls and that spicy red "hamburger relish". Patties were slapped over the coals and grilled up quick, then transferred onto buns slopped with the relish. The smoke filled the meat and our noses as it wafted back and forth with the breeze. Those were the best burgers EVER, and I have unsuccessfully chased that balance of smoke and juice and char and tang across these decades. Never quite, not yet.

Serving suggestions for "healthy" crackers

Heck, a schmear of peanut butter and a dollop of jam on the one and a sliver of salami with a topper of cheese on the other--whatever you'd put on any other cracker will do just fine! Eat, child!

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

I'm seconding Country Captain! It was my go-to dish when I was in college--late 70s--and we were throwing a "grown up" dinner party. Many, many college friends make it to this day because of those dinners. We always made roasted butternut squash halves and a loaf of garlic bread with, and either beer or wine--both work! LOVE. THAT. RECIPE.

Pickled Ramps

My brother used to pickle 'em just by cleaning them thoroughly, trimming all green away (use those raw in sandwiches or build a quiche around 'em) packing them tightly into pint jars, adding a few flakes of dried chile, then covering in the juice of jarred dills, brought to a boil. Lid 'em and refrigerate 'em.

What dish best represents the food of your region?

Beef on 'weck, chicken wings, and Friday night fish fries with all the sides (fries, potato salad, tuna-mac salad, coleslaw and a slice of rye).

History of Creamed Chipped Beef (a.k.a. S.O.S.)?

I like bobcatsteph3's suggested modification; gonna try it to reduce the salt!

In *my* environs, the SOS version was made with chicken liver or liver, gizzard, heart combo.

Coolwhip frosting

Nope; but I hate-hate-HATE this means my sister-in-law will frost every cake for every event with this stuff forever more. (Me? I'm a buttercream kinda gal.)

History of Creamed Chipped Beef (a.k.a. S.O.S.)?

I LOVE this topic--it comes up every now and then...shortly others will come in and discuss their love. And they will then offer variations--ground beef, chopped egg, over rice or potato or biscuit or or or...Love it.

TGI Fry-Day: Churros at Vera

I have *just* discovered churros--those newly on the menu at (I hestitate to say...) Taco Bell. But they are exactly what you describe here. That texture is insane! I cannot believe I made it all the way to my current age before discovering these incredible pastries! My son ate them regularly for breakfast dunked into Nutella while studying at Stendahl U in Grenoble, but I forgo the chocolate for just the main event...but now that I think on it, dunked in APPLE BUTTER might be cool--be right back!

What was the first dish you called your own?

Apple pie, then white bread then eggplant parm--in each case, I made the dish once a week, over and over, until I had perfected it and could produce it at will with no references. The first was done at age 7, the second that same year and the third accomplished more slowly across a few years and "done" at 17. Then it was fudge, and that one took a while, too.

Should we just allow some foods to die out?

Brussels sprouts are my friend.

Calamari Question of Dire Consequence

Went to dinner with friends Saturday; ordered fried calamari app; HUGE plate, too much, entree came fast--opted to box the remainders and bring 'em home. Now, I know I can't just reheat these, 'cause they will go rubberbandish almost immediately. I could eat 'em cold over salad...but I'd kinda like to experiment a bit. I've always hear you either gotta flash cook calamari or looooong braise them. My question: Can I looooong braise them NOW after having been quick fried and get a decent result? I was thinking maybe in a tomato and onion and mushroom ragout...

Cooking an egg in the micro over hash...

Say I wanted to take some leftover hash to work on the morrow to heat for lunch. And say I want that silken, thick moisture that come from an egg over top.

Should I crack the raw egg over my bowl of hash just before popping it into the oven? Or pack it tonight with the egg already cracked and raw over top?

And how long to cook? I would typically reheat a main the size of my lunch for three minutes at power 8 to get it hot for eating--maybe partially heat the hash, then add the egg and cook another chunk of time?? Help- please! Thank you kindly.

Help! Spatchcocked Turkey Mayhem and Confusion!

