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Vitamix vs. BlendTec vs. Breville: Who Makes the Best High End Blender?

Forgot to mention. Blendtecs customer service is easily on par, or beats Amazon's. Some of the best customer service I've ever experienced.

Vitamix vs. BlendTec vs. Breville: Who Makes the Best High End Blender?

I actually own both a blendtec and a vitamix. I bought a cheap wood tamper for my blendtec (not official, someone had them for sale online) and now I don't ever use my vitamix. The only issue I have with my blendtec is it won't run longer than 50 seconds. It's kind of annoying to have to keep on restarting it if I'm blending something particularly fibrous.

But! The twister jar. Oh, the twister jar. It's so superior to the normal blendtec jar or any of the vitamix jars for thick things, it's ridiculous. It's horrifically expensive (got mine in a bundle with another jar and the base from costco for like $260, screaming deal) In the standard jar for blendtec, it took about 5 minutes to make a passable almond butter. In the vitamix, about 9 minutes (this was a raw butter, it would have been much quicker if the almonds were roasted) And the twister jar? about 1 1/2 minutes (or 60 seconds or so if it's roasted)

Win a Serious Eats Edition KettlePizza Baking Steel Combo for Father's Day!

He's a ham and pineapple man

The Food Lab: The Ultimate Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos

I'd love to see you do a paleo month, Kenji. It's like being vegan, but with eggs and meat! And...minus grains and beans. (I don't get why it's so easy for people to say no to meat, but take away wheat and there's a freak out. We're omnivores, not birds, dang it.)

We could use your particular brand of genius - and you just might feel more amazing than you ever have before :D

The Best Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce

My blendtec (with the twister jar along with the normal jar) was the best 400 I ever spent. Homemade nut butters in about a minute and a half? Daily green smoothies that are so smooth you'd swear there was never kale in the same kitchen? Amazing. And seriously, that twister jar...

Kenji, this is amazing! I'm not vegan, but I avoid dairy, and probably eat more veggies than most vegans do (Paleo! If you're only eating meat and sweet potatoes, you're doing it wrong) I already have all the ingredients on hand, and will put this together the second I stop typing this....NOW!

Eggplant "Ricotta" Stacks From 'Nom Nom Paleo'

Balsamic is made of grapes. If it's fruit, it's paleo. If it was a malt vinegar reduction, it would be different.

Macadamia Nut "Ricotta" From 'Nom Nom Paleo'

Believe me, after a month or two of having no dairy products at all, you'll believe this is ricotta. And there is nothing wrong with substituting if you're trying to replace something your body can't tolerate. Dairy destroys me, but nuts are filling, nutritious, and delicious.

Substituting is only idiotic if you're obviously going out of your way to eat something unhealthy in the name of similarity. Like soy bacon. Or...most vegan ready-made products, actually.

Cook the Book: 'Nom Nom Paleo' by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

Healthy food that doesn't weigh you down like a bowl of pasta does

Horse DNA Found in Frozen Burger Patties Sold in the UK and Ireland

I think eating horses makes as much sense as any other protein source. Actually, until recently, the ban on selling horses as meat in America led to a loooooooot of old animals suffering and starving to death instead of humanely killed. It's weird to think the humane thing is to sell an animal for meat processing, but the price of horses plummeted with the economy, so a 2000 dollar horse now sold for 300 bucks. Then they get old, and aren't worth feeding (to some) and they suffer.

That being said, I've never eaten horses. Though having grown up on a farm, I find it disturbing that it's ok to eat pigs and not horses, when horses are way more mentally deficient than swine.

Serious Entertaining: 'I'm Sick, Make Me My Dinner!'

From Utah to New York :/ There is something just ravaging this whole country. I just got over it, and my salvation was copious amounts of the spiciest foods I could tolerate. That means instead of my usual cayenne shake on everything, I toasted and ground some dried habaneros into a shakeable powder. An added benefit of toasting dried habaneros is it goes through the house and makes you cough and your nose run for basically an entire day! SUCCESS!

Recommended cookbooks for unskilled heathen bachelor?

Psh, In my experience, it's the women that look for the easy meals and me that does all the cooking and cleaning :/ Maybe I'm more of a catch than I originally thought

The Food Lab Lite: Easy Pork and Three Bean Chili

THREE TYPES of beans?! Yum. /American

College Tours: Where To Eat Near Brigham Young University

This is amazing! I'm planning on transferring down to Weber state, maybe we should get a list of awesome stuff from around there :P But it is awesome to see so many places I should try in my back yard (I live roughly half an hour from Provo)

Serious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

It's all about the caramelized onions and sage apple sausage. Oh baby.

