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Finding authentic French Macarons.

Madeline Patisserie in chelsea, and Bouchon bakery

How to Make Perfect Croissants, from Foodbeam

I must say Trader Joe's Mini Croissants are perfection!

Stumptown Coffee: Let's Call a Spade A Spade Here

It's all about INTELLIGENCIA at Southside Coffee in Brooklyn and in Silver Lake, CA. I promise you JudgeFudge you will greatly appreciate it. The owner (Josh) knows what he's doing. Enjoy

Help me make dinner with sausage, zucchini, and mushrooms!

buy a jar of pesto and some pasta, mix in with the rest of the cooked ingredients and you're good to go.

chemo treatment no taste buds everything taste nasty

How about trying to eat those miracle berries? No joke

Storing lemons

They were probably old and about to turn when you bought them. Mine last a week/ 2 weeks in the fridge.


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