All this talk about spatchcocking and cooking in parts and saving time and whatnot made me realize that I probably don't know how long MY turkey needs to cook this year--smaller crowd, we elcted to buy a 20 lb and had the butcher cut it in half. We'll cook half Thursday and the other in a couple of weeks when we are once more Jonesing. But flat half will shorten cooking time more than merely cooking a 10-pounder?? What should i plan?

Side-Opening Wall Oven?

I am in need of a new wall oven, and I'd really, really like a French door or side swing opening. I see all sorts of commercial options, but I really cannot afford that kind of pricing. Anybody know of a more redidentially- priced option? Also, I saw a video of a traditional door that slides away under the oven when opened. Anybody know anything about those?

GoT Season 2 Menu Ideas

I'm very interested in honoring Davros, a favorite character of my son's and mine, as the new season of Game of Thrones kicks off in a couple weeks on HBO. Am planning a steamed fish ans rice main, and of course there will be lemon cakes for dessert...we'll pick a flinty white wine, I think, but I need to honor that other appellation Davros is saddled with: The Onion Knight. Stuffed roasted? An onion tart? Grilled scallions with sesame oil ans sea salt? Or something completely different? The husband hasn't met the character at all as he's not read the book, but we figure Davros will be huge this season, and hope to do him fitting-fair! Suggestions?

Reheating Eggrolls and Rangoons

I've never done so successfully--the shells/wraps dry out before the fillings heat through.

I've merely stuck 'em on baking sheets at moderate to hotter temps--325-400, and have never been happy with the results.

Do any of you have a method that works?

Silicone Coated Mixers? Help!

Does anyone know of a good hand-mixer that has silicone (or otherwise buffered) coated beaters?

I have a noce, shiny new pot that I would like to be able to electrically beat things in without scarring the lovely surface...


EW! Little Black Bugs in the Cupboard

That's what I get for putting off spring cleaning until summer, i suppose...

We've had the meal worms to white moth infestation in the past, but these are tiny black beetle-type bugs, slow-moving, not flying. We've emptied the food and examined all--no evidence of them IN any of the packages and containers, though we did find some evidence of SOMETHING having been in a "bin" of bread crumbs (webby detritus). We've washed out the cupboard and are ready to stage the food back in.

Here's my question: Anybody know what these might be? and what can we use to prevent their return? I vaguely recall bay leaves as a possible deterrent?

Porportion advice needed for CHEESECAKE

So, my springform pan has died. My grandmother (the bomb!) used to make her (awesome) cheesecake recipe in 9x13 glass cake pans when making for a crowd--club dinners, family birthdays, holidays. I have no idea how to convert my 24 ounce cream cheese/3 egg recipe to appropriately fill my 9x13. Advices, please? You have always done so well by me hereabouts, and my husband and son are counting on you to come through for me again. Thanks, all!

Is a Cookie Press Necessary?

I LOVE spritz cookies--the texture, the (almond!) flavor--but I do not like the fussiness of the cookie press.

Any recommendations on other ways to bake the dough? Does it work dropped? gently rolled and cut bu hand?

I'd like to make some, but am NOT getting out the press.

Thanks for your halpz.

Side Suggestions for Curry Dish?

I'm planning to make Butter Chicken for a dinner party at the end of the month, and need some suggestions for sides beyond rice and naan...I'm really at sea on this, as I have no personal experience with Indian cuisine except for this one fabulous recipe which really nudges me toward broader experimentation...

My instincts are telling me cool and creamy--I'm thinking maybe a fruit salad, then finishing the meal with pistachio ice cream, but if you could suggest authentic (and relatively simple!)sides, I'd much appreciate it!

Cumin seed for Fennel seed?

Quick question: do you think a substitute of cumin for fennel seeds in a chicken-olive-peppers Sicilian-style dish would work? the fennel seeds are optional in the original recipe, but i definitely would like some depth of flavor, so am looking to sub (rather than go out into freezing rain to buy the fennel, right?). Thanks!

How Should I Store My Pies?