The Vegetarian Agenda--How to Push It

Are you kidding @boobird? I LOVE beans and rice of any type! The hot vegan would just be gravy :P

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

I douse basically everything with it. My current thing is pizza though - though one can't say no to a little drizzled on Butter chicken curry!

Keep butter melted...without heat...

I'd think you'd probably have to tweak the recipe to use a liquid fat instead. Which is a total bummer.

The Food Lab: How To Make The Ultimate Turducken

Why limit ourselves to poultry? I'm betting we could eventually work our way up to a blue whale! Only by harnessing the power of the sun can we cook it

Introducing Ask The Food Lab

Cook the Book: 'Portland, Oregon Chef's Table'

Me and my friends threw together an "end of summer" food bash. Freshly unearthed Yukon Gold potatoes roasted in home churned butter with home grown rosemary and Redmond Sea Salt (I'm in Utah, I figure Redmond counts as local as salt can get :P) Also had a kale gratin (everything home grown, all the dairy was less than a day old from my friend's cow) Quiche (eggs came from my chickens) And for dessert was a Carrot cake made with my Cosmic Purple carrots. It was bliss.

Enameled Cast Iron: A College Freshman's Dilemma

I was you - the quiet nice kid who loved to cook. My first semester I brought my whole spice collection (you know, to impress the ladies) along with my knife block (BIG mistake) I ended up using only one pan (granted, it was a nice stainless steel skillet with a lid) and one knife for ALL my cooking. It was actually pretty fun to challenge myself, finding ways to cook different pastas or curries (I actually had a korean roomie who made his own kimchi, that was pretty cool)

Only when all my roommates were out would I even consider bringing out my good stuff, because most of these kids literally didn't know how to cook ramen. They thought I was a cooking savant because I could make japanese curry (their favorite was house brand vermont style.) I also lived with four giant Samoan guys. I'm 6'3" and if I lost some weight, I wouldn't be able to get below 210lbs because that's how I'm built. But these guys could EAT. each one of them ate like 4 packages of ramen per meal. And they used all my home grown, homemade habanero hot sauce :/

I digress, chances are your roommates won't respect your stuff like you do (and its a rite of passage to have a roommate that uses/breaks/steals all your stuff) Go with the absolute bare minimum you can stand, and have fun with it. If you feel like you can trust your roomies more later on, you can always buy something there.

The Nasty Bits: Bacon-Wrapped Liver


It's been proven that cholesterol from your food actually doesn't translate into cholesterol in your body. In fact, I believe eating foods with cholesterol lowers your body's production of its own cholesterol to compensate.

The Food Lab: The Best Way To Grill Sausages

I learned all this the hard way over the last couple years (Utah is not known for their Brat eating-tude) You could have saved me some time if you'd only done this earlier :P

If you want the best flavor sensation, what you should do is this: Use the disposable pan trick, five or six brats, and 3 (at least) onions. Cut the onions radially, place them on top of the brats (with whatever seasonings you deem appropriate) and pour a bottle of beer on it all.

Cook as per your instructions. After all the brats are finished grilling, place them on the cool side of the grill, and place the onions in the pan in the hot side of the grill. Grill the crap out of them, stirring every so often, until the beer is entirely reduced and the onions are soft, caramelized, and coated in beer, brat fat and juices. Use those as your condiment, and be prepared to explain your "Kiss the cook" apron isn't meant to be taken literally, because everyone will be lining up for a smooch.

The Food Lab: The Best Way To Grill Sausages

I think I love you

Help me restock my mustard stash!

I've fallen in love with Beaver (or Inglehoffer, same brand ala the whole Best Foods/Hellmans way) Sweet Hot mustard. I'ts got a great sinus clearing kick, and isn't cloyingly sweet. It may be sacrilege to some, but it is killer on a bratwurst.

New Stockpot, how should I break it in?

Hello all!
I just received my brand spankin' new 12 quart pot, with steamer and pasta inserts! I'm so excited to finally have something big enough to boil pasta in! Here is a link to the specific set:
Friggin awesome cuisinart pot

What should this cookwares maiden voyage be? Pasta? Dumplings? Soup? Stock? Chili? You decide! I'm going to go...stare at my reflection in the lid. It's like a mirror.

Need mustard seed ideas!

Hello all,

I just ordered two 1lb packages of yellow mustard seed. I've always wanted to make my own mustard, so I'm fairly excited (though I'm thinking I should have ordered brown mustard seeds, as I love dijon and abhor french's style yellow) So if I can't make those styles of mustard with yellow, I'm ok buying some brown.

