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What do you eat your sunny side up eggs with?

Thanks for the ideas. I can't wait to try all of them! (:

Two New Cookbooks To Download, Plus A Giveaway!

Good old, accidental chocolate chip cookies, of course !!!

Cheesecake - crust or crustless?

CRUST!! I could even eat the crust ALONE like a cookie even.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

@msecondo aha that's true, I can name many ice cream flavors but I can never get sick of vanilla c:

What to do with half of a salmon?

Look for a recipe to bake the salmon in some soy sauce and wasabi. It's the best thing ever!!! My brother's friend made it for a pot luck, and it was delicious. I'm pretty sure he put more than soy sauce and wasabi though ahaha. A teriyaki mayo wasabi salmon!!!

Refreshing Food for Hot Weather

Watermelon!!! ahaha I also have a tea house (x

Sao Mai, Reliably Delicious Vietnamese in the East Village

One of the best Vietnamese places I have been to!( Coming from a Vietnamese person ) Although, I think what makes Vietnamese food so good is the freshness and how cheap it is. It seems a lot more expensive at Sao Mai, when you compare it to the Vietnamese restaurants in Little Saigon, CA. $5 dollar bowl phos and $1 spring rolls!! Aahaha but, Sao Mai is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in New York.


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