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Best impromptu dish - take a slab of smoked salmon (always have slabs in the freezer), cook up your favourite pasta, chop the smoked salmon up a bit, and stir it into the cooked pasta with cream and your favourite fresh herb. Serve in bowls.

Salmon in a Sea of Coconut From 'Marcus Off Duty'

Maggie - the link to "we are giving away 5 copies of Marcus Off Duty this week" is broken.

I love Marcus Samuellson - first read about him when he worked with Bluestar.

The Best Scotch to Buy on a Budget

I love these sorts of articles on Serious Eats (Drinks), and I really enjoy all the neighbourhood suggestions.

And then, it KILLS me that virtually none of them are available in Ontario, Canada's KGBO, I mean LCBO, the guvment-controlled booze outlet (no choice but to buy from them). We're in Ottawa, the country's capital, ffs. Even the SAQ (Quebec booze) doesn't carry many of the recommendations.

Just had to get that off my chest!

Anyone like to ship a few cases of Monkey Shoulder to Ontario?!

Baked Apples With Oat Crumble From 'Huckleberry'

Emma - hopefully you're still monitoring this! The recipe says the apples are to be peeled and cored, but looking at the photo used, it looks as if they've still got their peel on. Please advise, thanks! I've got Cortlands, so that's what I'll be using.

Hazelnut Maple Cookies With Orange Zest From 'Ovenly'

Only in N America can we be specific about the grade of maple syrup to use: love it!

Win a Copy of 'Plenty More'

Our favourite unusual vegetable dish this year has been Ottolenghi's grilled eggplant with his yoghurt/buttermilk sauce, za'atar and pomegranate seeds over the top. EVERYONE loves it, even those who despise eggplant.

The Best Fresh Tomato Sauce

I froze mine in plastic tubs - yoghurt tub type - and it's absolutely fine.

Waffle-Iron Hash Browns

Thanks, elango - I never seem to get the original stories - off to check it now.

Waffle-Iron Hash Browns

Deb over at Smittenkitten recently posted a similar food hack (is that what it's called?) - she cooked her latkes in the waffle iron, and they were delicious - I know, because we made them this week! Hers have onion, eggs, flour and bp in them as well as grated potatoes and s&p.

I, too, would like to know what was used to shred the potatoes in the photo -

Cream Science: On Whipping, Butter, and Beyond

@ Adam - you can't buy raw milk in Ontario legally, although I understand you can be a part-owner in a dairy cow, and get your raw milk that way.

You can, however, buy unadulterated organic milk products, whipping cream, etc, from "Organic Meadow" in FarmBoy, Superstore, etc.

Cheese 101: The Unified Theory of Pairing Cured Meat and Cheese

Note to editors and i.t. people: please can we have an option to save these non-recipe articles like we can save recipes, please please?

What Cookbook Would You Buy For a First-Time Cook?

Frankly, I'm shocked and amazed (!) that you haven't included Delia Smith's "How To Cook" series. She was the reigning queen of cooking in the UK for years, and her books are clearly written, with accurate recipes (a novelty in too many new cookbooks, where recipes seldom seem to have been thoroughly tested), food that actually tastes good, and delightful photography.

There's also a website:

Win a Copy of 'A Boat, a Whale, & a Walrus'

Favourite party menu? Haloumi fried in olive oil, with fresh kiwi fruit to start, then a perfect big roast of beef, then flummery (Scottish - whipped cream, toasted oatmeal, and whisky).

Just put the kale gratin in the oven from this book posted on Serious Eats - looking good!

Menemen (Turkish-Style Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes, Onions, and Chilies)

Don't know anything about lecso, but menemen sounds fairly similar to an Afghan egg dish DH ate lots in Kabul. Onions, garlic, peppers, more peppers, sriracha, s&p and eventually some eggs, scrambled, on a remote mountain hilltop, over a fire pit, at dawn. Ah, the life of a peace-keeper!

Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise

Happy to change the way I keep tomatoes, although generally they aren't around long enough to warrant refrigeration!

But, but - what about potatoes and onions? I always keep them in a kitchen cupboard (oh, but never together) - should I be refrigerating them, too? I find potatoes' taste isn't as good after chilling, but, I stand to be corrected.

Thanks for such a thorough study: this is why I love SE.

Easy, Light, and Tender Honey-Vanilla Almond Cake

Weight-wise, what are we looking at for the almonds, Jennifer? I always prefer recipes to have weights for the dry stuff, as the bulk can vary considerably.

Win a Copy of 'The Big-Flavor Grill'

I agree with Err - lots of lemon juice - or lime juice - on everything.

Some great ideas here!

6 Grilling Hacks to Step Up Your Live-Fire Game

Another Big Green Egg fan here. There are perfectly good knock-offs, too, available at Costco etc, for a lot less $.

Cheese 101: Why Imported Italian Mozzarella Isn't Always Better

Congratulations on the move!

Thanks for the cheese-making link - we live in Canada, so I doubt I could buy Caputo Bros curds here, but I'm sure I can buy the right kind of curds locally.

Cheese 101: Why Imported Italian Mozzarella Isn't Always Better

How hard IS it to make mozzarella, or burrata? The real mcCoy is so delicious, and SO hard to find.

