Pairing ingredients with fennel

Awesome idea for the egg and lemon zest. Thanks!

Pairing ingredients with fennel

Edit: the chicken was also roasted with baby carrots and a bay leaf - I'm not sure how much flavor this may have imparted to the chicken itself.

What can I make with 2 cups leftover Sangiovese - no beef!

Freezing! How clever!

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hot cherry peppers, roasted sweet peppers, fresh basil

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@aharste Gah! You are right! Why aren't they there?!

I am a gigantic Tolkien-nerd (been reading ALL ME related lit. since 6th grade)and I fully support this endeavor.

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Any Saranac lovers?!

Pairing ingredients with fennel

I have some fennel I need to use and was wondering, would these flavors go well together? I'm thinking of throwing them all together with pasta and a light cream sauce or even just some oil and Parmesan.

fennel, sauteed
chicken breast, roasted, seasoned with thyme and garlic
lemon (zest or juice?)

Would mushrooms be good in this or would that be overkill?

How can I use flavored vinegar and oil?

I have some pomegranate-balsamic vinegar and lime-infused olive oil that I want to use up. I have enough of each for a good marinade and was going to do grilled portobella mushrooms, but what can I put on those sandwiches as far as toppings or sauce that would pair well with that kind of marinade? Are there any other good recipes or ideas for those ingredients (vegetarian please!)? The vinegar is not too pomegranate-y, so anything that uses regular balsamic would probably be fine, I just don't have a lot of experience with that type of vinegar.


Brandy and Chipotles?

Would you mix these two ingredients together for a meat/fish marinade, glaze, or sauce? If so, what else would you add to it?

Would beer (Yuengling lager) be better than brandy?

Thanks, friends.

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