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The $1 Poor Man's Big Mac: Worth It Or Not?

Don't put your eschewed definition of certain phrases in my mouth Timberbarrack. You have no idea of the meaning behind what I said, but you immediately jump on me for being a homophobe. How do you know I'm not gay? But just to make you feel better, the "Turd Burglar" was a play on the Hamburglar and a nod to South Park for their use of it. I'm glad I have to explain my stance on Gay Rights on a Burger page, but this is what the world has come to. Everybody's feelings get hurt over everything. I'm pissing the hippies off with my SUV, the vegans off with my burger, the hipsters off with my real job and you off because I said the words "Turd Burglar" I hope all of us gays can now get a good night sleep because you are on the case.... Now, can we get back to the subject at hand? How to get over on the clown!!!

The $1 Poor Man's Big Mac: Worth It Or Not?

Side note - While I applaud people for taking care of themselves and their bodies and the planet we live on, I'm absolutely done with the "So full of themselves" people who feel they are superior to everyone else because of their life decisions. Guess what turd burglar, you sit on the pot and shit just like everyone else. Don't eat fast food? Good for you. But STFU about it on a forum that is dedicated to a greasy, fattening, artery clogging meal that is the hamburger. Yada, Yada, Yada. Hope you feel so much better than the rest of us because you have all the time in the world and all the money in the world to only eat the best. Let's see how you fare at 1:00 in the morning on a road trip on 81 south......

The $1 Poor Man's Big Mac: Worth It Or Not?

I have been doing this for several years and I find that for the price of one Big Mac you can get two of the McDouble's dressed as a Mac. I like them. When in a pinch (monetarily or time wise) they can hit the spot. And they are easier to eat with one hand. ;-)

Dobleta - The Best Sandwich Wendy's Never Made

I think every body here needs to puff with me. Here's some NYC Sour Diesel. Smoke it and then get back to me....

Gift Guide: For Burger-Making Lovers

I laughed so hard that milk came out of my nose. And I'm not even drinking milk.

Wendy's New Burger, The W, Coming Soon

I tried one the other day and it wasn't that bad. The salad ingredient were all pretty crispy and the tomato was actually a close to center slice. (why do I always seem to get the end piece with little green leaves or the core on it?) I agree with somebodies earlier sentiment that the pickles should be dill instead of the sweet variety, but that was a minor issue. The bun wasn't as bad as I expected and both patties were neat, orderly, juicy and not dried out. My only complaint was that the cheese had practically run off of the thing from melting out. It was a tad messy, but again in a pinch, this burger could satisfy my burger jones. I have always felt that Wendy's did things just a tiny bit better than the other big two and I still feel that way. I'm just most happy that the big boys are starting to see that we burger lovers are serious about it and that they are at least trying to peak our interest with upgrades and new styles. Now, if I could only hit the lottery and open the FIRST In-N-Out in New Jersey......

Burger King Releases New Premium Burger, the BK Chef's Choice Burger

This was not good at all. I didn't expect much so at least I had that going for me. The meat was very plastic looking and had no flavor at all. The artisan bun is spongy and awful. The bacon wasn't bad, but pretty much everything else was. Try again BK.

White Castle Fan Sues Chain Over Uncomfortably Small Booths

@ Texas Blues - Amen to that. I'm tired of this kind of crap. When are people going to start taking responsibility for themselves and stop looking towards government to solve all of their problems?

Video: West Coast Burger Pile from Epic Meal Time

I believe that was the point of their humor. To kick us in the gut with the graphic burgercide.

Chain Reaction: Friendly Atmosphere and Fair Burgers at Hamburger Mary's

OK, you're here, you're queer. I get it. But do we have to gay up the whole world now?

Guide to Grilling Great Burgers

I have grilled in knee deep snow and in a soft downpour. Grilling for me happens year round and isn't contained to a "Season".

