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The Real Origins of the Boiled Peanut

@LemonyZest - Dried peanuts can be stored for many months. Fresh green peanuts can't because they spoil quickly after harvest.

If you're not in a peanut growing region, you're getting peanuts that have been dried and then boiled. It takes many more hours to cook dried peanuts and they don't quite have the flavor or texture.

You can't boil roasted peanuts at all.

The Delicious Secret Behind Your Favorite Whiskey: The Best Spirits from MGP

If I want to make a rye based cocktail it's Rittenhouse Rye. I like sipping Bulleit.

But I only sip using artisanal hand blown glasses in which the silica has been extracted from sand obtained from Mexico Beach Florida.

Because I care.

The Delicious Secret Behind Your Favorite Whiskey: The Best Spirits from MGP

I don't care about "craft", "locally sourced", "free range", "gluten", or "insert your favorite buzz word". I can't taste pretentious snobbery.

If a whiskey tastes good and is affordable, I'll buy it.

Charcoal Versus Gas Grills: The Definitive Guide

Satan uses a gas grill. That's all you really need to know.

The Real Origins of the Boiled Peanut

cooking42 -Peanuts that have been dried and then boiled really don't taste anything like fresh peanuts. I ate those predried and boiled things for years without knowing any better. It wasn't until business took me to South Georgia and I ran across peanuts fresh from the fields that I had a goober epiphany.

The Real Origins of the Boiled Peanut

Great article. I have the fondest memories of living in the heart of Dixie, smack dap in the middle of the Goober belt. There is nothing that compares (except fresh-on-the stalk soy bean pods) to getting fresh peanuts right out of the fields.

Tour Guide and Author Lesley Tellez on What Everyone Gets Wrong About Mexican Food

Kenji - I suggest you scrub FoodWriterOfNote off this discussion until he gets psychiatric help.

Tour Guide and Author Lesley Tellez on What Everyone Gets Wrong About Mexican Food

"Californians are especially obnoxious about not recognizing anything but Baja and native Californian cuisine, while Southwesterners only recognize Tejano/Tex-Mex cuisine"..

We can all thank scalfin for relieving us of the burden of scouring the Internet for todays stupidest bloviation.

The Best Fried Chicken on the Planet: An Opinionated World Tour

In a little alley off the main road in front of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force base in Hayashi, Japan, sits a place called Sanpei. Master, as he was called, learned to make fried chicken while cooking on that base when it was under control of the occupation post WWII.

His chicken is legendary, and people from America have been known to travel back there just to eat the chicken. It's really that good. Whenever I've been back to the Tokyo area, the first trip I make is the hour and a half train ride to Sanpei for many plates of fried wings and cold Kirin lager.

The Best Smokers Under $500, 2015 Edition

@Max - "Best" is subjective. I've been traveling around the country for the better part of 40 years. I can't name an exceptional BBQ joint that uses gas. I can easily remember the best places I've ever been to that burned wood. Franklin's, Southern Soul, Scott's, Bryant's, Kreuz, etc.

The Best Smokers Under $500, 2015 Edition

Gas or (egads) electric smokers are to cooking as velveeta is to cheese.

Japanese Potato Salad With Cucumbers, Carrots, and Red Onion

Having lived in Japan for 9 years, I ate this many times and there are two distinct variations of it. One, found often in Bento is bland. The second does indeed have a nice karashi bite and is often found in sandwiches. They are wonderful at 4:00 am when you wander into a Lawson's or 7-Eleven looking for a bite.

The Japanese Way to Make Potato Salad

This style of potato salad shows up frequently in Bento's you can order for delivery to your office or at the train stations. It's also widely available in convenience store sandwiches, but usually with a little extra karashi.

The Tea Lover's Way to Make the Best Cold Brew Iced Tea

I got hooked on iced oolong when I lived in Japan.

A New Summer Favorite: Grilled Chicken with Za'atar

Can someone recommend an off the shelf spice BLEND that I can mail order?

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Surviving the Off-Season

I have followed the story of Arrogant Swine from the beginning and have absolute respect for Mr. Ho.

It's too bad that New York has an "off season" for barbecue.

Spicy Cumin Lamb Skewers (Yang Rou Chuan)

I made these last night. They were terrific but this recipe only makes enough for one serving. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Confessions of a Maple Syrup Smuggler

I always bring my own baked potato with me to mid-range steak houses because most places wrap them in foil, in essence steaming them. I like a nice crispy skin from a shioyaki style potoato so I'm forced to bring my own in a small insulated cooler.

Don't even start me up about places that don't serve butter made with cultured cream from Irish grass fed cows that only have BMI's within 1% of the norm for their breed.

Ed Levine's Golden Rules of the Perfect Pancake

I have no use for maple syrup. I grew up in sugar cane country and for my pancakes (or hoe cakes, corn cakes, etc.) it's cane syrup made by my neighbors at their annual cane grinding.

The Art of the Perfect Grilled Cheese (Plus 20 Variations to Shake Things Up)

I like Boar's Head Cheddar Double Gloucester cheese. The only add in for me is a thin slice of Vidalia onion.

How to Make Mexican Tamales

My recipe for tamales:

1. Pick up the phone and call Mrs. Garcia down at La Placita Mercado Mexicana.
2. Ask for a couple of dozen for Saturday morning pick up.
3. Drive to the mercado, eat a few fresh ChicharrĂ³n and hand made tortillas while she packs them up.
4. Gourge for the rest of the weekend on fresh tamales.

Dipping Into Queso, a Texas Potluck Classic

Tony - People gotta' make money. If you have enough gabachos that want velveeta and Old El Paso tacos, then sell it to them. It's that simple.

Too Good To Mix: 9 Rums Perfect For Sipping

I've been enjoying Rum Agricole, sugar cane juice vs. molasses, for years. It was sad when Mount Gay discontinued theirs.