Subway or Quizno's?

I don't know about Subway -- but I heard that Quizno corporate was very demanding and made it hard to succeed. Franchisees had to buy everything from corporate (even cleaning supplies that the customers would not see) and that cut into profits because you could buy many of these items cheaper on your own.

The McNuggetini

Was I the only one thinking -- hmmmm chocolate milkshake with vodka? Sounds like a possibility?

I would leave off the mcnuggets and the bbq sauce, but the drink without them reminds me of vanilla ice cream in the blender with kahlua which I tried in my younger (but of drinking age) days.

Obsessing about Vegas dining! Please help.

Thank you so much orchidgirl! That's a great list. Nob Hill appeals to me as does Cafe Babareeba and Mon Ami Gabi.

Where are you staying? I can't wait to go!

Recommendations: Where Should I Eat, Snack, Munch, and Drink in Las Vegas?

Thanks for the information. It looks like I will arrive late morning on 4/27 and will leave on 5/1. My coworker has been to Vegas before -- but I don't know her foodie-ness. I have to inquire but I didn't want the first things I said to her about the trip to be "where should we eat?"

I will hit the Bellagio for the buffet. The rest are still up in the air. I would love to get over to In and Out burger so I can say I tried it.

What do you guys think of Simon's?

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 51: My Birthday Gift to Myself

Happy birthday and Congrats! I'm working on losing some weight myself so I understand how difficult it can be when you love to eat -- and I love to eat. I'm down almost 7 pounds so far.

Rice Krispies Sushi

My husband and I have been making this for years. The kids love it and when we bring it to get togethers the grown ups do too!

Deluxe Dining Plan - Walt Disney World, Florida

Hi Missmydixie!

Have a great time at Walt Disney World. Sounds like you have a good workable plan for your family. I do recommend trying a couple of Disney restaurants just so you get to experience that part of the Disney magic.

My only warning for you is about the shuttles from your hotel. I don't know where you are staying, but some of the offsite hotels advertise their free shuttle service to Disney's parks but the shuttles run very infrequently. Some have 1 bus that does a series of circles so they only go to a park once every 2 hours or so. It can make it harder to get from Point A to Point B.

Year of the Ox starts Jan. 29th...

We are heading to our favorite Sichuan restaurant Chendu 1 in Cedar Grove NJ . They put together a special menu for the occasion. Can't wait!

Obsessing about Vegas dining! Please help.

Hi all!

The Vegas plans are coming together. I will arrive on March 27 around 4pm. I head home on March 31 at 2pm. I am going to be exhibiting at a conference. Saturday I set up the booth for a bit mid afternoon and then exhibit for 2 hours in the evening. Sunday I will be busy 9 to 5 at the show. Monday I will be busy early in the day.

So far I'm considering: the buffet at the Bellagio for a buffet, Mon Ami Gabi, Simons, B&B Ristorante, Table 10.

I am also wondering about Enoteca San Marco, David Burke or Postrio.

I love to eat. I love dessert! My coworker and I won't have a car. Also, we can't go crazy on spending since this is on the company. I have to speak to her to see how she feels about our paying a portion of a dinner bill so we can go "nicer."

Do you have any ideas for me to help me with the dining situation?


Recommendations: Where Should I Eat, Snack, Munch, and Drink in Las Vegas?

I'm going to Las Vegas on business the end of March. Yippee! I've never been there and am very excited to go. I will be meeting up with a coworker for a trade show.

This will be on the company dime so I can't go to crazy, but I am a foodie and I want to eat decently.

What do you recommend? I wouldn't mind doing one Vegas buffet for the experience and 1 night can be "nicer" than the rest.

Help me dear Serious Eaters please.

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