:: puts up hand to catch teacher's attention and ask sookily for a how-to series on cheese-making ::

Why You Should Stop Boiling Your Oatmeal and Start Baking It

@ TravelPath - bolleaux! Whisky is never added to porage in Scotland. In Scotland, traditionally, the crofter's wife cooked her porage until thick in a cast iron cauldron (probably from Falkirk Foundry in Central Scotland) over a hot fire, then the hot goo was tipped into the drawer in the ubiquitous kitchen (only) table, and, once cool, it would last a few days, and you'd simply cut off a hunk, like taking a slice of brownies, whenever you were peckish. You might have accompanied a slab with a tot, but never mix the two. *shivers in horror*

Savory Vegetable Bread Pudding From 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook'

This looks delicious. Only vegetable bread pudding I've had was like India rubber with bits of over-cooked root veggies throughout, yuck! And that was in a fancyschmancy restaurant, harrumph.

Bacon-Wrapped, Jalapeño Popper-Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breasts

I'm thinking one could make a cheat's version of this by simply rolling the flattened chicken breasts around those cream-cheese-stuffed sweet red peppers (or jalapeños) one can buy at the deli counter.

Whatever, loving the stuffed chicken series of recipes!

Tomato Tart From 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook'

@ Bluefirecracker - Josceline Dimbleby, a wonderful British cook who works with a lot of Middle Eastern flavours, had a recipe for a tomato tart in her "Almost Vegetarian" cookbook (one of my favourites) that called for an olive oil pastry. Wonderful recipe for pastry that I've used many times, in many other dishes.

Her recipe calls for a quiche (flan) dish, but I've made it in an oblong dish - one of those long skinny ones, with the pop-out base, with great success.

The Best Fresh Tomato Sauce

@ fiddlechick - I pick up big old Corningware roasting pans for a buck or two at thrift shops and, being non-reactive, they're perfect for tomato roasting. They also clean up a whole lot more easily than a metal ashet. I hardly ever use metal pans any more.

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Mustard Manual: Your Guide to Mustard Varieties

Mustard is one of the oldest condiments and hasn't changed much through the years. In it's essence, mustard is combination of mixing the ground seeds of the mustard plant with liquid, but its the variety of seeds and type of liquid used that creates all the varieties of mustard we know today. More

Knife Skills: How to Slice Scallions

When scallions are used as a base ingredient in a stir-fry or salsa, a fine rough chop will do you just fine. But the beauty of scallions is that they're as pretty as they are flavorful—provided you know how to cut them. Here are the basic knife skills you'll need to produce three different types of garnish-worthy scallion slices. More

The Food Lab: The Best Barbecue Chicken

Barbecue chicken doesn't fall under the strict definition of the Southern term "barbecue," as it is not cooked hot or long enough for connective tissue to break down the way it does in ribs or a pork butt (indeed, there isn't really any connective tissue to break down in the first place), but it does fall under the wider umbrella of "barbecue" which includes any foods cooked slowly (not to be confused with slow-cooked) with the addition of smoke and a barbecue sauce. Of course, all conversation of whether or not it's proper to call it barbecue will end once you all agree that it's delicious. More

Taste Test: A Guide to Black Pepper

There's no shortage of places to get your black pepper from; as one of the world's most popular spices, it's grown all across the world's spice regions, from India to Indonesia to Ecuador and Brazil. We don't talk much about terroir when it comes to spices, but it's worth thinking about. After all, peppercorns are fruits just like grapes, and soil, growing conditions, and variety of peppercorn are all going to have an impact on flavor profile. How strong are these flavor differences, and how do they pan out with food? We tasted peppercorns from seven major growing regions to find out. More

The Food Lab: How to Make Creamy Vegetable Soups Without a Recipe

These days, there aren't too many vegetables in the world that I haven't made into a smooth, creamy soup, and there are even fewer that I've not loved, but my experience has taught me something: the first time I learned how to make a creamy chanterelle soup at my first real restaurant job wasn't really just a recipe for chanterelle soup. It was a blueprint for making any creamy vegetable soup. You just need to break it down into its individual steps and figure out how to universalize them. Here's how it's done. More

The Food Lab: How To Preserve Fresh Spring and Summer Produce

I go a bit nuts every spring and summer when fresh produce is at its best. I end up buying things willy nilly, without much thought as to how I'm going to prepare, much less eat, all of it myself. After several valiant dinner parties and late night asparagus binges, I still find myself with far too much produce to even consider finishing everything before it starts to lose quality. More

Saffron Chicken and Rice With Golden Beets From 'The New Southern Table'

While it may not have the superstar status of other quintessentially Southern ingredients like country ham or collards, rice is a vital part of any Southern table, especially in the low country region around the Carolina coast. Brys Stephens's chapter on rice in his cookbook, The New Southern Table, explores varieties and preparations of the grain from everywhere from Thailand to his own home state of South Carolina. More

Mexican Gorditas (Fried Stuffed Corn Cakes)

Once you eat a Mexican gordita, your life may never be the same again: Corn cakes made from masa dough are pan-fried to create a crisp exterior and a steamy, tender interior, then stuffed with any number of traditional fillings, from spicy beans, to fresh white cheese and tender shredded meats. More

Ultra-Smashed Cheeseburgers

Classic smashed burgers are all about maximizing that deep, brown crust. But I found myself wondering, what if I were to take this to the extreme? Is there a way I could pack even more flavor into a burger? And thus, the ultra-smashed burger was born. Same burger size, but twice the amount of crisp, browned crust. More

Crusty Portuguese bread recipe?

My fiance lived in Portugal when he was a young boy, and he fondly remembers a certain type of bread that his family would buy fresh every day. I'd love to make that same bread for him, but no one... More