Does anyone have recipes for mustards? I don't drink alcohol, and don't really even have a way to buy it out here, so things like beer mustards (though they sound amazing) aren't quite what I'm looking for. Also, any tips for what to do with a billion zillion mustard seeds besides just making mustard would be appreciated :D

Homemade sodas

Hello all!

I've been on a homemade soda kick (finally perfected my ginger beer!) and I've been trying to experiment with different flavors. Are there any good websites or even books out there for homemade sodas? I don't want to have to buy a sodastream or anything that injects carbonation, I'm just doing the 2 liter bottle with yeast method.

My foray into lemon lime soda was a disaster, I'm pretty sure flavoring with just lemon and lime juice (I know you should use extracts for that kind of thing, using the juice is basically a spritzer) was just too acidic for the yeast to make my bubbles.

Also, if anyone has any sage advice or recipes for home brewed soda, I'd love to hear it!

Homemade Worcestershire sauce

Hello fellow SE'rs!

I enjoy making my own sauces (ketchup, mustard, etc) and I have always wanted to take a stab at making my own worcestershire sauce. I am dead set on making it (the Saveur recipe sounds especially good)

I have all my ingredients except for Tamarind concentrate. I've looked all over for tamarind concentrate and I don't even know if it exists. There are tamarind pastes, those blocks you have to reconstitute, and whole tamarind pods (which I have access to because I love to make tamarindo) Does anyone know where I can buy some (online please, I have no ethnic markets within 3 hours of where I live) or equivalencies of tamarind concentrate vs other forms of tamarind? Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!

Flavors for Hibiscus tea

I'm taking a road trip with my family for Independence Day Weekend, and my family has recently fallen in love with hibiscus tea. We're trying to avoid the normal pitfalls of soda and unhealthy snacks that accompany a road trip, so I was going to whip up a big batch of hibiscus tea for us to drink instead. Plain hibiscus is delicious, but I was hoping to jazz it up a bit, does anyone have any good recipes or flavorings to add to it? Any suggestions are appreciated!

First food processor!!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got a brand spankin' new Cuisinart food processor! 14 cup capacity, slicing discs, dough blade, it is gorgeous, and I have wanted a processor since I started watching Good Eats like 6 years ago! I am SO EXCITED!

The only problem is...I have no idea what to make with it. How do I christen the Cuisinart? Hummus? Mayo? Nut butter? I've never made any of these because of improper equipment, but now the sky is the limit and too much freedom is strangling me! Help!!

Homemade sodas

I've dabbled in homemade sodas before (root beer extract, water, sugar, and dry ice - fun for the whole family!) but I am becoming very interested in brewing my own sodas (most specifically ginger beer and birch/real root beer) I've done some searching, but I am still unclear as to how to actually do this!

The closest I can figure is basically brewing beer, minus the first fermentation. Instead, just mix the ingredients, then bottle and ferment for a few days?

Anyone who has done this before, please help a dummy out and give me some direction! I will love you forever!

Making ginger beer

I've tried my hand at making ginger ale in the past (ala Alton Brown's recipe Ginger Ale and it just...didn't taste right. I tweaked it, adding more ginger, more sugar, less sugar, longer brewing time. Nothing really made it taste right to me.

Last night, I bought a ginger beer brand called Bundaberg, and its a revelation! It is absolutely delicious! THIS is what I want to be able to make! The ingredients list yeast, so maybe Alton's method would work, but the ingredients or method may have to be changed?

Has anyone made ginger beer that tastes like this brand? I've done some cursory searches through my good pal Google, but I haven't found much info on making ginger beer. Any insights or recipes/techniques?

Anyone ever made Worcestershire?

I've been toying with the idea of making my own, as I'm sure it would taste better than anything you can buy and probably lasts forever. Anyone here made it before? Any tips or recipes? I was planning to use this recipe from Saveur, it looks most like what a Worcestershire sauce should be like in my mind


Coconut milk - Help!

I would like to make my own coconut milk, mostly for thai curries. Buying coconut milk in the cans are just too expensive for my poor college wallet. I could swear I have seen a recipe involving shredded coconut or coconut flakes, hot water, a blender, and a cheesecloth. However I cannot for the life of me find anything about this method on the internet! It would have been so perfect too, I can get coconut flakes for $2 a lb, and I bet that makes a whole lot of coconut milk.

The closest thing I can find is an Alton Brown recipe, but instead of using water, he uses milk. And instead of dried coconut, he uses fresh. Thats not really what I'm looking for, I just want a product similar to what you can buy in the cans. Does anyone have experience making homemade coconut milk? And am I just crazy, thinking about coconut flakes and hot water? Help a poor thai curry starved college kid out!

