trying to figure out how to make my sourdough starter sour

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Poached Salmon With Dill-Yogurt Sauce

could you do it all in a ziploc bag and then sous vide cook set to 120?

The Food Lab: For the Best Chicken Parmesan, Take a Lesson From the South

Could you save a step in coating by going from the brine straight to the breading prior to frying? Does the flour and egg add that much to the end product? As you said, the flour gives the egg something to stick to which then gives the breading something to hold onto. Couldn't the breading hold onto the buttermilk?

The 10 Commandments of Adventurous Eating

I thought that was Dustin Hoffman in the top photo.

From the Archives: How to Make the Best Corned Beef

Do you still recommend SV 180 for 10 hours? I was planning 135 for 36 hours.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Burgers

How about a taste test on all those frozen patties, like Bubba Burgers, that are available in the frozen food section? Would sous vide and pan sear help out a frozen patty? Since they are frozen, you wouldn't get any more compression by vacuum sealing.

The Food Lab's Guide to Slow-Cooked, Sous Vide-Style Eggs

Just looked over your Japanese Marinated Soft Boiled Egg for Ramen Food Lab article from March 2012. Any suggestions for temp and time to modify for sous vide cooking?

Bake the Book: The Ice Creamists

Pralines and cream but have not had in years since I have kids with nut allergies. Just bought an ice cream maker. Will be trying the italian crema this weekend.

An Intro to Icelandic Food

Lived in Keflavik for 3 years when the U.S. had a base there. Wife goes back to visit every year or two. Friends come to visit about once a year. Thorrablot is a holiday takes place in January and we would get to experience a lot of the traditional food. Got to try the rotten shark, head cheese and skate. Love the skyr. Pilsnur is delicious. Their lobster is more of the size of crayfish. The rotten shark has an ammonia smell/flavor that belongs in a household cleanser and not in food. I'm glad to say I got to try it. Glad to say I won't try it again.

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit

When I was first introduced to pizza by my father, it was slices of cheese pizza at the bowling alley.

Thai Sweet Chili Jelly

I finally made a batch this past weekend. Ended up with yielding 3 1/2 pints using less than a pound of thai peppers. Quite tasty and center of the sun hot!

We Taste All The Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Biscuit Flavors

Don't remember where I saw this, but lately I've been having the kids rolled a Homestyle Southern Style biscuit flat on some parchment paper. And then they put pizza toppings on it. With 3 boys, each can make 2 or 3 personal pizzas out of a can of biscuits.

Dinner Tonight: Quick Tikka Masala

Made this last night. Wanted something quick. Thumbs up from the whole family. Even the daughter who hates curry liked this and took some home for lunch the next day.

Thai Sweet Chili Jelly

How much headspace? 1/2 inch = 1.27 cm

DIY Root Beer

Can sarsaparilla root be substituted for sarsaparilla root bark?

Grilled Italian Sausage With Sweet and Sour Peppers and Onions

Was absolutely delicious. I had mine with rice. My wife likes her sausages with a severe char. This time around there was less of the chest-burster sausages.

The Food Lab: Vegan Burgers That Don't Suck

Any suggestions for those with nut allergies?

Orzo Carbonara-Style

Made it last night. Delicious. Even the picky kid ate it.

Cake Baked in a Pumpkin

Looks delicious. Thinking about trying. How would it do without the nuts? Have a couple of kids with nut allergies.

Vacuum pot

I've had one for about 4 months. Usually make a pot 4-5 times a week. It's just I haven't seen anyone comment on its use. People usually just talk about french presses (I have 3), aeropress, chemex, etc. Since getting the vacuum pot, the french presses might end up going to Goodwill. Wife wanted a keurig after visiting her sister. Coffee is okay, just not very economical with the k-cups.

Taste Test: Canned and Bottled Ready-To-Drink Coffee

I miss being able to get a can of Georgia Coffee out of the vending machines in Japan. They had machines that would dispense cold or hot cans. Sometimes I'd pick up a couple of hot cans for the commute to work in the mornings. It's made by Coca-Cola, in Atlanta, but not for sale here. :(