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Meatball Failure need help stat!

Thanks but no beef left! It all tastes great but not in a ball form, haha! Sort of free form meat ball. If I lived in Washington or Colorado I would be all set

Poll: How Much Is Too Much for a Slice?

on the highway/gas station/mall, $3
at a premium trendy place $5

My Pie Monday: Porchetta, Cherries, Turnips, and More!

As a professional animal care giver, semi professional eater and expat from Montreal I am qualified to say: I like seeing the toppings, that is what i can replicate easiest in my kitchen with the crust I like. Also, this thread shows why people get sick of people who speak French. I did. I left. Yeah you make some nice bread, wine and cheese. Move the eff on, dont sit there and give me a load about how awesome you are. I think I shall never show a side shot again on MPM.

My Pie Monday: Blue Point Crab, Nettles, Redneck Pizza, and More!

AK - i use same crust every time. Caputo OO 24 hr ferment with combo sourdough yeast and store bought. I cook on a preheated stone bottom of oven on convect 550*.

Pizza-Only? Or Pasta, Too?

Being devils advocate how hard is it to bust out a few pasta dishes? Have a dedicated person in charge. WRT GF - I make regular pizza EVERY Thursday and a GF one for my wife. It is one of the hardest things to make and after years of trying I have a pretty good one. We understand how hard it is to make something GF in a restaurant, especially with all the flour flying around , but man if you offered a try you'd make a boatload of people happy! I think I shall post my GF pie on My Pie Monday.

My Pie Monday: 'Mootzaleppo', BBQ Brisket, Dutch Oven Pizza and More!

Adam K what type of sauce? I like the orangey color better than the red

My Pie Monday: Bird's Nest Pizza, Pulled Pork, RAMPS(!) and Much More!

was my 40th birthday, so it started early with brews, then homemade very hard cider then a big fat Cali cab...hic

Cook the Book: 'Bluestem: The Cookbook'

I live in a town with 1 coffee shop, my kitchen is the most creative thing going.

Sourdough question

Hey whoa lotsa comments! Wasnt following I followed the original advice, scooped about a tbsp of starter, mixed with my dough 24 hrs prior and it worked perfectly. Was def too acidic - could smell it easily. Thanks for all the help. I have moved on to freeze distillation of my cider.

Sourdough question

I dont measure. I use about 1.25 cups water then go by feel (probably 6 cups OO flour), as i have for years, and dont have any issues with "regular" yeast. The starter is maybe a little over a cups worth and i keep it pretty wet. When i let it ferment for 2 days, I see a rise like normal and then the fall back when yeast are beat, but when i stretch etc it just has no staying power. I am wondering if the acidity weakens the gluten strength...I cud prob look this up in McGee but I am lazy and want to hear any similar input.

Enter to Win a Copy of the 'Alinea' Cookbook

fried poached eggs, delish over creamed spinach!

Homemade Pasta Tips

I make a fair amount with Kitchenaid. I just use roller and the 1 cutter, the other attachments i dont use. I use AP flour or 00 flour with room temp eggs, litttle salt and maybe a splash EVOO. I mix with machine until nat sticky then some with hands till feels right then wrap in saran for 30 minutes. I leave on counter. I used to put in fridge but i never really saw the point only seemed to make it stiffer and reqd more rolling. I can make pappardelle very fast, just use pizza cutter on long wide strips. I lay on layered wax paper on a cookie sheet and throw in chest freezer then into ziplocks, that way i use less flour to assure they dont stick which then makes water really starchy. I have my own chickens so the eggs make an awesome deep yellow pasta that tastes FAR superior to any bought product. Keep working at it you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is.

Pasta dinner party need sides....

Thanks guys/gals liking the charcuterie and braised veges along with salad to intersperse pasta plates!

My Pie Monday: BiereBeer's Thursday Night Pizza

Whoa, didnt know this actually was posted, haha. The burn was a direct result of simultaneous making of pie, wine drinking, Facebook chat and carrying 1 year old on shoulder. I didnt wash it. Swore (maybe once), took picture and then ate. 14 days later all better.

Sweet Potatoes

I have better luck with baking "fry" shaped stick with canola and lower temp, 375 for a good 45 minutes and stirring every so often , they will burn though near the end so keep an eye on 'em.

Yams are from africa and the name was adapted for marketing reasons in old days.

How to compete in cooking contest?

UPDATE : I had hominy / chocolate still didnt do it...there was some voting issues...

You might be a foodie if.... run out of room on your stovetop and start a cast iron wood cookstove so you have enough space

What vegetable can you not find at a farmers market?

I'm in Maine but I grow many things under cover so I can grow tropical things to a degree - ginger etc...