What to do with a TON of eggs

My family has chickens that lay eggs. Lots and lots of farm fresh eggs. I looked in the fridge and saw 4 filled egg cartons and a whole bucket full of sad eggs, languishing in their carton-ey containers. I don't want them to go to waste as some poor chicken had to push those eggs out her yoohoo.

So what can you do with a pretty much unlimited supply of eggs? I am not into boiled eggs at all, I'll eat maybe 2 a year. Thanks!

Chocolate, fondant covered cherries

I'm hoping a resident candy genius can help me with this. My grandma, before she passed away, use to make the MOST AMAZING chocolate covered cherries. It was a maraschino cherry covered by a thick layer of pink cherry (or almond, not quite sure) flavored fondant. The confection was then hand dipped in Ghiradelli chocolate. The whole thing must have been the size of a golf ball, maybe a little smaller. But this will be the first Christmas without those chocolate covered cherries, and those are pretty much the only tradition I have for Christmas.

I would love to pick up the reigns and make these for my family (especially my father, he used to hoard them in some hidden part of the fridge) but my grandma never gave anyone a recipe for it. Does anyone have any ideas or recipes laying around for what I am looking for? Any help at all is so very much appreciated!

The time is upon us.

At last! It is Hatch Chile season! I haven't lived in New Mexico for a decade, but my mouth still waters at the mention of roasted green hatch chiles (yes, I'm a green, not red) Is anyone else as excited as I am? I have convinced a buddy travelling through the area to buy me 5 whole bags of roasted chiles so I can meter them out through the year :D Now I just need to think of some recipes...

Ack! "Pilaf" mix

I went to my local health food store and saw a delicious looking melange of grains and other goodies called "pilaf mix" in their bulk foods section. It has what looks like split peas, a couple lentil varieties, black, brown, and white medium to long grain rices. Any one of these I can cook separately, but together? Bah! How would you go about cooking this?

Shipping Bread?

Hey foodies!
I have a problem. I love to bake, but I love baking for other people far more than baking for myself. I need to ship my specialty (Potato Rosemary, yum!) from Utah to California while keeping it oh so delicious and not smashed to pieces :D

I usually bake them in 1 to 2 pound...boules I guess, not entirely sure if that is the correct terminology, but I figure thats a pretty sturdy shape, right? If anyone has any advice or has done this before, I would love to hear your opinions and experiences! It would make a special girl's birthday as all she wanted was a loaf of my bread :P


Strange food phobias?

I always thought it was interesting how a seemingly normal food can be found distasteful by some people. My father has an aversion to raw onions and raw bananas, both for their textures (I have always found that odd, they are on the opposite extremes) I am not one to talk though, I have a huge aversion to anything containing bones. Whole chicken, T-bone steak, Buffalo wings, Fried chicken, Bone-in pork chops, Whole fish, I can't eat any of it because bones absolutely disgust and repulse me. I think the term is cartilogenophobia, and I have never heard anyone else afraid of bones!

What are your strange food phobias? Make me feel better about myself!

Smoker cookbooks?

No I don't mean smoker "puff puff" but smoker "sniff, drool". I just bought a weber smoker, and I would love to have some recipes to go along with it. I looked through various stores and sites, and I couldn't find any books dedicated or at least with a focus on BBQ and smoking! All that I found were about grilling and BBQ sauces :P Any suggestions? (And some tutorials included in the books for using a smoker would also be fantastic :D :D) Thanks!

Delicious delicious naan?

An Indian restaurant I used to frequent recently closed down, which makes me a sad, sad man. Mainly because they had this fantastic bread (pretty sure it was a naan) that was filled with a mixture of honey, cashews, and golden raisins. Ive never made naan at home, but I guess it wouldn't be incredibly hard to fake my way through this one dish. I have done lots of research and I cannot find any recipes that sound like this delicious naan though! Any ideas?

Sweet and sour sauce

Its eggroll night! I need to make a killer sweet and sour dipping sauce, the one we normally do involves ketchup, red wine vinegar, sugar, water, and corn starch. The ketchup kind of weirds me out, but the sauce turns out alright, I think I would just like a delicious change! Are there any fantastic sweet and sour dipping sauce recipes out there?

Dinner Tonight: Chickpeas and Chorizo

I know this dish probably doesn't look like much. It's lumpy and kind of monotone (my wife charitably commented, once I'd put it into bowls, that "it looks kind of like prison food"). But like people, all dishes can't be attractive, and certainly not everything that's tasty has to be good-looking. More

have pizza making questions?

I figure heck, I'm no expert (and don't listen to anyone who says that they are..) but I've been doing it at home and in the restaurant long enough that I can probably answer most questions y'all might have. Feel... More