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The Secrets of Aging Cheese: A Tour of Murray's Cheese Caves

Most of our favorite cheeses have one thing in the common: They tend to have some age. While some cheeses are best eaten the day they're made, others take time. And mold. And the right temperature and humidity. And a bat cave to linger in until they're ready to emerge fully formed. Here's what happens in those caves when the humans aren't watching. More

Zane Caplansky on Where to Eat in Toronto

Since opening in 2008, Caplansky's Deli has almost singlehandedly revived Toronto's Jewish deli scene, largely thanks to owner Zane Caplansky's unique take on smoked meat. But where does Zane go when he's in the mood for something different? Luckily, he was nice enough to share some of his favorite spots in Canada's chief city with us. More

The Serious Eats Field Guide to Asian Greens

When you walk into the produce section of your local Asian supermarket, you'll probably be greeted by a dazzling but daunting display of unusual greens. They're all great, and easy to cook, but it helps to be armed with some knowledge to tell your shoots from your choys. More

Market Tour: Slodycze Wedel is Greenpoint's Go-To for Polish Candy

Poland is home to a remarkably vibrant and under appreciated candy culture, and brands like E. Wedel and Wawel are a key part of Poland's national identity. Słodycze Wedel in Greenpoint, home to one of New York's largest Polish communities, is the candy store the neighborhood deserves. Since opening about 15 years ago, Słodycze Wedel has become not just a necessary Polish candy shop, but one of Brooklyn's best candy shops period, More

We Try the Falafel Pie From Benjy's Kosher Pizza Dairy Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Queens

The five boroughs are dotted with numerous cuisine-unspecific kosher restaurants, serving everything from shawarma to pizza to sushi, all rabbinically approved for Orthodox Jewish consumption. Benjy's Kosher Pizza Dairy Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Flushing is one notable example. According to the restaurant's extended name, a woman I spoke to while having lunch there, and this blog post (picked up by Gothamist), the pizza is the thing to order at Benjy's. And having read that post, there was no way I'd be ordering anything other than the Falafel Pizza. More

Where to Eat Near NYC's High Line (Our Updated Guide)

Since our last High Line guide came out, the popular elevated park and surrounding area have seen some interesting food-related developments. In addition to various restaurant openings in Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market has seen some interesting new offerings, and vendors have started selling food on the High Line itself. So where should you eat while walking the High Line? With the Meatpacking District on one end and Chelsea on the other, you've got options. Here are our picks. More

Namoodol at H-Mart in Flushing Serves up a Quality Korean Lunch

As one of the city's Asian food meccas, Flushing has no shortage of good food courts. But one of the best receives little attention from Yelp or small food blogs, likely for one simple reason: it's a 25-minute walk from the 7 train on Flushing's Union Street in a Korean supermarket chain called H-Mart. Unless you have a car (it's five minutes from the Whitestone bridge that way), Namoodol, the H-Mart's lunch counter, is a trek, but the Korean barbecue and free tea alone are well worth the trip. More

Triple Deckers, Meat Tornadoes, and Pastrami Pile-Ups: 15 Enormous Sandwiches in NYC

There's something uniquely comforting about a big, hefty sandwich, and New York might have the world's greatest supply. But only a few can be described as super-mega-massively-Dagwood-Bumstead-esque comically large, and fewer still that actually taste good beneath their heft. When such a sandwich comes along, we believe it deserves some recognition. More

15 Slow Cooker Recipes

It's no secret that slow-cooking can yield wonderful results with relatively minimal effort; just prepare the meat and let the flavors build for hours. And when you're done, you have something tender, succulent, and flexible for a variety of recipes. More

12 Beer-Producing Countries to Watch Right Now

@1yendanz: USA! USA! USA!

12 Beer-Producing Countries to Watch Right Now

Fun fact about Pausa Cafe: it's made in a prison in Piedmont. It's a non-profit program for rehabilitating prisoners that involves teaching them marketable skills, like making beer.

Zane Caplansky on Where to Eat in Toronto

@billrein: Zane mentioned that the deli's own beer is produced by Barley Days Brewery in Prince Edward County, but that's closer to Kingston than Toronto.

Steamwhistle and Mill Street are probably the two best known craft breweries in Toronto. Steamwhistle offers tours, and Mill Street has a brewpub.

Footlong Lobster Rolls Near the Bronx Zoo: A Trip to City Island


And holy shit it's actually apparently good.

What's the Difference Between Pastrami and Montreal Smoked Meat?

@crawdad Wilensky's has to be one of the coolest places I've ever been to. I have a portrait of Ruth in my portfolio, and she's still going strong at 93. Jay Friedman wrote it up too.


What's the Difference Between Pastrami and Montreal Smoked Meat?

