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The Best F&$king Grilled Chicken Sandwich Ever

I just think anyone calling himself The True Adonis deserves his own personal avatar. :)

And many delicious foods are intrinsically slimy. Avocado. Mayo. Jam.

The Best F&$king Grilled Chicken Sandwich Ever

I just think that anyone called The True Adonis definitely needs his own personal IMG signature. :)

And some of the most delicious foods are by definition slimy. Avocado. Mayo. Honey.

Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

Never mind the Challah, this is Easter, and time to turn those stale hot cross buns into French bread! Same recipe, just slice the bun in half, and each half into cake-type quarters, as it gets pretty floppity when saturated with the other ingredients.

Taste Test: We Try Every SodaStream Soda Syrup Flavor

I'm with the others who wished Soda-Stream didn't have any weird sweeteners in their non-diet syrups, yuck.

Anyone know of anyone else who makes a good Tonic Water syrup?

Manner Matters: Bread and Butter Basics

@ BostonAdam:

Really? You've really never had the joy of white bread, sliced, put in a napkin in a breadbasket, and then the whole thing goes in the microwave?

You are forthwith invited to come up to Canada, then, for this gourmet experience!

Manner Matters: Bread and Butter Basics

@sarahemmm - but, that's toast, and not bread, and if you're talking about marmalade then you're probably also talking about breakfast, and not a main meal.

I'm used to putting a fresh baguette on the table, and pulling pieces and adding butter, or not, during some courses of a main meal. That's more common in Europe than here in N America, where I notice people put a basket of microwaved (!) sliced (!) bread on the table. Blech.

I can't abide sliced bread at a meal, but toast? Whole other story, as sarahemmm says!

Hot Cross Buns

lol - thanks! Honestly, Mr B bought these fairly vile hcb's from the bakery in the village, and I avoided them long enough that I could turf them legitimately for being stale, when Mr B intervenes, and pipes up with something along the lines of, "let's copy Kenji (a household name around here) and make French toast from them!"

So I can't really take any credit at all. :)

Hot Cross Buns

Staleness ain't a problem, as hot cross buns make wonderful French toast or bread and butter pudding, mmm mm. I halved mine and then cut each half into quarters for the French toast, as they became unwieldy very quickly.

Watch Tony Bezsylko Bake the Best Bread in Chicago at Cellar Door Provisions

@ Nick, or Tony - roughly what temperature was the kitchen while all the work was going on, before the bread went to bed in the fridge for the night?

I don't see what's wrong with the process being less than slickly efficient: to me, the baker is having fun, and the bread is divine - what can be so offensive with that?

Behind the Scenes: Making Angostura Bitters in Trinidad

Aahh, pink gin: nectar of the gods, and my drunken grandmother back in the day!

Behind the Scenes In Kenji's Home Kitchen (A.K.A. Home of The Food Lab)

Thermapens....I bought mine from a UK Ebay seller for $10; it's supposedly "reconditioned," but for $10 I figured it was worth a shot. Can't see that it's ever been used, and it came with the full warranty, etc, and works like a charm.

And I love it: thanks for that, Kenji!

Also thanks for suggesting restaurant/commercial food storage tubs - genius, and a GREAT space-saver. Out, damn (ziplock) pots! (with apologies to Lady Macbeth...)

4 Close-Up, High-Def, Insanely Awesome Shooter's-Style Sandwiches

That image would make a brilliant poster!

Hay Serious Eaters - how about releasing some of your best shots as posters?

We've been pondering a hunter sandwich made with similar ingredients to the steak one, but using a Cumberland sausage instead of steak (Cumberland sausage is cooked as one long string wrapped in a coil, not cut into links like most sausages).

Are Shooter's Sandwiches Really Worth a Damn?

I was making these 25 years ago back in Ye Jolle Olde Newe Brunswicke - they are PERFECT for picnics! I added some steamed and squished dry spinach for colour, and you do need lots of seasoning, but they are omfg good.

All this, from an iPotato, eh.

Leftovers: RIP One Fat Lady, Unmaking Oreos, and More

So sad about Clarissa Dickson-Wright - she was definitely a one-off. Family and friends were involved in the "Two Fat Ladies" episode filmed at the Museum of Flight outside Edinburgh (their passion is flying, not cooking, so please excuse the edit!):

Taste Test: British Digestives

I'm shocked and amazed that McVitie's didn't make the top anything, as they are one of the great staples of life. Hmm. Must do some further investigating.

They're generally available in Canada at Loblaws, YIG, etc, by the way, if anyone else is interested in investigating!