So, a friend just stopped by with a gift of two pies she bought at the fruit stand, one strawberry rhubarb, the other blueberry. And I must suddenly go out of town at the crack of dawn tomorrow. The pies cannot go with: the relatives we are going to lend sudden assistance to are both severely diabetic. We will be gone at least two days, maybe three, and I am pretty sure the pies will be fine until then, but we will have lost up to three days eat-time, and there are only two of us! Once more, HELP! And thanks in advance; you guys always give me great advice!

Remember that flour-pancake mix snafu?

So, I took sadpixie's advice, added oil, sugar, soda, milk/vinegar, and a dash of both vanilla and almond extracts, stirred it together with the mess I'd made last night, glommed it into a greased 13x9 glass cake dish, then laded it into the oven at 325 for 45 minutes. I probably should have taken an egg beater to it just to aerate it a bit, as it did not rise much...BUT, it has a neat, old-timey kinda moist, dense texture, and it's not too sweet--i like that! I whipped up a "buttercream" frosting of 1 lb. confectioner's sugar, 1/2 c butter, 4 tbs. milk, and a dab of vanilla along with a good shot of orange extract. Spread that on, and it kinda reminds me of cakes I ate made by elderly great-aunts at family reunions back in the mid-sixties... Not bad for a disaster, and I couldn't be happier that this site exists, 'cause you all offered quick, useful advice! Hats off to YOU! (esp. sadpix, ya know?)

Halp! I mistook FLOUR for PANCAKE mix...

So, I have 1.25 cups of water, .25 cup of oil and an egg blended with 2 cups of white flour--what can I add to turn this into something edible? I'm not a baker, so I don't have much sense of these things. Can I turn it into a cake batter? A quick bread? I already made up the (correct) pancake batter, so I don't need info on converting this to that. I DO have baking soda in the house, but no baking powder; I do have sugar, vanilla, salt, yeast, etc. I have put the mixture into the 'fridge and hope I can find a way to use it...Thanks for your advice!

Mmmm...Non-Breakfast Food Breakfast

I love breakfast; often have it for lunch or supper (though never as "dinner"--if I'm having it in the evening, it is SUPPER!). This morning, though, I hadda have something different.

Poured a quart of chicken broth into a pan, spiked it with parsley leaves and a bit of garlic, heated to a simmer, melted a pat of butter in, then dropped in the dumpling dough I'd whipped up while it was heating. Simmer, simmer, uncovered, covered, then scooped a couple fluffies into a big bowl, floated them in a few scoops of newly silked broth, and O! best breakfast I've had in a long time!

What non breaky foods do you enjoy on those rare occasions?

Fries: Coated or Naked as the Day They Were Cut?

I will be the first to salute the magic that happens upon dredging certain foods through a drift of flour, salt, pepper and a smack of garlic powder/paprika/cumin, etc.; green tomatoes! pounded-to- translucent chicken breasts! slabs of creamy polenta! beef cubes! But cuts of potato? Nope. Do not put even a thin dusting of alter-starch between my fries and the hot oil waiting to transform them. And yet more and more restaurants are committing this heresy...How do you like your fries, naked or condomized in a dredge?

Had the BEST Ice Cream Cone This Weekend...

at a little local place, The Big Dipper on Central Ave in Dunkirk NY where they make their own ice creams, some authentic Italian flavors (though not gelato-style), some premium original recipes--I had a cone with triple chocolate on the bottom and butter almond on top, both from their premium lists--Seems the salty-sweet thing has finally hit small-town America, too, as that butter almond was insane! And draggin' my tongue up across the chocolate and through the butter almond make this the best cone ever. (In fact, think I'll go by again today for a second round...) Where, when and what was yours?

Where Are You Getting Your Iodine?

The how much is too much salt post got me thinking...Like many of you, I have shifted completely to sea salt and now find the flavor of the processed stuff too "chemically" and--I know, the irony!--salty. But I also live in a high thyroid problem area, and I am now concerned about the iodine I may be lacking (and my husband, who has a strong family history of thyroid under-performance, with his own tests being low for a male). Where do we get iodine FROM, if not from iodized salt? What food sources do YOU turn to for that necessary mineral?

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