@crawdad: I've had Schwartz's, it's outstanding, and way cheaper than anything here in NYC to boot (they made national news when they raised the sandwich to $7.75 in April, Mile End is $14, Katz's is pushing $19.) It's been too long since I've been up there.

I heard about The Main too, Celine Dion and her husband reportedly used to go there before their ownership group bought Schwartz's (Frank Silva, mentioned above, still runs day-to-day operations.)

Also, any thoughts on Snowdon or Lesters? Joel at Mile End told me about how Francophones "sneak across the border" to the Anglo NDG neighborhood to get their smoked meat fix at Snowdon (even calling it smoked meat instead of viande fumée).

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Puff Pastry

Hey Niki, remember that gift guide where that guy accused you of pretending to be your mom/boyfriend in order to make yourself sound awesome, and then said you were using the internet wrong? Fun times.

Now, where's your long form birth certificate?

The Serious Eats Field Guide to Asian Greens

Thanks all!

@wwcl97: Glad you enjoyed the AA Choy. That was easily the most confusing vegetable on this list.

@Max & Chris: I took the pics of the AA Choy/celtuce stalks at New York Mart, while the leaves were from the H-Mart in Westchester, where they were sold as "Aa Choy."

@RealMenJulienne: The water spinach pic is a Creative Commons licensed image from Flickr. There's a link to the original in the photo credit.

Where to Eat Before or After a Concert at Terminal 5

@notnotjoshing: Yeah, Terminal 5's biggest (only) strength is the acts it attracts, but ultimately, that's the most important thing about any concert. As for Gotham West, it's a few blocks outside the radius we set for this roundup, but it's absolutely, absolutely recommended.

What are NYC's Most Overrated Restaurants?

Small portions, adequate burgers, high prices, fries not included.

Where to Eat Before or After a Concert at Terminal 5

@Ghostly: I actually saw Divine Fits at Webster and MHOW a while ago, and actually met Dan outside at one of them. Killer shows. What I'd give to see Expo 86 live...

Where to Eat Before or After a Concert at Terminal 5

@PigeonBoss: 19 June 2010!

Where to Eat Before or After a Concert at Terminal 5

@bobbob For my actual favorite venue, Webster Hall, check out every East Village/Union Square guide this site has ever run.

How This 90-Year-Old Factory Makes 2.5 Million Pounds of Passover Matzo

@indiecognition: That's now the tradition I'll be raising my children with. Thank you.

That being said, Rabbi Kirshner was nice enough to give me a piece of matzo while it was still hot. Really good!

What's With the Gas Mask? Time to Grind the Horseradish

@SammyTheBull: My only experience making horseradish is writing this article, but judging by how potent Pickle Guy's stuff is, the best route is probably mixing it relatively soon after grinding and using as simple a vinegar brine as possible.

@dropout: Jesus...

Taste Test: British Digestives

Thank you for noting my favourite spelling of "centre."

Market Tour: Slodycze Wedel is Greenpoint's Go-To for Polish Candy

@Ida Yu: There was actually a little bit of confusion about that when I was there. The sign said "$7.99 per," but I just called the store and they said they're $7.99/lb. My mistake, changing that now.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Note to zakelwe
Wow, you're an asshole.

Yes or No Sexy: Debunking the Valentine's Day Aphrodisiac

Also, Josh, I like your use of ALL CAPS. KEEP YELLING.

Yes or No Sexy: Debunking the Valentine's Day Aphrodisiac

So...honey-dipped chocolate with basil --> sex?

I knew I was doing something wrong.

Mountain Bird Brings French Comfort to Harlem

@Chico Powers: Dat moustache.

Mountain Bird Brings French Comfort to Harlem

@Chico Powers: YES!
For reference, in the final Kitchen Stadium battle on 24 September 1999, Iron Chef Sakai beat Alain Passard. The ingredient: Longgang Chicken.

A Tour of Aji Ichiban, an Asian Snack Paradise in New York

@Robotron: I didn't see those when I was there. Were the crabs at the NYC store?

We Try the Falafel Pie From Benjy's Kosher Pizza Dairy Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Queens

@motti: I'll check it out next time i'm in Jersey, thanks!

@Autumn Produce: Please, please let me know if you find such a place.

@The Kosher Gastronome: Glad you enjoyed it! I'm regretting not at least trying the french fry pizza. Next time...

@Beninbk: If you want to make pizza even less kosher for passover...

We Try the Falafel Pie From Benjy's Kosher Pizza Dairy Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Queens

@hopittome I tried it with tahini too, and it was very good (Joe DiStefano did that in his post), but the babaganoush just seemed that much more outlandish. Honestly, I like hummus more, but my friend ended up ordering babaganoush anyway.