Salsa Golf (Argentinean Ketchup)

And, from Scotland, mayo and ketchup mixed together becomes Marie-Rose Sauce. Clearly this mix is very multi-cultural!

The Serious Eats Guide to Whole Grains

Anyone tried "avena nuda"? It's a nekkid oat, pretty much; developed in Manitoba on the Canadian prairies, and particularly poorly promoted, in the best Canadian way, sigh.

Absolutely delicious, though, so worth digging around to find it. (sorry, no cheery pictures of naked oats: this is a Canadian govt document, I'm afraid).

Parmesan Bacon Gougères From 'Down South'

Really? In this day and age of chronic world-class obesity running, well, waddling, rampant across the continent, you're advocating a recipe that involves fat, more fat, and cheese? That's dreadful, disgraceful, and utterly irresponsible.

I think I might have to make it a few times, just to make sure how bad it really is. :)

Banana-Chocolate "Faux-ssants"

Ingenious! These look dangerously perfect.

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Those look very nice, but I REALLY like the Glaswegian mug, Carrie!

Back Of The House: The Fascinating Work of a Historic Gastronomist

Another savvy and highly entertaining amateur food historian is the living "Fat Lady," Clarissa Dickson-Wright.

I remember eating delicious authentic period dishes at Colonial Williamsburg, VA, and getting a tour of the kitchens afterwards (many feet below ground, all shiny stainless and bright modern lighting!). Anyone know how authentic the cooking is there, or if they're using modern ingredients?

5 Issues Craft Beer Drinkers Should Be Talking About

Never mind the half-pint, I'd love it if more of them offered what in Europe is called a galopin, which I think is a quarter-pint, so not unlike a middling-sized glass of wine.

The lovely staff at the Big Rig Brewery in Ottawa were able to oblige me recently with a galopin - and the beer was delicious (as was the meal)! I'm not a big beer drinker, but I love to try a little with a meal, and a galopin is perfect.

Big thumbs up to Big Rig Brewery!

Savory Irish Oatcakes

Momentarily distracted by the whiff of whisky, I forgot to say, those savoury Irish oatcakes look pretty good!

Savory Irish Oatcakes

I make Scottish oatcakes, which are similar only even better, of course, being Scottish. They're honed down to the minimum of perfect ingredients - oatmeal, fat, and water.

Instead of rolling the dough out on wheat flour, of whatever cultural extraction, I roll it out on more oatmeal, thus these are a great cracker for those who are gluten-intolerant. Or crackers. You can add some sweetener, or cheese, or dried fruit, but I prefer them neat, like my Scotch. To which they make the perfect accompaniment, come to think of it!

Yes or No Sexy: Debunking the Valentine's Day Aphrodisiac


* It's Scottish for Pyoor Ded Brullyunt

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Ultra-Smashed Cheeseburgers

Classic smashed burgers are all about maximizing that deep, brown crust. But I found myself wondering, what if I were to take this to the extreme? Is there a way I could pack even more flavor into a burger? And thus, the ultra-smashed burger was born. Same burger size, but twice the amount of crisp, browned crust. More

Crusty Portuguese bread recipe?

My fiance lived in Portugal when he was a young boy, and he fondly remembers a certain type of bread that his family would buy fresh every day. I'd love to make that same bread for him, but no one... More

Kitchen Tricks: Squeeze Bottles with Built-in Recipes

My wife loves salad dressing, particularly the that I keep in constant supply in a squeeze bottle in the fridge. I know the recipe by heart, but problems arise when I'm out of town, my wife has a brand new box of arugula, and the dressing's just run out. Here's a little trick I devised to make sure that never happens again: just write the recipe directly on the squeeze bottle. More

Pop-Hearts (Nutella Filled Hand Pies)

In this toothsome homemade take on a commercial classic, a tender, flaky heart shaped crust is filled with Nutella, then baked to crispy-on-the edges, soft-on-the-inside perfection. A healthy dollop of confectioners' sugar glaze with rainbow sprinkles makes these treats as adorable as they are sweet. More

Save Your Life Garlic Soup From 'One Good Dish'

Unless you've eaten garlic soup, it can be challenging to imagine how a huge handful of sliced cloves simmered in water for fifteen minutes could possibly be worth writing about. I certainly questioned the idea before making David Tanis's version in his new cookbook, One Good Dish. But those fifteen minutes on the stove are transformational—the garlic mellows and sweetens, infusing the water with profound savoriness. A little salt, olive oil, and sage don't hurt either. More