The Haute Cuisine 'Submarine' Burger from Father's Office in Los Angeles

I recently went out to Yosemite, but stopped in LA before I did to catch up with a friend. He took me here. I ate two of them in three days and they were absolutely delicious. Brad hit it on the head when he said you will pause after each bite. It came out to our table and I looked at it and thought "WTF is this?" But once I bit into it and the juices started coming out and the compote, cheeses and arugula began their dance, I was hooked. I kept thinking after each bite "I can't believe how good this is." The place was busy and crowded, but with some finesse we grabbed a table and to echo some other posters, their tap selection is AMAZING to say the least. I grabbed another burger when I stopped in Redondo, it too was excellent, I'm working on a review of that one currently.

Grilled: Lacey Muszynski, Milwaukee Correspondent

Scam, let the girl enjoy what she enjoys. She was asked a question about her favorite chain burger, she answered it. Why give your .02 cents on an interview about what SHE likes. In a review, maybe. But here? Nah.

Photo of the Day: In-N-Out + Zapp's VooDoo Potato Chips

I recently tried some Zapp's chips that my girlfriend brought me back from NOLA. They were the XXX Habanero chips and I thought they were excellent. Double Doubles I love, so it sounds like a winning combination to me. Write me down as being in the envious category.

The $3 Big Mac (sort of) mini meal

I have just tried this at two of the local McDonald's and this is my results:

First trip I ordered two McDoubles, hold the ketchup and mustard, add mac sauce and shredded lettuce.

It was $1.00 for each McDouble with a .50 charge for mac sauce per sandwich. They didn't charge me for the shredded lettuce. Total Cost $3.00

My second trip, I ordered the same thing but was charged .20 more per sandwich for the shredded lettuce. Total cost $3.64

Every once in a while I get a serious Big Mac Attack and I think it's the sauce.

This experiment was a success and I can now add this to a late night munchies option.

9 Krusty Burger Knock-Offs

Umama, I have kept quiet after your first bout of idiocy out of respect for SE and the whole team, but sir, you are a dick. You run your mouth about everything and use every possible line of attack to try and put the SE staff up against the wall. How about you keep your mouth shut for once?

Chain Reaction: Chili's

My Burger Pictures

In case anyone wants to compare Chili's burgers.

Chain Reaction: Chili's

I have found myself on several occasions at the local Chili's with my parents. Sadly, my "Rents" do not have much of a refined palate anymore so on the rare occasion I do get to chow down on their dime, they take me to the worst places imaginable. However, I do have to stick up for the Chili's in my hometown. They manage to consistently put out a very decent burger when I order one and often times they even get my requested temp. of medium correctly. I can't speak for all Chili's, and I have had my share of horrible experiences with their burger, but for the last couple of years they have really put out a tasty burger at my local chain. I have some photos to prove it if you mosey over to my Flickr page and check out my shots of a couple of burgers from Chili's. Good read David. Thanks for taking the time to review it for us.

Chicago: Get Solid Burgers at The Wiener's Circle (But Late Night Visits Are Not for Everyone)

The main ingredient in my food is always love, but sometimes after a night of drinking and puffing, it would be good to have a hateburger.... LOL With that said, this would probably get old quick and hurt my feelings as I'm a very sensitive Mammoth.

Philadelphia: A Short Rib and Bone Marrow Burger at Ladder 15

Great review Nicholas. I have been wondering about this place for some time and never felt the pull to step through the door. As I am always hungry and often in center city, I'll have to give it a shot.

Reality Check: Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt

The Bacon Mushroom Melt is one of my secret guilty pleasures... Against everything my body and mind is telling me, my stomach craves these gloppy handfuls of burger ecstasy. The Wendy's near me has a Maniac as an owner/manager and they do a really good job of putting them together as neat as possible. Of course there is always a difference between the real thing and the advertisement, we know that. But if you close your eyes and just let your taste buds process the ooey gooey cheese and mushroom combination that lubricates the chunks of beef, bacon and bread before it slides down your Bacon Mushroom Melt hole, you will be rewarded with some serious burger joy.